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Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 08, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Debbie enlists everyone in school to help her bake cupcakes except Pim. But soon enough Pim is forced into giving the drum beat to the bakers. Phil and Keely try to help the helpless bakers.

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  • twisted!

    In this Halloween episode, Phil learns that Devvie is an evil cyborg when she captures Pim to enslave the other bakers for a charity. I absolutely loved that chase scene with Debb, Phil and Keely, and I thought this was one of their best episodes yet! They really cut loose for this one. I especially liked the end where Debbie died and Pim tasted her remains, and her eyes glowed red, implying that she was a cyborg. Although, I've gotta say, the bakers should've tried to fight back. Especially since it was only Pim on watch, they could've escaped before Debbie got there, anyway, what do I know, this was a great episode. I give it 2 thumbs up!moreless
  • Debbie enlists everyone is school to help her bake cupcakes except Pim. But soon enough Pim is forced into giving the drum beat to the bakers. Phil and Keely try to help the helpless bakers by defeating the evil future cyborg, Debbie.moreless

    This was a great episode but I thought some of the events leading up to the climax could have been better. First off in the story, there is going to be a Halloween dance and Debbie is going to make 50,000 cupcakes but can't get anyone to sign up. So, the evil future cyborg of Debbie gets everyone to bake the cupcakes because that's what she was sent to do. Phil and Keely try to stop Debbie and eventually do in the end when they eat the cupcakes because that was her weekness. All that's left of her is a big pile of dark sugar. This was a great episode and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good, fun scare. Boo! hahamoreless
  • Not Up to the Usual Standards of the Series

    I've been a Phil fan for a short time, but after umpteen months of the exact same reruns over and over and over and over and few reappearances of other episodes, it's about time that Halloween aka "The Lost Episode" is finally run. I get the feeling this episode will be skipped when and if Phil finally makes it to DVD. Although its set at Halloween, there's nothing really Halloween about it. Debbie Berwick, Pim's longtime foil, turns out to be an android from the future and forces the school to cook cupcakes for charity. Several previous episodes would reveal that Debbie is not an android; she lacks her android attachment in earlier episodes, atually has a grandma and no mention is made of her aversion to raisins. It would have been more logical and Halloween-themed to make Debbie possessed by an evil spirit; in fact, Kay Panabaker seems to be having fun being superhuman and unstoppable in the episode - as evident by the outakes and bloopers at the end of the series. This otherwise weak episode seens to be set up more like a Simpsons Halloween episode, meant to be placed apart from the regular canon of the series, but also as a vehicle for the departure of Kay Panabaker to leave the series.moreless
  • halloween episode

    phil and keely in a hockey costume try to stop the evil cyborg debbie berwick from making slaves out of other students to bake 50,000 cupcakes for the needy.All the students have to stay in the school all day making cupcakes they can't leave the room for anything not even going to the bathroom!Pim figures out Debbie is a cyborg after she has to "recharge" and phil and keely figure out she's a cyborg when they see her in a cyborg magazine from the future.so it's pim, phil, and keely's job to stop this evil cyborg. There's only 1 question will halloween go on?moreless
  • A great episode!:D

    This was a great episode! It was funny, dramatic, and a little scary actually. It starts out with Debbie Berwick wnating to make a lot of cupcakes for the neddy. Pim also is doing something and stealing away all of Debbie's costomers. Debbie confronts Pim and learns that Debbie is a cyborg. Phil finds out the same thing in one of Lyodd's cyber catalogs. Phil and Kelly go to the Halloween party dressed as a two headed hockey player. No one is at the dance so they go looking for an explination. They see Pim in charge of a bunch of kids and she tells them to get help. Keely goes to her locker to get her cell phone nd Debbie shows up. They get into a chase and end up back in the cupcake room. There are two things that annoy Debbie:Chiwawa's and naughty nibblers. Everyone eats cupcakes and she overheats and melts. The End?moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Phil and Keely rip the jersey they are wearing and run in separate directions you can clearly see that Phil's half of the shirt and Keely's half are put together using Velcro.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Debbie: Oh yeah, and no naughty nibblers. There are two things that make me mad and one is naughty nibblers.
      Pim: What's the other one?
      Debbie: Chihuahuas. They're yappy and they shake!

    • Lloyd: That's ridiculous, they were all discontinued and sent back to the early 21st century.
      Phil: Uh dad....

    • Lloyd: (having blue stuff on his face) Don't worry about me, a snowcone exploded in my face.

    • Debbie: Oh now Phil, don't go do something silly.
      Keely: Don't listen to her Phil! Do something silly.

    • Phil: I'm telling you, Dad. That really looks a lot like Debbie Berwick.
      Lloyd: Maybe a little but it couldn't be. That's the Sugar&Spice 5000. They were all discontinued and sent back into the early 21st century
      Phil: Dad...We're in the 21st century.
      Lloyd screams

    • Keely: Maybe she had a change of heart?
      Phil: Pim? Heart? That's crazy talk.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Phil's opening introduction at the beginning of the episode about Debbie Berwick is an allusion to the classic anthology series, The Twilight Zone, in which the host/creator Rod Serling would narrate the episode which usually dealt with horror or science fiction themes. The theme song to the Twilight Zone is even played while Phil is talking.

    • Sugar&Spice: Debbie becoming the Sugar&Spice5000 is a pun on the poem:

      Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

    • When Debbie is laughing and Pim starts to laugh this very well could be an allusion of Austin Powers when Dr.Evil is laughing then Fran starts laughing.