Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 6

Get Ready To Go-Go

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Well written and exactly why I watch the series!

    The beginning scene is funny with Phil and Keely seperatly dancing to the success of going to a dance together. Things seem great until Lloyd fixes the time machine and tells everyone they are leaving the next day. Poor Phil has to break his date to a crushed Keely. Later Lloyd breaks the time machine and Phil can go to the dance with Keely. But now she already has a replacement date, Owen. Phil is crushed and confused then asks Via to the dance. Phil does not like the idea of Owen with Keely at all. I agree with him.
  • Keely asks Phil to the turn around dance but Lloyd (Phil's dad) fixed the time machine so they have to go back home but the time machine breaks again so he tells Keely but she already got a date so instead he asks Via to the dance. Its so cute

    You can see that Phil and Keely like each other because they try to get each other jealous with each others dates but it doesn't work. Pim makes a boyfriend so she can get the fashion zombies jealous but her boyfriend ditches her for the fashion zombies. Phil and Keely belong together and everybody knows that.
  • Keely asks Phil to go to a dance, but finds out later that day that Lloyd "fixed" the time machine. Phil tells Keely that he can't go with her and she asks Owen. Phil is able to go to the dance with Keely after all, but she can't go.

    I loved this episode. My favorite parts are when Phil accepts Keely's offer to go to the dance and they both go behind some sign thing and get excited and jump and the sign moves and they see each other and where Phil says, "Sometimes you have to create your own timing." They dance in his garage. I liked when Via tried to get Phil and Keely to start talking again after Keely asks Owen to the dance after Phil says that he can't come with her because he has to "leave." This was definitely my favorite episode by far!
  • Keely asks Phil to the dance, but that night Lyod fixes the time machine so Phil has to break the dance with Keely but then the time machine breaks again but Keely had aready asked Owen

    I love this episode. I loved how Phil got jealous and Owen put his arm around Keely. I loved the ending when Phil and Keely are dancing in the garage. When Keely, Phil and Owne are outside, when Owen is talking Keely\'s mouth is moving and is mouthibg the words that Owen is saying.
  • this was such a cute show. at the end. i thought it was sweet.

    Keely asks Phil to the dance. He says yes, but then his dad fixs the time machine and he is forced to break his date with Keely. She seemed happy for him, but you could tell she was hurt. Then of course Lloyd breaks the time machine so he goes back to tell Keely, but Keely already asked owen to the dance (phils friend) So phil goes to the dance with Via. So Keely wont talk 2 Phil, but Owen and Via get them 2 talk and they dance. The episode closes with Phil telling keely that sometimes you have to make ur own timing. and they dance in their garage. Meanwhile Pim creates a date with the Wizard for the dance. except he starts hanging out with the fashion zombies. so she goes and talks to lil danny dawkins who liked pim and they be the djs for the dance.
  • It was an ok episode, but they couldve extended it a little.

    I like how Keely really wanted to go out with Phil. That was a true Pheely moment. I totally loved the subplot with Pim. And how she had to create a date. I love all Pim moments, she is just so cute, funny and ADORABLE. Pim is one of the best things on that show.
  • it was very good

    that was an awsum epesode it was sooo pheely "im just really happy for the enviromen " "me 2....go earth!!! " it was awsum will people im me to talk about phil of the future cause like none of my friends like phil of the future and it would be cool to talk about it with someone my AIM s/n is xOnEiLL gUrl55x! but only im me if u LOVE phil of the future and are like obbsesed like me!
  • Love it, love it, love it!!!

    OMG! I love this episode! I loved it when Keely and Phil dance after Keely asks Phil, and they see eachother and Phil's like " I'm just really happy for the enviornment" and Keely says "Yeah, go Earth!" And at the end Phil turns on the romantic music and Keely and Phil dance to it. It was like one of the best Pheely moments ever!!!
  • Keely asks Phil to the dance. They were both happy, but Lloyd fixed the time machine and they have to move back. Fortunately, it breaks again and the whole family gets to stay again. Phil tells Keely the good news, but she has a date. Pim makes a fake dat

    This episode is really good. Phil and Keely are really beginning to show their feelings for each other. This episode will be a big turning point in the series. We know now that Lloyd can\'t fix the time machine, so they will stay in this century forever until the future.