Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 16

Stuck in the Meddle with You

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Phil and Keely are partners in science and they are doing a lab. Keely notices Grace and Grady working together and Grace has an "I like you" look on her face. Grady is what some would call a nerd and Grace was really pretty, but worked really hard. Keely thinks of a plan to hook them up, but Phil doesn't want anything to do with it. So Keely steals his Insta-Morph and morphs into Phil so "he" can talk to Grady. Keely then gets Grace a whole new look and hairstyle and 'presents' herself to the real Phil and Grady. Keely thought she was helping, but made things complicated.
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