Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 14

It's a Wonder-Phil Life

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 27, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • A good filler!

    their is only a little Pheely and without giving to much away nothing happens. it will be interesting to see the response to this episode when it airs. It seems like a filler that leads up probly to the dramatic final 2 episodes of the season. it shall be interesting.
  • This has to be my favorite episode by far!

    This epi makes me feel so sorry for Phil (who just happens to be my favorite character). It must be so hard to keep a secret like this for so long. It's pretty cool that everyone reacted so well to it, too! I'd be pretty excited if I had met someone from the future, too..I guess!

    Watching Pim fail yet again never gets old. Definitely have to give her props for trying though! I found it amusing to find out that it was rather easy for Phil to gain popularity, whereas it seems much harder for Pim..sometimes!

    Then to find out it was all a least Phil learned to appreciate the small things in life, and that Keely will always be there for him!
  • Phil is good at playing the harmonica! :)

    Phil is good at playing the harmonica, but I wonder how he practices. It was kinda funny how Keely tried to take the \'harmonica\' away from Phil. :) He seemed confused probably thinking to himself \"Give her what?\" It is also kinda cool when he plays it. It is also sad when he can\'t see Keely, and unfortunately, thats the only thing I like about the episode
  • I can't bear to see Keely sad! But you know, a bad ending, they have to get things back to normal some how...

    Overall, this was a great episode. I laughed throguhout the whole thing and if I laugh, it is good. I was disappointed though to see Phil wake up from a dream. I knew they had to get things normal some how, I just think it could've been more thought out. But if you had 30 minutes to live, I would suggest this episode, but it isn't a must-see. It's a love-it-hate-it type of episode. The love it, is more on the better side meaning it is better than it is worse.
  • Phil tells the whole world he's from the future. Everyone starts to praise him and he never has time to hang out with Keely anymore. So the time keeper comes out for the third time and finally he gives in and lets her roll back time to before everyone kne

    This eppisode of Phil of the Future was very very exciting. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It had very good acting as usual. Keely\'s (Alyson Michalka) hair syles were very awesome. And I loved her outfits. And with no surprise, Phil (Ricky Ullman) was looking very very hott!
  • This was a very cool eppie!

    It was great getting to see how people would react to knowing that Phil is from the future. Pim's scheme was very empty and lame in this eppie, but that's okay cuz I don't particularly want to focus on her. Helka trying to do infomercial type things constantly was hilarious, altho a little corny. The entire episode was basically poking fun at the entire series, and they did a great job of it. I think it was sad how left out Keely was feeling, and entirely TOOOO SWEET that Phil gave up his happiness with his newfound popularity to keep Keely. It was an episode that shows how he truly feels about her. It's only leading up to the great season finale! I can't wait for BTTF!
  • I really liked this episode

    This is one of my favorite episodes that they have done. I really liked the whole Pim fiasco. I thought that was funny. It was cool how they showed what would happen if he told. But still! This was an excellent episode and finely written.
    P.S. U.S.A does not suck! Even though we see episodes like last... That doesn't mean that we ain't cool!! Now I am done with my rantings!
  • Brilliant! I really like this episode because we find out what would have happened if Phil tells everyone his secret! (Here in New Zealand we see all the episodes before you USA guys!!! :P YOU SUCK!

    Phil gets an answer wrong in class bacause it happens different in the future. Everyone makes fun of him so he tells Mr Hackett he is from the Future. Everything freezes and the timekeeper (who looks just like Barbara Diffy) comes and tells him he can turn back time now so that Mr Hackett wouldn't know. He refuses. Mr Hackett tells everyone and now Phil is incredibly popular and on National Televison! The Timekeeper comes to him again and asks him if he wants to turn back time. Phil says that everything is PERFECT now, so why would he want to? The Timekeeper shows him how he isn't spending any time with Keely now, and Phil still refuses. The next day, however, things become too much and Phil turns back time, and he finds himself just before he tells Mr Hackett he is from the future! Meanwhile, Pim tries to make herself look more muscly with the wizard to beat her rival in a competition. When everyone finds out the Diffy's are from the future, Pim is suspended from school for using "Future technology".