Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 9

Mummy's Boy

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 09, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • It needed something more to it. They made a rather simple thing take up thirty minutes.

    Overall, this epsiode was decent. I think that it was just a filler epsiode though. Phil finds a part to the time machine and has to get it out of the museum display. They tried to stretch that and make it fill up a half hour which I don't think worked too well. But as with all episodes of anything, there is something to complain about. But for the good, it was fairly funny.
  • I know this is a show aimed at kids, but you could drive a truck through the plot holes in this episode. It did nothing for the characters and had a horribly-fumbled ending without explaining much of anything.

    I'm a fan of the show, don't get me wrong, but every time this episode is rerun, I find something else wrong with it. I know it's not supposed to be over-analyzed, but none of it makes any sense or contributes to a character's development. There was no reason for Phil to get the time machine part right then and there. It's a museum exhibit that anyone could visit. It was a prop that would have been there regardless. It looked like a replication anyway, something they could have easily remade. Surely we're not supposed to believe something survived from the age of the cavemen is still functional? Keely had one long blonde moment not realizing why Phil had to flake on her.

    I won't even touch the subplot, or lack of one. For as smart as the parents seem to be, we're supposed to believe that the common cold was extinct so soon after 2005 that they don't have any recorded history of it? Pim's sub-sub-plot was good, for all 2 minutes of screen time that it had.

    Owen just came off looking stupid at the beginning, an annoyance to both Phil and Keely. Served no purpose at all, even though he could have, as this was the first time Phil put something else ahead of Keely. The point from the alarm going off until the end is ridiculous. Not nearly enough time spent on it, but too much with the curator talking to himself. Just plain weird. No emotion from Phil even when Owen was acting purely creepy.

    The ending itself is something else. They never go into Owen's flirting with Keely. Nothing is explained about him. The conflict between the two is just resolved. He explains how he got the little piece of wood, and she's so impressed she forgets everything. The purpose of the valve is never said, it presumably didn't matter. A few one-liners later when Owen returns, and the episode ends.

    The only points I can give to this episode are for Curtis and his part (how can you not laugh at "Sound like work to me. I just saying. Curtis help a lot today." and "it's Snickerdoodle Thursday.") and of course for reinventing the word 'cute' in the form of Alyson Michalka who, no matter how off an episode is, can still make me believe in her part. Even her ending (which I predicted was leading to a big Phil/Keely moment, scoring big points with those fans) was less than compelling.

    Overall, sub-par for the second season.
  • Not my favorite of the series but still good.

    What I really liked about this episode is there was a lot of Pheely. I mean there wasn't tons but a few classic parts. I loved how Keely hugged Phil three times in this episode. The first hug is the sweetest though I have to say. Then let's not forget when Phil walked into see Owen fixing Keely's hair and
    saying "Hey!" like an instinct he had to tell Owen to keep his hands of Keely. One thing I wish they would of explained more is how Owen came about. I thought Pim's storyline was pretty funny too.
  • It may go down in t.v. history as a filler episode, but I see it as another great step towards that huge choice that we all know is coming...

    One step closer to fixing the time machine, which is an extremely important factor in this show.
    Also, I really liked how it gave us a deeper glimpse at Owen's feelings for Keely.
    Keely: How do I look?
    Owen: You look...(meaningful pause) perfect.
    There was so much affection in his voice.*sigh*
    But more important was Phil's choice in this episode. We all know that eventually he'll have to choose between Keely and returning to the future. This time he chose his family and the time machine over Keely, but is this an indication of what he will choose in the "future"?
  • good episode

    Phil replaces Curtis as field trip chaperone when Mr. Hackett is too ill to escort their class to the museum. Pim trys to prack the soub stood teacher but all her tricks do not work and Phil find one of the missing time egine part and Kelley almost got caught.
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