Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 16

Stuck in the Meddle with You

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Can Keely get anymore irritating.

    Keely's Character in this episode really bothered me. what happened to the sweet Keely from season 1? She turned completely insane. she has a very annoying attitude in this episode and all of season 2 in general, but this episode is a perfect example of how self-righteous her attitude became, and how insistant and demanding she is. Keely used to be so lovable but now, it is hard to like her. she forces Phil into a scheme to set up two people together when she sees them in science class when Phil does not want to meddle. She builds herself up and claims to have never been wrong when she made a mistake trying to set up a couple and the girl is now heartbroken and always crying. She tries to make her mistake go away by yelling "it was two years ago, move on." she thinks she is helpful when she is really not. It turns out Keely was wrong again, but through the magic of unrealistic storylines, everything worked ut in the end. The worse part was when Keely said it bothered her when two people are meant to be together are not because they don't know it. Hello, that was extremely hypocritical of her. the whole series is about Phil and Keely, who are obviously love eachother and should be together. The evil Pim storyline was in character but Pim's attempts at evil are not really amusing. she thinks she is master of the universe when her attempts are pathetic. it would be better if she was really evil and successful. This was a lame attempt to glorify the show and make every lame subplot seem more exciting than it really is.