Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 4

Dinner Time

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 24, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • One of my favorite epoisode of Season 2 I watch it a lot on youtube.

    Ok, Mr. Hackett moves in next door and the Diffys invite him for dinner. Pim tries to sell the house. I thought this was an excellent episode of Phil of the Future. This episode prooves once again why this show was good great. There was a bunch of funny things about this like at the beginning when Mr. Hackett almost find out about Phil and his family being from the future. Pim trying to sell the house I found very funny. Curits's cameo appearance I found really funny. Probably the most laugh out loud moment is at the very ending you have to see the ending to find out why it was so funny. The scene toward the ending when Keeley accidently said " See you at lunch sweetie pie... I mean Phil." that part was cute and it prooves that Keely actually has feelings for Phil. The part when Mr. Hackett found out that they were from the future and they were gonna call the authorities and the time machine took them back 3 minutes ago and no one remember it except for the family. I did not see that coming!! Overall, one of my favorite episode of season 2. A one worth watching, 10/10.
  • Mr. Hackett moves in next door and the Diffys invite him for dinner. Pim tries to sell the house.

    Mr. Hackett moves in next door and the Diffys invite him for dinner. Pim tries to sell the house. this episode is right up there with the first two of the is just as funny as both of them and as i have selected it is cleverly plotted..hackett catches the diffys using their future tools and is suspicious especially now that he's their neighbor...they invite him to dinner hoping it would be disaster free, but it is a complete disaster...they mess up on everything and tell hackett that they're from the future...luckily, the time goes back and they just take hackett out to dinner to avoid disaster...i love how keely and phil try to pretend to be phil's parents because it is hilarious especially when the parents come back...the whole cover-up thing is hilarious and it's cool that phil dresses like fonzie because that's my pic...but i want to watch this episode over and over again
  • Mr. Hackett moves next door!

    Just like how Cory had Mr. Feeny living next door to him (Boy Meets World), Phil has Mr. Hackett living next to him. This as obviously shown in this episode is not a good thing. Mr. Hackett sees Phil using a future gadget (aka the WZRD) and questions Phil. Not only does he end up seeing Phil use a future gadget but also Pim, and he heard Barbara ask Phil to clone her 20 lemons. So now they have to prove that they are a normal 21st century family. Now they have to have dinner with him. Very funny episode!
  • Great episode!

    This was a very good episode. It turns out that Vice-Principal Hackett has moved in next door, and appears just in time to catch everyone with one future gadget or another. They want to prove to him that they are a regular family, and invite him to dinner. After he gets there, Lloyd and Barb get sucked into a time donut, and Phil and Keely hafta morph into Lloyd and Barb. A lot of subtle Pheely moments happen due to this (just a few funny little things). Meanwhile, Pim is trying to sell the house. Lloyd and Barb show up, making Hackett see double, and Phil and Keely hafta change back quick. They tell Hackett their secret, and he threatens to blab, just as the time vortex resets everything to just before Hackett shows up. Phil talks to Keely later, and she can't remember any of the goings-on that didn't really happen because of the time vortex, but she inadvertantly calls him "sweety pie", showing that she was still affected by what happened, and that perhaps she does like Phil. A wonderful episode helping to lead into a wonderful season!
  • Summary on what, The episode? Well,ok, then. I missed some of it on a count of it,I basically just saw Pheely turn into Blyod(Barb and Llyod! lol) and I saw the ackward Pheely moments! Love!

    I just LOVE this ep! I mean, it was soo funny and i give it a 9.4 because it only had minor Pheely(besides the ending) but I loved when Keely(barb) had that look on when Phil(Llyod) put his arm around her! Plus the ending is of course a given!Love !
  • Hilarious!

    I love this episode! I loved it when Keely said "See you at lunch sweetie pie... I mean Phil", it was so cute! and i really love that Keely and Phil's relationship is moving forward. I really love it when Keely (as Barbara) says "Mr. and Mrs. Phil Diffy! I mean Lloyd! Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Diffy". I think it was the best episode so far.
  • Is it just me, or is something heating up between you know who???

    This really was a great episode, so far all of season two's episodes have been totally awesome! And this one was no exception. Mr. Hackett moves into the house next door to the Diffy's and gets suspicious once he sees Phil using a laser to cut the backyard bushes. The Dinner party ends up being a flop, Mr. Hackett sees pretty much every gadget that we've seen during the whole series! They end up telling Mr. Hackett that they are a family from the future and beg him to keep it a secret, he says no.. and luckly (for the Diffy's) everyone get sucks into a time donut and get dropped back to about 5 minutes before the whole dinner party began. Hilarious Episode! The only thing that I hope is that the writers will keep writting episodes with Mr. Hackett as the Diffy's next door neighboor and not just forget about it.
  • it was funny and full of future gadgets

    it was funny and full of future gadgets I loved that time cripler when Phil's parents got sucked through time and when curtis went after them I also liked that Barbra thought the barbaque was a magizine rack! I also liked it when Phil and Keely had to pretend to be Phil's parents and I loved it at the end when Curtis went back in time and Phil asked where he was and he said "Boat ride" and Phil looks at his history book and sees Curtis in the picture of the boat with George Washington crossing the river