Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 21, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Lance Tankman

    My favorite part of this episode is, yes . . . Lance Tankman. That's a name that could just stick. LOL. Well, anyways. Pim runs in this contest to be president for the day. So, she desides to make a film how Lance, well. Neil Hackett. And, she becomes princable for life. Phil does not like this so, he desides to stop it. Phil dicuses himself as Pim with the wizard. And, he does an interview with Keely. And, Phil says how bad Pim is and, end Pim's reign. And, it works. So, Neil's back in the saddel. YE-HAW!

    Final Score: A-
  • pim is the prinicipal

    The school decides to have an election for principal for a day so pim decides to run as well as mr.hacket. Pim schemes against Hacket and gives the students italian ices to sway their minds into voting for her. once pim becomes prinicipal she abuses her powers and fires hacket as well. she tries to find a vice principal and choose not to hire her dad or hacket who was in disquise. Little danny is working for Pim until he finds out about the resitant set up by phil and keely from hacket. the code names are white panther(keeley) midnight cobra/fuzzybear(phil)< lance tankman(hacket)and little scorpion(lil danny) the are able to turn everyone againstpim when phil turns into pim using the instamorpher. pim trys to stop this but is turned into little danny by the wizard and when she realizes it and says oh grape juice. i very funny episode.
  • Keely puts on the news about being a principle for a day, so Pim becomes principle. But when things go wrong she turns out to be principle for life. Now Phil and Keelly has to stop pim.

    This is probably one of the best episodes. Also it was very funny and Pim I think is the best so a episode all about her gets my approval. I like how Pim thinks of skeems to himiluate who brother and stuff. But it got kinda unrealistic with the people believing what Mr.Hacket was saying over the tv. I think the only bad thing I could think of is that at times it is unrealistic but most phils of the futures are lie that and that lil D helped them becuase probably in real life Pim would not just let him leave she would find a way to keep him so that he dosn't tell her plan to phil and keely.
  • awesome

    this is a really great episode,phil and keely were on a resistance,haha..and they have funny names in here,phil gave keely the name white panther and then keely gave phil the name mr. fuzzy bear..haha..keely is really funny and..i don\'t know,i love her acting,she is really really great,ilove it when she said \"phil are you thinking of a plan?(long pause)..cause i\'m just looking serious..haha..i love this episode..
  • It was pretty good.

    This episode definitely wasn't my favorite, but it was funny seeing Pim get this far in her world-domination plans. There was a little Pheely interaction going on, but not as much as I'd like. I love how Keely kept insisting that Phil was "Mr. Fuzzy Bear." What is the most hilarious thing, tho, is the code name Phil chooses for himself in the end: Dash Unicorn. I have a guy friend that is totally like that and thinks unicorns are manly, fierce creatures. I just found it to be funny that my friend thinks like Phil! Anyway, if you like Pim's wicked personality, you'll love this episode.
  • In a bizzare turn of events, Pim takes over the position of vice principal from Hackett. The school becomes a veritable dictatorship, and it's up to Phil, Keely, and an unlikely ally to set things right.

    This episode was the perfect example of what makes this more of a show for people my age (18) than it's target demographic (erm, not 18).

    From the sheer genius of the very plot of the episode, to the excellent spoof of President Bush...pure perfection, through and through.

    'Nuff said, folks.
  • Pim becomes the principal through a rigged election. Phil and Keely lead a very small but overall successful resistance against her tyrannical term as principal.

    I never laughed so hard before. This episode was funny through and through. From Pim framing Hackett with the wizard to making the bogus confession tape, I almost choked from laughing. We all know Pim's ambition to rule the world and if she could turn being principal into such a fiasco, well...let's not imagine her being in greater power.
  • This episode is incredibly funny! ROTFL!! Pim is soooo evil but at the same time hilarious!

    This opens up with Keely on the school news, and she says that since the faculty is in Tiki, someone will get to be principal for a day! Pim signs up, and makes sure no one else does but Mr Hackett. She then uses her wizrd to make sure that noone votes for mr Hackett. Pim then tries to take over the school and gets Hackett fired! Phil and Keely must stop her! This episode is hilarious!
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