Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 18

Happy Nird-Day

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Pheely!

    It's Keely's birthday and Phil wants the most amazing present for Keely's birthday and has a whole elaborate adventure planned out, until his dad takes away all the future gadgets. Now he has to figure something else out, but everything is going wrong.

    What a great episode! I absolutely adore it! Pheely forever! At the end when Phil brings Keely to the picnic, I get so excited! They are so sweet together, as a couple and friends. The whole thing is sweet and hilarious and shows it's not the fancy things that matter. It's the throwing cake at your friends, having a picnic, and just being there.
  • It's Keely Teslow's birthday, or should I say, Nird-Day, and Phil Diffy has seriously know idea what to get her!!

    It was such a GREAT eppy, it had me laughing, smiling, and surprisingly, almost in tears (not sadness, but of joy; and we all know why, dont Real cool eppy, not the BEST, but one of the many that I like. Thought it was really adorable and sweet that Phil tried to get Keely the BEST birthday gift ever. This is one of the eppys that had a whole bunch of PHEELY in it. In the end, I loved it; and i hope you loved it too!!

    "Hoppy Hoppy Birthday Keely"
  • i can never look at "Phil of the Future" the same way again.

    this might sound dramatic but the whole people in the future not eing borin is kinda sick to me.

    their created but by some kinda machine.

    am i the only one who thinks it's a little werid to now look at them and think 'their not really humans'.

    they might be regulary born people in 2121 but for me in 2006 it's just a little wrong.

    but this was a good,funny ep and i wished they wouldn't cancel "Phil of the Future"

    but if they save "Phil of the Future" it'd be a Win/Lose thing

    i get Phil of the Future but That's So Raven would still be on.

    or i lose Phil of the Future but That's so Raven will be gone.
  • This fantastic episode involves Phil's antics when trying to make Keely's birthday the best ever.

    One of the best episodes of the series, "Happy Nirday" embodies everything that is Disney. It was funny, sweet, and sincere. At the beginning of the episode Phil vows to make Keely's birthday the best ever after forgetting about it last year when he tells her they will skyak through the Swiss Alps. However, in another (failed) attempt to fix the time machine Mr. Diffy takes the batteries out of all of their future gadgets. Phil is disheartened, telling Keely he should be able to do something "out of this world" for her since he's from 2121. By the end of the episode he realizes that the best gifts come from the heart when he arranges a picnic filled with Keely's favorite things. Keely tells him it's one of the "nicest, sweetest" things anyone has ever done for her, truly "out of this world". This episode is one that leaves you feeling warm inside and smiling, a satisfactory confection you don't get from other shows on the network.
  • It's Keely's Birthday.

    Well its Keely\'s birthday and Phil tries to get her something nice with future gadgets but then his dad needs all the batteries from the gadgets. So Phil is stuck trying to find Keely the bes birthday present. Phil wants to make this a very good present since he forgot Keely\'s last birthday.
  • I loved it!

    I just watched this eppie on; it was great! Phil's many failed attempts at the perfect birthday present were hilarious, and the ending was perfect! So much Pheely action, it makes me long all that much more to see BTTF! It was also great seeing the family try to survive without future technology, and then Pim with a crush. Simon kinda reminded me of Bradley Benjamin Farmer for some reason, tho. Hmmm. Mr. Messerschmitt crying was great, also! It's about time his testing schemes were crushed. Anyway, this was one of the best episodes yet, tho it will never compare to the season finale!

    Countin' down the episodes till "Back to the Future"!
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