Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 7

My Way

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 09, 2004 on Disney Channel
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My Way
Phil helps Keely with her stage fright so Phil shrinks himself and sits on her microphone during her performance; Pim and Bradley become co-parents of a bag of flour as part of a class assignment on raising a baby.

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  • This was my favorite episode out of the whole show.

    I knew that aly could sing but this was the first time i ever heard her sing because this was before they ever started the whole singing thing that they serious. This made me laugh a little too because of that girl who though she was all that because her father was an weather man. But that girl couldn't sing and they was trying to make fun of her and what was that show thing about kids are the future read books does she know how corny that sounds i mean really. All in all this was a special episode.moreless
  • Win!Win!Win!

    Keely has had stage fright for a long time and has puked during a few songs so, Phil trys to help her get over her stage fright. This episode is about Phil helping keely get over her stage fright by using the wizard. She enters a competition against this girl that is really really good. So she gets scared and thinks she gonna lose. But, Phil tells her she won't lose and trys to help her. The night of the competition Keely gets really really nervous and phil tells her she is going to do fine. Meanwhile Pim and Brad have to take care of a fake baby for school.moreless
  • Why did that little she-witch win the contest? I wonder.

    I loved this episode. This is when I discovered that Keely (Alyson Michalka was a great singer). I love how Phil tried his best to help Keely get over her stage fright. She really wanted to sing, but she had an... incident in the third grade. Her nerves got to her, and she barfed on Tara's dress. I cannot believe how long people hold grudges over something stupid. Keely was only little when that happened, and Tara was still holding that against her. She's not very nice, and she doesn't know when to let go.

    I liked how funny the Pim and Benjamin parenting part was. They kept fighting over who would take care of the baby (bag of flower), and just when Pim was willing to help, Ben ruins it and causes the baby to "disassemble." At least they passed. A "D" is passing.

    It was awesome seeing Keely onstage, singing. I don't understand why Tara won first place. She was a horrible singer! Keely was so much better. It must have been that "Thank you. Children are the future. Read books," comment that Tara made that effected the judges. Still, this episode was great, because at the end, I did see another "sign of love" between Phil and Keely. Cute!moreless
  • Very Funny.

    I thought this show was really funny. Especially the part where Phil is trying to help Keely get over her stagefright. Phil set up a fake stage and invited all the neighborhood to come and watch keely sing. But then she keeps saying that there's too many people. And then it comes down to Phil and she's starts singing and she's like wow I did it. And he was like Uh yeah Keely i was the only one here. haha Also, I remember when hes mititure he talks in the microphone and yet nobody can hear him. That's the part i dont get. Well its good and I recommend it!!moreless
  • One of the more futuristic episodes, Phil helps Keely with her stage fright by shrinking himself and holding onto her microphone. Pim and Bradley must raise a flour Baby.

    I'm a little troubled by the lack of accuracy at this episode. I mean, when Phil shrunk himself, he fell off the microphone... that's a pretty long fall for somebody that's about three inches tall. He could've been seriously injured.

    All in all, a good show. The Pim scenes were good, and I believe this marks the first appearance of the phrase "Ta-DOW!"
Rory Thost

Rory Thost

Bradley Benjamin Farmer

Guest Star

Stephanie Sawyer

Stephanie Sawyer

Tara Shrater

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Ms. Levy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The song that Keely sings "Protecting Me" is a song that Alyson Michalka's (Keely) sister Amanda wrote about their parents. This song is on Aly & AJ's CD Into the Rush.

    • Goof: There is a scene where Phil is little, and climbs on a microphone. While he was on the microphone, he talks to Keely before and while she sings. How was it that nobody in the audience or around there was able to hear him while he was right there talking on the microphone? He wasn't that little.

    • Keely says she only feels comfortable when she's singing around Phil.

    • Keely threw up during her "Pumpkin Song."

    • Mr. Hackett has a mini van and has been trying to sell it.

    • Goof: When Keely is flashing back to when she threw up on Tara, they show her throwing up but nothing comes out of her mouth.

    • Goof: When Keely is singing in the finals her hairsticks and a barrette are on the right side of her head and the rest of her hair is on the left. After a couple of later the hairsticks and the barrette are on the left and the rest of her hair is on the right. But in the next shot it's back again.

    • Goof: When Keely is singing and moving the mic stand, Phil is on her right side of the mic stand. A few shots later he is on the left, then back to the right.

      Note: Actually Phil appears to switch sides while clinging to the mic stand because close up shots of Phil are from Keely's point-of-view (view from stage to audience) and far shots, aka Keely shots, are from the audience's view (Audience to stage.)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Keely: As long as I focus on you I'll be able to bring home the trophy.

    • Phil: Hey, Keely, I'm down here!
      Keely: (Looking at a miniaturized Phil) Oh, vey!
      Phil: Sing, Keely! I'm the only one here!
      Keely: Hit it, Dennis!

    • Bradley: Ahh, there's the little woman now.
      Pim: Little? I wouldn't be tossing around the "L" word if I were you, Thumbelina.
      Bradley: I was thinking let's name him Bradley Benjamin Farmer Jr.
      Pim: Oh, great. Then his nickname will be Doofus Finkelman Dork-Face Part Two!
      Bradley: New mothers can be so tempermental.

    • Pim: Here it is. Reason #3,005 why I hate this stupid century and everyone in it!
      Phil: You hate flour. I can see not liking flour, but hating it...
      Pim: It's not flour, it's my baby!

    • (Pim walks in the house and sees her mother baking)
      Pim: Mom, what are you doing?
      Barbara: I'm making a cake.
      Pim: With flour?
      Barbara: Of course...honey, where's Chuck?!
      Pim: He's with his father.

    • Keely: Too many people.
      Phil: (signaling to leave) Uh, mom, dad?
      Lloyd: But it's my house!

    • Keely: I never told you this, but I've always dreamed of someday becoming a singer.
      Phil: I thought you wanted to become a cat pshycologist?
      Keely: Oh! That's my cover!

    • Keely: (about Tara) I can't stand her. I wish a building would fall on her! I wish she'd get stung by a fifty pound bee! I wish a dog would mistake her as a fire hydrant! I wish the U.S. women's soccer team would use her as a ball!
      Phil: Hey, how about running her over with a steam roller?
      Keely: Phil, grow up!

    • Bradley: Chuck, It's so--working-class.
      Barbara: How old did you say you were?

    • Phil: (Of Tara's singing) Uh, this may be a while, wanna grab a bite to eat?

    • Pim: (under her breath) Rat snacks!
      Barbara: Excuse me?
      Pim: Rat-Snacks!

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