Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 5

Tia, Via, or Me...Uh

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Interesting new role of a character in the the show. Should also should let some old ones come back like Debbie Berwick (Kay Panabaker) or Tia (Brenda Song, as mentioned in review) or even Bradley as well. It would be cool to see bully Andy(Orlando Brown

    Good episode, but is tend to be overplayed as much as the Messerschidmt ones.
    They really should include an episode that features Tia (Brenda Song) again more along with Via. So they can both be friends. It would also be nice to see a cameo appearance of AJ Michalka in the Phil of the Future series. Anything is possible, but I definatelly think they should have Tia back in the series again.
  • Finally it is revealed why Tia is gone.

    Finally the annoying question "What happened to Tia?" has been answered. About time. Though I don't like the idea of a new girl friend for Keely I guess it had to be done to let all the Tia fans know what happened to her and in hopes brought in Via. Though seeing as they made Via's dad be in the Royal Navy they aren't making her a permenent character. Which to me is a good thing. The accent gets annoying after awhile and she doesn't really flow well with Phil and Keely. She just seems to be in the way.
  • Tia moves away and phil has to do girl things so he finds her a friend but soon becomes jealous and makes a replicate of her! lol!

    This epsiode is the funniest I think. It is soo funny when she says "Phil, it is so not true men are bad listeners." and he says "He's a manaquin" " And I'm a replicate. Just imagine how well behaved our kids would be. I mean all day just like this!" Uh! CLASSIC! I was laffin soo hard!
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    Phil is tired of doing girly stuff with keely. So when this new girl comes along, he introduces them to each other. He is glad that keely can do the "girl" stuff with another, but he starts to miss keely. So when he replicates keely so the fake can go with via, he takes the real keely skyaking. When keely receives a call from via stating that she lost her in the changing area, keely gets mad and everything. So then phil and keely have a fight. My favorite moment was when he sai "I don't want to bey your girlfriend. I want to be your boyfriend. Uh Uh I mean your friend that's a boy." and when she says "You can tell me anything, I'm your girlfriend. I-I-I-I-I- mean your friend who is a girl." Totally pheely. However, everthing is happy dandy at the end.
  • I really liked this show. it was one of the best ones.

    In this episode Tia (brenda song) moved away, so Keely uses Phil to do all these girly things that her and Tia used to do. It bugs Phil, so he is writing this list of things he refuses to do ever again. Then a new girl Via walks in and meets Owen and Phil. When Keely walks in Phil introduces Via and Keely and they talk, but they dont have much in common, until the shoe sale. After that Keely spends all her time with Via, and at first Phil enjoyed it but then realizes he misses her. Lloyd notices and tells him to invite Keely skyaking, so he does and she says yes. But Via comes up and tells him to tell Keely that theres a clothes sale and its the same time Phil wanted Keely to come over. but then owen says it would be great if there were 2 Phil replicates her. The replicant isnt the he takes the real Keely skyaking. While they were skyaking Keelys cell phone rings and its via. Keely got mad, and they got back and then there was that awkwardness when phil was like "i dont wanna be ur girlfriend, i wanna be ur boyfriend" so yeah. Meanwhile Pim decides that since she wasnt leaving anytime soon she might as well unpack, so she decorates her room.
  • Great show, romantic tension interesting.

    Okay While it is obvious from this episode that some romantic tension exists (for instance the kiss on the cheek), i think the next episode (the dance/date) is more important. unfortunately, i'm off to college and can't see the rest. but i'm glad to see keely and phil become an item.
    Unfortunately, all the good disney shows: Famous jett jackson, kim possible, phil of the future, even stevens, etc, all end when the couples get together: jett and kayla, kim and ron, phil and keely, louis and tanya, etc.
  • this show was so sweet

    it was amazing especailly cool when keely kisses phil on the chhek and he says"do i get a kiss every time i introduce you to a girl?"then he introduces her to a girl she already can tell that he likes her i loved the end when phil's parents kiss but you can't tell it's them until later. i seriusly thought it was phil and keely.they need to kiss already and get it off their chest.the only bad part was that the kiss could ruin their was cool how pim didn't unpack til they had been there 10 months.the best episode yet.
  • Via is cool chacter

    I love this episode! It\'s so sweet and funny! I loved it when Keely kisses Phil on the cheek. And when Phil\'s like \"I wanna be your boyfriend!\"
    I loved it when the replicant Keely was talking to the mannequin. It was a really funny episode. I liked Pim\'s parts too, like when she flipped the bookshelf and it become that chair with the computer or whatever that was. Definatley one of the best in the season.
  • One of the best!

    I love this episode! It's so sweet and funny! I loved it when Keely kisses Phil on the cheek. And when Phil's like "I wanna be your boyfriend!"
    I loved it when the replicant Keely was talking to the mannequin. It was a really funny episode. I liked Pim's parts too, like when she flipped the bookshelf and it become that chair with the computer or whatever that was. Definatley one of the best in the season.
  • This is when Keely and Phil's realtionship is really shown out in the open.

    In this episode, they introduce the character Olivia, Via for short. When Keely begins to spend most of her time with Via, Phil realizes that he misses her, so that really shows how much Phil and Keely's relationship is beginning to really develop. Phil's father recommends to
    Phil that he takes Keely to go see the northern lights, on his leather-seated skyak. Well, when Phil's dad mentions that he and Phil's mother shared their first kiss watching the northern lights, this encourages Phil to take Keely even more. Plus, I loved the part where Phil is admitting to Keely that he wants to be her boy friend, and he stops for a moment and says, Uhh, as in a friend, who is a boy. And Keely responds with something like I wanna be your girlfriend too, as in a girl who is a friend. That isn't the exact quote, but it's close. That is the first time the words "boy friend" and "girlfriend" have really been thought about in their realtionship, so I can't wait to see how they turn out.
  • a good episode.

    this episode was good .but brenda song was never starring in that episode.they mentioned her but didn't show her at all.I was expecting her.but it was still a good episode.i will give this episode a rating of 7.2.i'm thinking it would be better if brenda was there though.this episode was still kinda funny.
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