Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 19

Ill of the Future

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 24, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • this episode was funny

    in this episode i thought it was hilarious when pim asks phil what could be better then hugging your little sister then phil replies and said lets see getting my teeth drilled,etc.
    this episode was also funny because when they were in school they ended up doing things that raised suspision from hacket(as usual from anything the diffy's do). at home phil's mom was confused for curtus because of the sounds she was making from the way she was eating. even though phil had got him self in trouble for being green(students thinking they were supporting the other school by painting themselves green), but in fact as you know it was the greenimia's effect.
    in the end phil's problem resolved itself,when he went to the football game's dinner the captain guy realized(thought) that phil was actually there for a mascot fight, but as you know he was there to talk to keely.
    overall i thought this was a very funny episode.
  • soo funny!!!!

    this is excatly why i watch it and it was sooo funny i thought ricky did a good jod with the sort of "lier lier" opposite thing where he could tell the truth! and it was funny with pim being nice. and phils mom being a monster and phils dad saying the opposite of what he was trying to say!
  • Phil and his family catch a flu from the future witch turns them green and there prosonality the opposite.

    This is the worst epsidode ever-- no wait its the best! lol i guess im catching greenemia too... It was really funny how Phil kept lieing and Oh gosh i cant remember her name..... phil sister became all nice and was every parents dream... This episode was full if laughs and at the end Phil got a beard lol. I really like the part when Phil and the jock guy was wreseling. All in all this was a great yet funny yet instrering episode. Awwwww i need more letters..g n j g k y g kdyffd kgufgs ksdug kydgf. OK lol
  • Great episode....

    This episode starts off with Pim being nice to phil, and Phil gets worried, Then, he pushes aeay the opening credits, it was funny. The episode is about them trying to get past school with the green oppisite personality and their school is playing handsometown trolls so they think that phil and pim are representing it because they are green so at the end phil starts to recover and grows a big white beard and fight with his school mascot to tell keely that he had a disease. Then, they paint hacketts face green and put a fake white beard on hackket so he thinks hes a mutant and they are all fine. Great eppy!
  • The Diffy\'s get a futuristic disease called Greeneemia which turns your personality upside down and turns your body green. When Phil and Pim turn green at school, Vice Principal Hackett gets suspicious while Phil tries to explain the lies he told Keely.

    This is my favorite episode of Phil of the Future mainly because of how Ricky Ullman acts. The Diffy\'s all get a future disease called Greeneemia and have their personalities turned upside down. Barbara becomes dirty, Lloyd and Phil become liars, and Pim become the girl every parent dreams of. Phil\'s lies gets him in trouble with Vice Principal Hackett, and confuses Keely after she gets asked out by the starting quarterback Bruno. When Phil and Pim\'s bodies turn green, they are booed out of school by their classmates and followed home. Lloyd\'s told hilarious lies as he tried to keep things together inside the house, and Phil tried to tell Keely what he meant at school but failed to do so. The different personalites in this episode are the reason it is my favorite of all the episodes.
  • In this Episode, the diffys get a future disease to where they first act the complete OPPISITE of their behavior, 2nd they turn COMPLETELY green, and when recovering, grows a big white beard, and gets their normal personality back.

    At the beginning, pim starts acting nice, while barb acts completely like an angry... and well, hungry mom. When Llyod finds out that pim and phil have it while at school, he tells him to come home. The school is having an event to where their school is going against the handsometown trolls in a football game. Everyone mistakes that when phil and pim turn green, they are representing handsometown. Phils affect is lying like crazy, and when keely is asked out by the quarterback, and she says no phil says that he should have said yes. Keely ends up telling the quarterback that she changed her mind, and at the dinner that she was asked to, phil comes, completely green, with a white beard, explaining to her that he had a disease.