Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 4

Phillin' In

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 18, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Phillin' In
Lloyd and Barbara decide to go on a weekend road trip for their anniversary. They leave Phil in charge of Pim and if everything goes right then Phil will get an afterburner for his skyak. Once Pim hears this she is not happy and tries everything in her power to make the weekend go bad so Phil won't get the afterburner.moreless

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  • Lloyd and Barbara leave Phil in charge of the house when they go on a road trip although Pim doesn\'t agree with it and traps Phil and Keely in the shed. She crashes the sky-ak and Phil and Keely have to go and save her before their parents get back.moreless

    This isn\'t one of my favorite episodes, but it\'s still very good. Lloyd and Barbara leave for a \"modern\" road trip in a \"Porsche\", and Lloyd doesn\'t understand what a cop behind him wants. Phil is left in charge of Pim and Curtis but Pim traps Phil and Keely in the shed and takes the sky-ak. Pim crashes the sky-ak in the middle of nowhere and Phil and Keely have to go and save her before their parents get back. Phil and Pim do have a good moment, which is probably one of only 2 Phil/Pim moments in the series that i know of. This episode is pretty funny, but don\'t expect too much from it. You still get a lot of laughs from Phil and Keely.

  • A very Phil to Pim episode. My favorite of the 1st season.

    This episode is wonderful. I really love it alot. It came on the first day the show aired. It's the first episode of the series. My favorite part is when they hug. Not much Pheely in this episode.

    But Phillin' In n e v e r c o m e s on anymore. I t ' s n o f a i r.

    B u t a n y ways its a good episode.

    This episode is wonderful. I really love it alot. It came on the first day the show aired. It's the first episode of the series. My favorite part is when they hug. Not much Pheely in this episode.moreless
  • Phil must babysit Pim while his parents are on a roadtrip. Pim tries to make his job as difficult as possible. Meanwhile, we see a little insight as to how different our time is from the future, as Lloyd and Phil experience the joys and thrills of the opemoreless

    A great look at how Phil and Pim still can get along, even if they aren't the closest of siblings. The Curtis scenes were funny as usual, (when Phil tells him to get the key to the door, and Curtis comes with a quiche, and even Keith, the Diffy's water-deliverer) and a touching moment at the end where Phil saves his little sister. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Barbara get pulled over by a cop ("He gave us two tickets! This is such a friendly century!") and yelled at by a trucker. Funny episode, and a nice bro-sis moment.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: Phil tracks the Skyak Pim stole to "42 degrees (north) latitude and 112 (west) longitude." That would have stranded Pim along the Utah-Idaho border, hundreds of miles east of California where the series is supposedly set. On the other hand, substituting "122" for "112" would strand Pim along the California-Oregon border, which is more likely.

    • Goof: When Phil and Keely asked Curtis to get the key, he got the water boy Keith. Couldn't Phil have just asked Keith to get the key?

    • This episode features two future gadgets, the "Skyaks" and "The Holographic Tracking Sensor".

    • It is a possibility that wallaberries are a snack from 2121. As for in real life, wallaberrries don't exist.

    • Goof: When Pim blows the leaves, and Phil and Keely stand up, Keely has one leaf stuck to her shirt. But when the camera shoots away from her and back, she has 3 leaves stuck to her shirt. And back to one again.

    • Goof: After Curtis gets a bath and Keely puts the bows on his head: one minute he has three, then two, then three again.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Phil: Dad, Pim doesn't need a baby-sitter. I think she needs more of a... a zookeeper! No, a whole team of zookeepers... with tranquilizer darts and high-powered hoses...

    • Keely: Phil, who's that?
      Phil: That's our waterguy, Keith!

    • Keely: Curtis, wanna take your bath?
      Curtis: (shakes his head no)
      Phil: Watch and learn. Curtis! Who wants
      wallaberries?(Drops wallaberies into bathtub)
      Curtis: WALLABERRIES! (Jumps into bathtub)
      Keely: Shampoo?
      Curtis: No, no poo.
      Keely: I'll give you wallaberries!
      Curtis: Okay, poo.

    • Phil: (to Keely) Here, hold my watch, keys, gum and label maker.
      (Keely looks strangely at Phil) You never know when you'll need a label.

    • Cop: (Pulls Lloyd and Barbara over) Have you been drinking?
      Lloyd: Drinking? I've been doing nothing but!
      (Sips big bottle of drink)

    • Barbara: (About the following officer) He's been following us for 23 miles. I really think you should pull over.

    • Barbara: (About the tickets she and Lloyd had received for disobeying the law) These tickets are $150 each! These must be UNBELIEVABLE seats!
      Lloyd: (To the police officer) You had us going there, ROAD SCUM!
      Barbara: Wohoo! What kind of show do you think it will be? Ohhh, do you think it'll be a musical!?

    • Keely: Oh! I have an idea! We could call a locksmith... They have all of those... Unlocky tools! They could get us out!
      Phil: Keel. The phone's outside, remember?
      Keely: I know! That's the thing. See, when they get here, they can hand it to us!

    • Phil: Watch out! I'm going to break this door down.
      Keely: No way! It's too thick.
      Phil: No it's not. The key is just not to hesitate.
      (runs to the door not breaking it down)
      Keely: I think you hesitated.
      Phil: Of course I hesitated!

    • Keely: (about Pim) How sweet of her to make snacks.
      Phil: Yeah right. I'd better make Curtis taste it first.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Phil: Kid Rock, Ricki Lake and Tiger Woods.
      Kid Rock is a rock singer, Ricki Lake is a talk show host, and Tiger Woods is a famous golfer.