Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 8

Time Release Capsule

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 27, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • the school was going to burry a time capsule and found out that they were the ones opening it in the future

    it was the best episode.............. does anyone know the title of the song that was playing when barb and loy were dating under the tree or when keely and phil were under the tree???????????

    It was a bit confusing because how could it be that they were still dating and phil and pim werent still born and renting the time machine was a bit too early
  • My favorite episode of the series!

    This has to be my favorite episode of the series. It was very well written and funny. I really enjoyed the part where Ben Savage made a surprise guest appearance! I guess it helps that his brother was directing the episode! But set that aside, this was was a great episode. Poor Keely didn't even know that Phil was going to leave! It's always hard to see Phil and Keely fight, thankfully they never stay mad at each other for too long. The heartwarming speech Phil gave before he put the letter in the time capsule was amazing. Great episode!
  • Phil's dad realizes that if Phil sends a note into the Time Capsule at H.G. Wells, then they could avoid the whole time travel fiasco altogether! One catch- Keely and Phil wouldn't remember each other...

    This, in my opinion, was the best PotF episode to date. The writing was spectacular, especially considering it was a Disney show (not a shot at Disney, just exceptionally deep. Keep up the great work, you lovely writers, you!). The Phil and Keely plot tied in nicely with the Younger Lloyd and Younger Barbara plot... I love how connected and similar Phil and Keely were even at young ages, where the music box was the first thing to make either child smile. Nice moment there. Phil's dedication to Keely was great, as was Keely's reaction to it. The carving of the names into the tree was really what won me over, though trees would grow from the top, it was still a great moment... and a great reminder.
  • You see so many connections how Phil sort of knows Keely and is used in future and the past! This has to be one of the greatest episodes of anything possible. One word: Pheely!

    This was a real tearjerker. Seeing the engraving in the tree in the future really won me over. The Binky Boosey Box was a good connection too. It had good jokes, and kept my eyes glued to the television. When this epiosde comes on, I just think what could happen. I also like it how the note could've brought them to the future, but was used as a napkin. A creative episode!
  • Phil finds out that the time capsule Barb and Lyodd found in the future is being buried at Phil's school so they want him to write a note in it telling them not to get a time machine. Will Phil do it?

    This episode is awesome! (spoiler alert ahead):
    Here's a sneak peak:
    Phil: But I want to remember the most special, wonderful person I know: Keely Teslow.
    He said it, not me! One of my favorite episodes, I give it an 8.9 out of 10. Great acting with lots of emotion. I highly recomend it. If you want to get a better summary, ask me.
  • It was ok

    I like this show. It is great and well written. I especially like the gadgets they use such as the wizard and the new ager. I wish i could have those gadgets. My favorite gadget is the new ager because it is like a multi-purpose gadget that can do anything.
  • The school is going to bury a time capsule, but it is the same one that Lyod and Bard find in the future

    OMG i loved this one. When Keely shows Phil the music box I knew that they belonged togther. I cried at the end when they showed Keey & Phil friends forever. When Phil is talking and Keely tells him this is the most embarassing day of my life when she hugs she smiles, so she just acted embaressed
  • It was great!

    This was a great show!I was a nail bitter.In other words intresting and intencse!No one knew what was going to happen next.All episodes are like that but this one I was on the edge of my seat.I was afraid the show would end.I knew it would end but I didn't want it to end that soon!
  • Will somebody please tell me about this episode? I didnt get to see it :(. It sounds so cute! Like what happened? what did they do b4 their put their names in the tree? did they tell eachother how they feel?

    Will somebody please tell me about this episode? I didnt get to see it :(. It sounds so cute! Like what happened? what did they do b4 their put their names in the tree? did they tell each other how they feel? like when and where if they did. was it just random like oh by the way i like you? or something better. did they end up kissing... thats what i heard. Please tell me...

    Thanxs so much!!!
  • a really great episode

    this was a really good step in the phil/keely
    relationship development. they are so meant to be. one perfect example is the fact that both keely and phil had the same childhood toy. their names on the tree was sweet too. then finally the speech phil made about her. it was perfect.
  • this is the best episode in the second season.

    this episode is my favorite yetin the second was cool how the music box that keely put in was the music box that phil had when he was growing made both phil and keely smile when they were was cool how when phil and keely put there name on the tree it was on it in the future was the same tree that phil\'s mom and dad put on the tree in the future.
    meanwhile pim tries toraise money for a sick rat then keeps all the money for herself.she tricked everyone into thinking that the rat was still sick, but it was ok.
  • OMG! This is the cutest episode of Phil Of The Future so far!!!!

    So adorable! That dream was so funny. My favorite parts were when Phil was dropping the letter in the Time Capsule and making this ridiculous speech thinking it didn't matter because he would be gone in a second anyway, then when he didn't end up leaving everyone thought he was insane; and when Phil and Keely's name was really high up on the tree. I can't believe Phil and Keely actually started fighting over that little thing. I love this episode. it was really "Pheely".