Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 8

Time Release Capsule

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 27, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Phil's dad realizes that if Phil sends a note into the Time Capsule at H.G. Wells, then they could avoid the whole time travel fiasco altogether! One catch- Keely and Phil wouldn't remember each other...

    This, in my opinion, was the best PotF episode to date. The writing was spectacular, especially considering it was a Disney show (not a shot at Disney, just exceptionally deep. Keep up the great work, you lovely writers, you!). The Phil and Keely plot tied in nicely with the Younger Lloyd and Younger Barbara plot... I love how connected and similar Phil and Keely were even at young ages, where the music box was the first thing to make either child smile. Nice moment there. Phil's dedication to Keely was great, as was Keely's reaction to it. The carving of the names into the tree was really what won me over, though trees would grow from the top, it was still a great moment... and a great reminder.
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