Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 7

Phil Without a Future

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 21, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • It\'s a tearjerker. lol. No their is a really funny scene that may be more forshadowing for a Pheely realtionship.

    the scene in the detention room was priceless. Phil and Keely being sad that they could not be closer to each other and putting their hands together from outside and inside the window glass. It is sort of a silly filler episode but if you read between the lines and watch them bend you will see a key thing.
  • Very funny. Good humour throughout. As for the storyline, it's a been there, done that, as far as all Disney Channel shows go.

    This episode is very funny. Mr Messerschmidt (I don't know how to spell it) is very good as always, and well written. The main problem with this episode is the boring storyline I've watched on so many series'. Nevertheless, it is better executed than most of the other. It's very funny. It has a bit too much 'typical Phil of the Future cheap laugh humour' (i.e. Keely phoning Phil through the door as if it was the end of the world), but there were some particularly good bits. Mr Messerschmidt being one of them, Pim getting her authority another. But the bit that really made me laugh, was when Phil made a long speech, Pim then repeated it, and got the glory from everyone. Shame she quit being "The Man" though, she was really funny like that.
  • A very funny episode with some memorable scenes and we finally find who created the Wzrd and when!

    It starts off with a very funny scene which includes Phil making up the name to the middle school he went to, which turns out to be "Mount Kitty Mug Middle School". More funny parts includes Pim completly pushing Keely out of the way when she is talking to Phil. But what I found strange was Phil didn't help her up! Clearly she was knocked onto the floor but Phil kept talking to Pim like nothing happened. One could not forget the hilarious scene between Phil and Keely when he gets one phone call in detention! Hilarious! Good filler episode.
  • i thought this one was hilarious.

    Mr. Messerschmitts holding a career day, so he asks phil what his old guidance counselors number is. he lies and gives him Keelys cell phone number so he runs out trying to get to keelys locker before she picks up. He disguises her voice to play mr. littletree. this part was hilarious when she was like he will accel at anything he puts his mind to, hes got straight a\'s a gold star, a happy face or 2 but oh he has one detention..once during red rover he refused to come right over. So he goes to career day and doesnt see anything he likes. so mr. messerschmitt tells him to come and take the CPT test. there he sees the ricky singh, the creator of the wizard\"i shall call u future probe,no, wizard\" so Phil refuses to take the test, pim and lil danny dawkins take him to the solitary room and he gets one phone call. it was keely. that was the funniest part. But then mr. messerschmitt realizes phil was right and suspends his time. after keely breaks in through the wall. thats how it ended.
  • really GREAT episode had a bunch of comedy...totally luved it!!

    this episode is out-of-the-park funny!! it didnt have too much PHEELY but was EXTREMELY HILARIOUS!! i have got to say that this season somehow they have decided to go all out...they've added more about phil and keely's relationship as friends and maybe something more, more information on the year 2121....and just more comedy!! AMAZING episode especially luved how keely was phil's guidance counselor, mr. littletree of mount kitty mugg middle school just plain FUNNY!! the plot was sort of ok, didnt really hit me like the other episodes did but in the end the comedy saved it!! hoped every1 enjoyed this episode just as much as i did!!!
  • The funniest episode in the season so far!

    This has got to be the funniest episode in the season so far. So much happened. My favorite parts was at the end when Keely came busting through the wall to save Phil, and when Phil and Keely were talking on the phone through the wall and acting like it was such a big deal. Anyway, it was a great episode.