Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 20

Where's the Wizard?

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 07, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the Best!

    Where's The Wizard is one of the best episodes of Phil of the Future. This episode was very exciting and it was funny. Phil loses the wizard and to his surprise he finds out that Mr. Hackett has it. Now Phil, Pim, and Keely are on a mission to get the wizard back. Will Mr. Hackett find out that the Diffy's are from the future? I loved this episode and it is one of the last episodes made for this show. This is also the last appearance of Lil' Danny Dawkins. This is the 2nd best episode after Back to the Future.
  • Phil loses the wizard and to his suprise, he finds that Mr. Hackett has it after he takes it from Pim's friend, Danny Dawkins. Now Phil is on a mission to get the wizard back. Will Mr. Hackett find out Phil is from the future?

    This episode made me wonder why Danny Dawkins was using a metal detector in the exact same place that Phil Diffy dropped his wizard. Some of the events happening in this episode were not accidental but was made for it to be intentional. Some parts were funny like when Pim, Keely, and Phil were walking around in the halls and then Phil pulls the creepy/normal light switch back to normal. Most of this episode was really entertaining to watch but some of it could have been left out. Overall, this episode was exciting to watch.
  • Phil loses his Wizard and Lil\' Danny finds it, but then has it confiscated by Vice Principal Hackett. Phil, Pim, and Keely try to get it back before Hackett can find out what it does.

    One of the great closing episodes to the series, Phil of the Future yet again lives up to what everyone hopes for. Phil loses his Wizard which gets picked up by Lil\' Danny which Pim steals from him and Lil\' Danny steals back. While Phil, Pim, and Keely try to get it back, Vice Principal Hackett confiscates it from Lil\' Danny. Phil and Keely try to get it back from Hackett, but he keeps it and finds out what it does. While trying to tell the government about the Wizard, Phil, Keely, and Lloyd show up at his house as aliens to get the Wizard back. This is yet another hilarious episode, one of the best.
  • Another great episode......

    This is a great episode that will keep you in your seat! First, phil loses his wizard and lil danny finds it. Then, hackeet takes it from him and phil and keely act as aliens to great it back!Hacket turns himself into a strong man and when lil danny finds the wizard, he makes his language spanish and then when he turns around pim uses the wizard to make his language english again! Also, when he talks normal again he says silly phrases to people like Does the train leave at noon and the fire hydrant is red! Another great episode!
  • Fun episode.

    This episode was a lot of fun. I think it is interesting how they keep letting principal Hackett get close to the truth, but he never quite figures it out. Even when he thinks he has, the Diffys manage to pull one over on him. If everyone keeps running into the future technology though, someone is going to remember it. They can\\\'t erase peoples memories. I like to see Phil and Keely\\\'s relationship getting a little bit closer to where we all want it to go. They make such great friends, but they\\\'ll be great as a couple some day. I hope this show continues on for several more seasons.
  • i love this episode

    i love this episode,well,i love all potf's episodes,anyway this is totally awesome,phil lost his wizard and ask keely's help,lil danny got the wizard and gave it to pim he tried to keep it from pim but pim insist..a really neat episode i will say,i love all about it,then at the ending,phil lost the wizard again and then he didn't know that keely hide it just to make fun of him..haha,i really love this episode..
  • This is SUCH a great episode! I would add to the episode synopsis, but I'm not a level 2 yet so I'm writing a review with the synopsis in it!

    This episode opens with Phil looking in his backpack. He says he has lost his book report. Then he remembers that he has a backup copy on his wizrd. He looks through his backpack again. Phil has lost the Wizrd!!! We then see somebody looking through the grass with a metal detector, and they happen to stumble across it. Then we see Pim and little Danny with a big bag saying Pim's booty (I know, funny isn't it?) She looks through it and finds nothing that she wants. She then demands to know what Danny has in his pocket. He has the Wizrd!!! Pim takes it, but then Danny steals it from Pim when she wasn't looking. Then Mr Hackett confiscates it from Danny. The Diffy's now have to try and get it back before Mr Hackett realises the truth!