Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 26, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Phil and Keely are on a virtu-date and the robot waiter starts flirting with Keely and Phil is jealous.

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  • Very exciting and fun episode!


    Phil and Kelly are finally realizing they are a match made in heaven (oops, I mean the "mall," because as Kelly say Heaven is a mall. Phil becomes jealous of Robby a 243T robot working at his Dad's virtual bar. Kelly doesn't accept Robby's physical advances. Robby attacks Phil winning until Phil turns Robby off by using the on/off switch in the 243T nose.

    Meanwhile his sister is still working at ruling the world by trying to find a group to join.

    But in the end, they don't kiss or become a couple. Phil calls himself "friend boy," Kelly hugs Phil, and books out the front door. This leaves Phil with the look of realzing he may need Kelly as his better half.moreless
  • phil and keely take a trip back to 2121 using virtu-goggles

    phil and keely use virtu-goggles to travel to 2121 seems like a casual mall date together, but each one hopes that it is a little actually a date although they will not admit that to the starts out normal with phil buying clothes that are more 2121 than present day...then they go to the cafe to enjoy their non-date...while there, keely meets a robot that she really likes and she leaves phil because he is being arrogant...she ends up trying to make phil jealous and it works...when the robot hits on her, she feels stupid, but phil says everything will be alright and comforts was an awesome and funny episode...i loved how keely made him jealous and really meant was very revealing that they really did like each other a lotmoreless
  • I think this is my favorite PotF episode. It really brings out what this show is all about.

    this is a great episode. it starts with Keely and Phil talking about going to the virtu mall. then they are talking about how it is (is not) a date, and what each person meant. a cute awkward "pheely" moment. plus, this episode really shows each character to its fullest. like how Phil and Keely are really meant for each other, and Pim and her 'world power' obsession. it's funny to see Keely trying to make Phil jealous (and it worked!) then her admitting she liked it. plus, how phil is always looking out for Keely. all over its a sweet episode, one which you do NOT want to miss out on!moreless
  • Phil and Keely go on a virtu-date to a virtu-mall!

    Awwww... this might not be my favorite episode, but it's a very sweet one...

    Phil takes Keely to a virtu mall using the virtu googles! First of all, I think that mall is wayyy cool! But I love it when they go out to that tiki place and Keely starts flirting with the robot! That was just hilarious! And poor Phil was so jealous and had to go off and sit by himself... But then it leads to Phil and Keely, at least I think, figuring out how much the like each other.

    Except I don't really like some of the clothes from the future.moreless
  • The beginning of a great season!

    This episode was amazing. It layed everything on the table with Phil and Keely's friendship towards each other and how they both long for more. Last season's finale left off with Keely being jealous of Phil and Alice. Now it's Phil's turn to be jealous of Keely when she crushes on a guy robot named Robby. Keely already figured out her feelings for Phil in "Neander Phil" (maybe even sooner) and Phil realized his feelings for Keely at the end of the episode. This was a good episode and is enjoyable everytime I watch it.moreless

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