Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 21

Team Diffy

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 28, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This is the second time Ricky Ulman and Orlando Brown work together on Disney Channel. The first was on On Top of Old Oaky in That's So Raven's third season.

    • Goof: Andy states that he graduated first in his class along with saying he and Phil were classmates, but in a previous episode, when Keely asks Phil about school in the future, he states that school was way different and it then goes to a clip where Phil has goggles on his eyes that "teach" the students of the future. The goggles showed that there wasn't a class to go to but only a hologram teaching one person virtually.

    • Tim O'Donnell and Douglas Tuber both make cameos in this episode at the unveiling ceremony. They both helped create and still play an active part in writing Phil of the Future.

    • Phil cracks walnuts when he is upset.

    • Goof: If you look closely at Phil when he's frozen as a statue, you can see he's slightly moving.

    • Pim mentions that Andy's time machine seats four. There are four Diffy's, plus Andy and Curtis, so how would they all fit in there?

    • Terry Rhoads, the man who plays Mayor De Luca, is actually Lise Simm's (Barbara Diffy) husband.

    • When Freddie the Fryer statue knocks down the Diffy's door the dust that is supposed to come off of him comes from the opposite direction.

    • When Phil has just been unfrozen from being a statue he says that his leg is numb. About one minute later, he stands up and starts running after Andy. If his leg was actually numb he wouldn't be able to stand up and run.

    • Andy used the WZRD to transform Pickford to Picknose.But at the next scene when Phil backed out,the sign turned backed to Pickford.How could that be when Andy didn't use the WZRD to change it back?

    • When Lloyd is trying to talk to the statufied Phil, you can easily see his arm moving.

  • Quotes

    • Mayor De Luca: (After just being pantsed by Andy with his Wizrd) Look away kids!!! Look away!!!

    • Lloyd: I know you're a statue, right now, but could you say something to let me know you're getting any of this? Oh, the silent treatment, huh? Well, two can play that game...oh, you are your mother's son.

    • Keely: Phil, you're obviously upset. You always crack nuts when you're upset.
      Phil: Keel, just give me another walnut. I'm not upset.
      Keely passes Phil a nut
      Phil: (yelling) That's not a walnut, that's a Brazil nut, come on Keely, get your head in the game!

  • Notes

    • This episode was included in the DVD, "Phil of the Future: Gadgets & Gizmos" as a never before seen episode in the US.

    • This episode has blooper reel at the end, the second time this has occurred in the series.

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