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  • Great show.

    I loved this show and I always thought that Alison Michalka was hot, I still. Anyways, a great show, that ended early.
  • Ended too Soon

    This show must have been too funny for the Disney Channel. I only wish they would release it to DVD.
  • OK at first i didn't get this show but after i got it I think its awesome! but why did it end so early.


    OK at first i didn't get this show but after i got it I think its awesome! but why did it end so early. This show is great and the story lines are awesome and origiginal. And i think it was a good idea to have Ricky Ullman as the star of this show. You would have to be dumb to hate this show its awesome. I think its cute that Phil and Keeley have some "chemstry" together. Phil's sister is hilarious!!! Overall 10/10.

  • Should've lasted way longer!

    This show couldn't stop being so funny. Ricky Ullman was perfect for the role of Phil! Along with every single actor, especially Amy Bruckner and Alyson Michalka. The plots were always so zany and funny. And they weren't cheesy, either, they never had an episode that was a failure. It was really too bad for the show as it didn't even last that long. I could see a whole bunch of more episodes that could've been planned. Unfortunately, no more episodes were planned after the episode: Back to the Future (Not the Movie). This show was one of the best.
  • Ah, Phil of the Future...

    Ah, this will probably be the last of my Disney Channel reviews for a while. Anyway, while a score of 5.8 may seem low seeing as it is a Disney Channel show that's actually quite a high rating for me. Anyway, I gave this show a 5.8 as while it did have some problems and was sometimes a bit too corny it came pretty close to being a good show. By problems I mean that it was still a teen show as the humour and characters were easily trying to appeal to a teenage audience. And yes, I am quite easily annoyed by teen shows. Either way this is one of the more favourable Disney shows, although now sadly I think it is over.
  • Not My Cup of Tea

    This show isn't very consistent for me. One episode I like, the next I don't, etc. I like the overall plot of the show, but I kind of think that they did not use the show to its full potential. I also really wish they could've continued, the way they ended the show was stupid and a really bad way. I think they should at least make one more episode or something.

    Overall, it can be good at times but I do not think this is one of Disney Channel's best shows, or anything to that caliber. I'd say it's average, if not below
  • Phil of the overdone future.

    If I was a little younger (say about 6 years), this could easily have been one of my favourite shows.

    The storylines are relatively interesting and the cast do a nice job.
    However, the show is known to go overboard and make outlandish situations even more outrageous. Despite this fact though, the relationship between the characters is enjoyable to watch.

    There is the relationship between Keely (Alyson Michalka) and Phil (Ricky Ullman) - great friends, but clearly, both of them are also into each other. Problem is, they just can't seem to admit it to one another (well, not until the final episode).

    Then there is the (hilarious?) relationship between Debbie (Kay Panabaker) and Pim (Amy Bruckner) - Debbie on the one hand is a real "goody-goody" and Pim is "pure evil". Debbie is always trying to reach out to Pim - but Pim always tries to take advantage of the situation, of course it usually blows up in her face. The show seemed to lose a little momentum when Debbie left.

    Then there are the parents Lloyd (Craig Anton) and Barbara (Lise Simms) - both clueless about how this century operates, and usually paranoid that "their secret" (that they are from the future) may get found out.

    I'm sure that we will be seeing more of the cast in the future - as they are good at what they do. The storylines are interesting as well, it's just a shame that they are sometimes interrupted by the show going overboard.

    Still a good show for kids though, and if you are in the 12 - 16 age group, you may enjoy it. My sister and cousins did.
  • It is a real good show and in my opinion it is a show for all ages.

    It is a real good show and in my opinion it is a show for all ages. I'm 19 and i usually despise evrything on the disney channel. This is just a mostly feel good type show with a little drama mostly concerning phil and keelys relationship. It seems the writers are wanting phil and keely to take the relationship to the next level whatever that may be on the disney channel.
  • Phil of the Future is a show where a family from the future came to the 21st century and lived in the century because there time machine is broken and they have to wait for there father to fix it. So they try to fit in.

    This show is not really the best show for people who likes comedy or action. This show has really no point on watching because the stuff that they have like future technology is not really going to happen so that is why there is not point in watching this show. And also the really stupid part is on the last episode there father's truth unveils and it is when he could have fixed the time machine all that time so the ending is very bad and also the sound effects are really dull so I rate this show 1 outta 10 I wouldn't watch this show if I was you.
  • This show is about the Diffy family from 2121, who end up into our time period when their time machine crashes on their summer vacation.

    First off, it's a relief I found a classification that is exactly the subplot for the show (A Disney Channel series that's ahead of its time). But moving on to what's important, this show is about the Diffy family from 2121, the family consists of parents Llyod and Barbara, and teenagers Phil and Pim. They end up crashing into our time zone when in their time machine during summer vacation, and they must hide their secret when school starts. Eventually, Phil tells his best friend Keely the secret, and now the five must hide it. I just like this show ever since I first watched it and I'm always interested to see what episode is coming on today. It's too bad the show ended after two short seasons, If only it were longer! I want more Pheely! But still, this is a great show.

  • At times boring, but semi interesting.

    "Phil of the Future" was actually one of my favorite shows for a while. The reason: Ricky Ullman. Realistically speaking, it was a show that intrigued me for that reason and that reason only. The storylines were interesting at times like the episodes focusing on the relationship (friendship?) Phil had with Keely, but even then those were a bit embarrassing. On the other hand, the actors did a decent job. Definite points for not staring out into the audience and not totally overdoing the lines (although it came close to it sometimes). I gave it a 5, because I was pretty split on whether I liked it or not. It's better than some of the other Disney shows, but not something I'd spend my WHOLE afternoon watching. So, if you're up to the challenge of enjoying it, check it out. You never know, you may find Ricky Ullman incredibly cute,too. Lol :-)
  • It had potential, but it just falls short for me

    When I first saw the previews for this show in 2004, I was really looking forward to it. Honestly, I though Ricky Ullman was kind of hot and I actually thought the show would be funny. It had a great concept and the previews made it look decent. After weeks of waiting, I was bored to death after the first 5 mintutes of the first episode. I didn't even bother giving the rest a try, but I did watch some episodes from both seasons, hoping it would get better. It didn't. Basically, even if it is Disney, the show is really inconsistent. Why did they have to create romance between Phil and Keely? It wouldn't make sense if she's 100 years older than him. And everything they do doesn't seem to impact what goes on in their own time. The show could be less repulsive if they removed the annoying cartoon sounds after every phrase or simple action. His little sister annoys me with that "take over the world" crap. I have seen some funny parts (the caveman wasn't bad), but that doesn't even make the show decent. Overall, despite it's popularity, I haven't really seen this show entertain anyone over 12.
  • This was a great show...why did it have to end?

    I thought this was a great Science Fiction show for kids! I mean come on! a family from the future and accidentally traveled in the Past! and at first they were all confused. and then they met a family friend and Phil's love interest Keely (Alyson Michalka) and they have adventures using stuff from the future and I must say this is such a funny show! it really brings comedy. I love the chemistry of Phil and Keely they are so cute together! I thought the ending was pretty sad I mean phil has to go back to the future and leave keely :( overall I wish they made a season 3
  • Best show Disney has ever made! It has amazing young actors who are worth Oscars

    Phil of the Future is a children's comedy show with some drama and adventure although it does attract younger adults such as myself. The show resolves around the Diffy's who got stuck in the 21st century but belong in the 22nd century and i bet you all know what it's about. In my opinion, it is the best show Disney ever made and i want it back!
    It has got some great great actors, Ricky Ullman (Phil) can really act and did super jobs in some episodes and so can Amy Bruckner (Pim) who was only 14 years old when acting. They really play their characters very well and this is one of the most funniest shows i have ever encountered. The last episode was really dramatic and I almost dropped a tear! I've seen every episode and i enjoyed it all and wish for more and I bet you'll enjoy it too!
  • Phil of the Future centers around a family from the future who gets stuck in the past. Trying to fix the time machine at the same time trying to keep their secret that they are from the future.

    This show is awesome. It ended so quickly though!! I love the way Phil and Keely secretly love each other, even though either of them will admit it. I was so sad when it ended because on the last episode Keely and Phil FINALLY get together. i was so sad and didnt want to see the Diffys leave. Even though they belong in the future. Keely and Phil were the cutest couple even though they didn't relize it until the very end episode. On the other hand, Pim, Phil's little and evil little sister... Pim, she was a little crazy, but in a good way!!!!
    I cant believe this series ended!!!! i want disney to bring the series back!
  • Why did it end so quickly?

    i really ejoyed Phil of the Future. it was kinda funny to see how people from the future are stuck in the past and face many problems. their weird traditions from the future are totally hilarious.
    it was such a shame that when phil and keely finally admitted they liked each other, phil had to leave. i was thinking that Phil should go back to the past just to be with Keely. That's what i call true love.
    Besides, compared to other shows showed on Disney, this would be the best show there. I mean it is way funnier than the suite life, hannah montana and cory in the house.
    Bring it back!
  • How can a show this good be cancelled in 2 seasons?

    This show, Phil of The Future was about a teenager named Phil Diffy who's family get stuck in the year (originally 2004) but they are from the future in 2121. The hardest thing for them to do is fit in with the other people in that time and keep their secret from vice principal Neal. Plil has a devious, evil sister named Pim who is always gives Phil a pain.Keely is Phil's friend, she is bubbly and energetic, and not forgetting a great news reporter. Phil's parents are weird but always funny.It's too bad this show ended after only two years, but on the bright side, you can still watch reruns.
  • Needs to be brought back.

    This show is about a boy named Phil Diffy who is from the future. He however with the rest of the family Lloyd, Barbara, and Pim get stuck in the present while vacationing through time. While in the present he becomes friends with Keely Teslow and Pim becomes friends with Debbie Berwick. He has to avoid his vice Principle Neil hacket who keeps trying to expose the Diffies secret. Now his father has to fix the time machine while keeping thier secret.

    This show was cancelled before its time. most of the complaints were the graphics. It's a sitcom its not supposed to have the best graphics. Besides for a disney channel show it has the best graphics.
  • Phil Diffy and his family- Barb (mom), Lloyd (dad), and Pim (sister)- travel in a time machine as they are from the future. But, when they get stuck in the present time, the time machine breaks. Phil befriends Keely, and tells her he is from the future.

    Phil of the Future is a very intelligent show. The use of the futuristic gadgets is very cool, and I love the personalities of the characters. I would definitely watch this show over many others. Pim's evilness, Debbie's kind yet irritating personality and Mr. Hackett's odd disposition add to make this a very eccentric TV show. I like how they include Curtis (who is a caveman) as the Diffy family pet, it adds a bit off strange yet goodness to the show. Ricky Ulman and the other actors portray the characters very well. I couldn't think of anything negative to say about it!
  • Phil of the Future. Read my review.

    In my opinion a great show, Season Two's first 3 episodes were horrible, but then it got better and better. I think a season three would be awesome where I dunno... Keely visits the future. Keely would love the malls and I am guessing Phil would have some competition, Phil wouldn't be that unique anymore, and she would find someone cuter. I think when Phil of the Future was on, it was underappreciated, then it got cancelled, now almost everyone that watched it but hated on it misses it alot. I think it was a very creative idea and the acting was great. Bring it back Disney!
  • This is one of my favorite shows ever!

    This show is a great way of showing life as it could be from the future. I mean it opens up to them traveling back in time to our time and Phil meating Keely when they become best friends. This shows drama which the girls love, gadgets which the boys like, and real life situations (With the exception of the fact that they are using future gadgets and stuff)which the parents are more than happy to see. This is one of my favorite shows because it has a little bit for every one and it never keeps us bored. It keeps up entertained and happy when we have nothing to do and we watch t.v...
    All in All GREAT Show I would hate to see it end after that last episode.

    Jade Harth
  • Phil Diffy is the oldest child in a normal family. His sister, Pim is an often devious girl with an unusual vocal talent, his mother has a robotic body, and his father spends all of his time working on their broken time machine.

    Phil Diffy is the oldest child in a normal family. His sister, Pim is an often devious girl with an unusual vocal talent, his mother has a robotic body, and his father spends all of his time working on their broken time machine. Okay, so Phil would be normal he were in his own time. Until then, the Diffys are stuck in the early 21st Century (what they consider the past) and trying to fit in. Only one person knows their secret, Phil's new best friend bubbly and popular Keely Teslow. But with this new life and the misadventures that come with it become the norm, when the time comes will Phil want to return to the future?
  • They should really give deep thought about bringing this show back.

    This starts out when Phil Diffey and his family are time traveling (they're from the year 2121, don't you see?) but then they break down in our time zone and get stuck there. Phil then makes a new, nice, not a girlfriend, but a friend that is a girl, named Keely.

    Keely is played by Alyson Michaca and is a good actress. She can be very funny at many points in the show.

    Pim.. wow, I can't spell any of the characters names in this show! Anyways, Pim is Phil's younger brother who likes making money, taking advantage of others, and pretending to be a perfect little angel in front of adults while inside her she is the ultimate demon!

    Phil has some great parents. Like any other show, the dad is more funny and adventures, though, then the mom. Did I say adventures? I meant 'adventurous'. Geez, I'm not good with my spelling today!

    And the end of the show, the time machine is fixed when Pim fixes it in less than two minutes. So the day the time machine is fixed, Phil and Keely - the perfect couple, start an official relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Phil is terrified when he hears the news, and that episode was a big tearjerker. I was crying so much and it ends with Phil going back to future! Or does it?

    There has been so many debates about whether Phil of the Future is coming back or not. It causes a lot of confusion to viewers at home like me and you. All of us really hope it comes back, but its been a while since the last episode, so our hopes are getting destroyed.

    Great show though! It deserved to last more than two seasons. Its one of those shows when you first watch it that you expect it to make it to 100 episodes, but it doesn't. Too bad.
  • Phil is your average everyday 15-16 year old. Except he's from the future. This should get interesting!

    I have seemed to always like sci-fi for some reason. And if you look at my profile, you'll see I like another thing: Comedy.

    Phil of the Future is a comedy with sci-fi elements and cheap yet funny sound effects and even some drama thrown in. And then we get one of the better Disney live-action shows.

    Well, let's get on to what the show is about. By the name, you can guess the show's main character is some guy named Phil. Of course, it is. Phil Diffy is trying to blend in with the people of normal society. But being so used to the future gets him in some sticky situations. One recurring situation is being caught by the school's vice principal Neal Hackett, who is obsessed with exposing the Diffys for being aliens or supernaturally weird.

    And Phil's family isn't too different. He has the stereotypical evil little sister, Pim, portrayed by Amy Bruckner (And man does she do a good job!). She always has some plot of her own, usually domination of some sorts. It makes it hard to believe that her actress also voices the perfect little sister of Jake in American Dragon: Jake Long.

    And then we have Phil's parents, Barbara and Lloyd. Lloyd is obviously the father, and he is paranoid about being exposed as a guy from the future, though he is quite naive at times. Barbara is the mom, and she wants to live like a normal human from the 21st century, but that's nearly impossible.

    There is only one other human who knows about the Diffys, and that's Phil's best friend, Keely Teslow. She's smart, perky and lively, and very sweet as well. And in the proposed finale, she shortly ends up with Phil until they go back to the future. Unlike some Disney shows, it didn't end in a true relationship carrying on, but in a "I love you but we can't see each other again." It carried some drama and had one of the greatest kisses at the end of a Disney series I've ever seen. (Even better than Jake and Rose, because it wasn't too dramatic)

    So all and all, Phil of the Future is a great show that incorporates comedy, sci-fi, drama and cheap visual and sound effects to make one good series. For once Disney, you've gone the rigt way with live-action.
  • I really like this show and have seen that this show has gone far throughout the years.

    Well i think deeply that this is a decent show but i find it interesting because it is very creative deeply thought on how Phil and his family are stuck in from the future. It has much relation to Back to the Future. The second season is way better. Each episode is more special than the following because there ia always a deep plot. I also watch this series because in each episode Phil uses a creative device from the future that does a special job. I also love the way that Keely can keep a secret unlike anyone else. This show is one of my personal favorites.
  • I love this show!

    Phil of the Future is a simply awesome TV show! It is about a family called the Diffys. This family is stuck in the present, but really, they are from the year 2121. The main character is Phil Diffy. He is an outgoing, normal boy.His parents are Lloyd and Barbara Diffy. They are always there to help Phil with his problems. He also has a little sister named Pim Diffy. She is a self-confident, sometimes evil girl. Phil's best friend is a girl named Keely Teslow. She is a smart girl who enjoys being with Phil. Phil and Keely get together as a couple in the last episode. I wish they hadn't cancelled this show!

    Phil of the Future is a some what funny show about the Diffy family who is stuck in the present due to their time machine. However, they never really known that much about the present so they are pretty much native. There is Phil who has to do stuff to not expose that his family is from the future. Barbara and Lloyd Diffy who is trying to fit in but they are so naive that they realy don't know how to fit in. Pm Diffy who is Phil's Little sister. Her plan is to really dominate the world. And then there's Keely who is Phil best friend and she is the only one who knows the Diffy's Secret.
  • I don't like it anymore.

    I'm not flaming Phil of the Future. I use to love the show, and watch it all the time when I was younger. A bunch of my reviews were written last year, when I more immature and mean.

    I stopped watching the show in a while, and watched it again. Then I found out that it sort of annoyed me, I don't know why. There's a lot of background music going on all the time, it irritates me.

    It seems as if they try to make it funny, but in my opinion, it isn't really "Funny" to me, even when I loved the show, I didn't really find it funny.
  • Phil Diffy and his mom, Dad, and Sister (pim) have landed in the present day from the year 2121. They used a time machine to travel into the past, but after their time machine broke they got stuck. When Phil meets Keely they end up being best friends.

    It is an amasing story that will have you wondering what gadgets in the future will really be like. This season, there is a new gadget from the future that they end up using in the show. You can tell the gadgets are fake but it is still fun to see the new ideas of the makers of Phil of the Future. Everyone can tell Keely and Phil like each other and it is also fun to see them being jelous of each other in the show. This is not the best show ever and can sometimes be kind of boring...but it is still a show that I like to watch every once in a while.
  • It got more better at the end the last few eppys.

    I didn't really care for it at the beginning i would change the channel when it came on because it was kind of a bogus show. The Keely and Phil thing was the only interesting thing the only thing that really kept me watching this show...well that and Pim she was funny and her ways her evil ways.
    Keely they made her a real airhead why whats with all the coupling things that disney likes so much that they do to all the best friends.
    Well anyway i give this show a 5.3. I could have gave it worse so yea but...
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