Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 16

Stuck in the Meddle with You

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Unaired.

    I have read the whole script and without giving to much away it is one of the most revealing episodes in the series so far. It's more clear then ever keely want's to go out with Phil. "It's Complicated". Make sure to Tivo this when it is on. must see.
  • Keely plays matchmaker and tries to match up two students in her math class. It turns out that the girl really likes Phil. But in the end, Grady and the girl(can't remember name) going out together to oil a telescope.

    I loved this episode. It was so cute. I absolutely love Keely Teslow/Alyson Michalka, she is my totaly role model (besides Ashley Tisdale). She is good at matchmaking, so why doesn't she date Phil?? Who knows, oh yeah and Ricky (Raviv) is really really hot!! Ashley Drane really changed her image from Muffy on That's So Raven to this geeky sort of shy girl. Plus, Keely is great at makeovers.
  • Can Keely get anymore irritating.

    Keely's Character in this episode really bothered me. what happened to the sweet Keely from season 1? She turned completely insane. she has a very annoying attitude in this episode and all of season 2 in general, but this episode is a perfect example of how self-righteous her attitude became, and how insistant and demanding she is. Keely used to be so lovable but now, it is hard to like her. she forces Phil into a scheme to set up two people together when she sees them in science class when Phil does not want to meddle. She builds herself up and claims to have never been wrong when she made a mistake trying to set up a couple and the girl is now heartbroken and always crying. She tries to make her mistake go away by yelling "it was two years ago, move on." she thinks she is helpful when she is really not. It turns out Keely was wrong again, but through the magic of unrealistic storylines, everything worked ut in the end. The worse part was when Keely said it bothered her when two people are meant to be together are not because they don't know it. Hello, that was extremely hypocritical of her. the whole series is about Phil and Keely, who are obviously love eachother and should be together. The evil Pim storyline was in character but Pim's attempts at evil are not really amusing. she thinks she is master of the universe when her attempts are pathetic. it would be better if she was really evil and successful. This was a lame attempt to glorify the show and make every lame subplot seem more exciting than it really is.
  • Kinda gives away that they should go out and stuff.

    During this episode Keely trys to set up two people Grady and Grace. Phil wants no part to do in it, asking keely not to meddle. She does anyway. Keely thinks that Grace is into Grady, when shes actually into Phil. So Phil and Keely try to get Grace into Grady instead, and it works eventually.
  • Better than I originally thought. Good parts, not so great parts... confusing ending. Still, better than most other episodes from other Disney shows.

    I'm completely rewriting this. After watching the episode two times more since the sixth, I've grown to like it.

    My original thoughts were that they're recycling plots (with a total of 40 episodes) from the first season. This was similar to the episode with Marla, and what's worse, the ending seemed very off and didn't accomplish much.

    First, the subplot. Ended up being a long tangent, and we never found out what Pim's plot was. That in mind, Amy and JP Manoux are developing great on-screen timing. Amy in particular can deadpan lines perfectly, and it ended good.

    Now, the main plot. Grace -was- looking at Grady to kick off the episode. Overlook that though, and the swerve (that they ruined all week in promos!) was great as she never did say it was Grady. I wish they went with what I was thinking for this episode, where it turns out that Grady likes Keely and Grace like Phil. And Keely/Phil need to help each other out to get out of it. After that, you guys can write the dramatics and the soap opera ending ;)

    Ricky does a dead-on job of portraying Alyson as a guy. Mannerisms, voice, clapping... so funny. I couldn't resist laughing hard as he put his hand up to Grace's face, saying "smell like anything?" :D Another solid performance for an episode that wasn't even really about him even after the mid-episode plot twist.

    Alyson had to drop that clichéd line about "two people who are meant to be together but are too clueless to do anything about it" TWICE. We get it. I'll let it go on account of how cute she looked. The outfit changing fit well, and the running joke of how she ruined those kids' lives two years ago coming in at all the right times kept me amused, but overall she floated into that crazy gossiping blonde personality too much for my liking. Cute, yet still very devious and too love-struck with a scenario that had nothing to do with her.

    And the ending. Wow. AGAIN they could do a lot with more dialogue. They always do the less is more approach to a Keely/Phil ending and the lines just don't say anything. Phil coming back from Keely's line about the stars with "yeah"? I know it was to set up the mutual looking-at-each-other-and-looking-away bit, but they proved in the opening scene that that meant nothing. They were still as natural as can be which it what I truly love about this show... but say something already. I always feel like we get the cliffnotes version of what the conversation would really be like. Cute-awkward for 30 more seconds would have been gold here!

    Overall, better than I originally thought. We're aware they both like each other though... that was taken care of in season 1. Introduce more to it! Christmas Break and Time Release Capsule remain my favorites because of what we learned..
  • That girl Keelee was setting the other guy out with was one of the Alana\'s Followers from That\'s So Raven. She was one of the evil people who picked on Raven alot and says stuff for Alana. She was at Raven\'s house one time with her leader and other fol

    That girl Keelee was setting the other guy out with was one of the Alana\'s Followers from That\'s So Raven. She was one of the evil people who picked on Raven alot and says stuff for Alana. She was at Raven\'s house one time with her leader and other follwer.