Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 13

Phil of the Garage

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 11, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Phil is growing tired of everyone going into his room without his permission. When Lloyd stores tools in Phil's room it ends up blowing the floor out and Phil has to live somewhere else. He chooses the garage and shares it with Curtis.

    Phil is growing tired of everyone going into his room without his permission. He wants privacy and he isn't getting that from his room. When Lloyd stores tools from the Time Machine in Phil's room that shouldn't be next to each other, it ends up blowing the floor out and Phil has to live somewhere else. He chooses the garage and shares it with Curtis. But when Curtis is sick of Phil he decides to fix Phil's room and live there instead. ok this was pretty funny with him changing in his room and everyone walking in, but when he moves to the garage it all becomes serious until he drops his blankie and lloyd reaches for his...that was funny...the party wasn't that great until keely said what are teenagers going to do in the dark..hello make out comes to mind..but it was an ok episode...i was mad that i was so excited for it and then it almost wasn't worth the wait
  • A great storyline, but possibly over the heads of most of the audience. Something you had to relate to to appreciate. For once, an episode devoid of romance and soap opera.

    I had a feeling this would get bad reviews. Most of them center on the fact that there\'s no Keely/Phil moments. Sorry guys. You\'re getting an entire season of it, and not all of it is well done.

    My background with this episode? I\'ve been in college for 3 months. I too had to deal with parents not giving me privacy and wanting to be out on my own, having parties (and a roommate like Curtis... haha) and stuff. I can relate SO much, half of the dialogue could have been cribbed from my life as it is. The whole episode worked right in the house too.

    Curtis knew a little too much english in this episode (come on, floor joists?) but he needed to act like a present-day human for his part to work. Again, Manoux\'s delivery is dead-on working with Ricky Ullman. Too many great lines to count (\"Pim dig hole and leave house. Pim grounded. Bad Pim!\" \"Pim no scare Curtis. Ok. Curtis scared a little.\") easily Curtis\' best part.

    Alyson? Yeah. Probably like 2 minutes of screen time. She looked amazing. That\'s a given. This just wasn\'t about her though. She played the role of the sympathetic best friend, tossed in a good line or two (\"what can a bunch of teenagers do alone in a dark garage with no parental supervision?\") and that\'s it. This was good for the Diffy family characters. It wasn\'t going to be a half hour makeout session in Phil\'s new garage. Sorry.

    It\'s hard to say exactly why this episode hit me like it did. Probably because Ricky (as both an out-of-character person and as Phil) is easy to relate to, and I could see myself in that role. Especially the part about wanting to come back after money got tight and life got boring in the new house. For once we actually get to see Pim and Phil work together, and it all works out without being cheesy. No, we\'re no closer to Mrs. Keely Diffy after this episode but at least there are more characters to fall back on.

    You KNOW you laughed every time the Diffys pronounced \"char-AHHHH-dds\" too.
  • when phil gets tired of not getting any privacy from his family he wants to move to the garage.But his mom disapproves.Then phil goes to the garage throws a party and the electricity gets shut off.Pim and phil find a plan for phil to move back into his ol

    I loved this episode.It's one of my favorites and i watch it everytime it comes on disney channel.I also watched it on ABC kids on saturday.I chose the rating to be a 9.9!I actually I like all of the episodes and I like to watch phil of the future everyday.This episode rocks!!!
  • this is a really cool show even though i said that to most of the other shows!

    this is a really cool show as i said , i really think it is really fun and Pim is so cool! she is like my best character there!but Keely, i like her better than Pim, and Phil, to weird for me. u no what i mean, plus he is like his dad! they are both weird! ha ha! they both have a baby blanky! haha! that is soooooo finny!
  • I'm sorry but I just didn't like this episode and I hope it's not a sign of things to come. If you appreciate honest reviews, you would atleast please read this. Click disagree if you choose.

    Okay, this entire episode seemed out-of-character. I don't know what the writers were thinking, but this episode was so pointless that it can't even be considered a filler!

    Okay for starters, Barb- after finally making a return- just acted ridiculous in this episode. The first time she got hysterical was semi-funny, but after that it quickly became annoying and so very unlike her usual mature motherly wisdom.

    And Pim just really wasn't Pim except for a few moments here and there. And I personally found her whole "I miss my brother" spill way to overdone (and if Barb had been in-character, she would have figured out something was up!).

    As for Curtis, he seemed smarter than usual. I've heard of fast-learners, but this episode was just a little silly when it comes to his part.

    And what? Lloyd suddenly learns how to use parent pshycology in the middle of season 2?

    Keely, Keely, Keely. What to say-she didn't even seem connected to Phil! She was "just there". You have a new garage let's throw a house-warming party...we're going home. Uh...can we say boring. No Pheely whatsoever.

    And so then we come to Phil. He was simply a jerk in this episode, there's no way around it. Where I come from, privacy or no privacy, you don't treat your parents like's rude and a sign that you're not mature.

    Which is exactly the problem of this entire episode. They kept pushing that Phil wasn't a "liitle boy" anymore, but he acted more like a little kid than he did in Maybe-Sitting! I guess someone kept his cjild-like immaturity after being zapped with the Wizard. This episode was a waste of DVR space.

  • Good episode.

    This was a hilarious episode; altho, I didn't particularly care for Phil's rebellious spirit. It just seemed so out of character for him. Not to mention, Phil and Pim got along together in this show. There were some funny moments to come out of it, tho (ie: Phil tripping over the chair in the dark, Lloyd not realizing that the hardware shop was where to get supplies, etc.). There was also really no Pheely action in this one. While it wasn't my favorite episode, it was another good one. I hope that everyone who sees it enjoys it. POTF RULES!
  • This episode is so funny!

    I only got to watch the 1st 20 minutes. But it\'s still funny.
    The beginning is cute.

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