Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 20

Where's the Wizard?

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 07, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Its early morning, and Phil is ready to turn in his book report. To his surprise, his lost his wizard! Meanwhile, Lil Danny is searching for Pims "booty". His finds the wizard and brings it to Pim. He says hes keeping it but Pim gets a lawyer to write that Pim can keep it. Phil shows up with Keely and secretly whispers it to Pim so she puts his wizard in her bag, but Lil Danny secretly jacks it. Pi says she wants their allowances for a month, and they accepted. When it isn't in Pims bag, she uses the wiz jack to find it. While their looking, Lil Danny accidentally makes his voice Spanish! Then, Mr Hackett steals the wizard from him! Pim, Keely, and Phil, are in a scary hallway, but then Phil turns a light switch from scary to normal! When they Hackett go in his room with it, they go in. Hackett makes a party pony, and Phil says that the "game" is his. But, Hackett makes Phils dad show up holographiclly. So, Phils dad acts like a video game character! While Phil and Keely are in Hacketts room trying to get the wizard Pim turns Lil Dannys language back to normal and he starts to say silly phrase to people like "the firehydrant is red!" and "does the train leave at noon?" Then, Hackett goes home and turns himself into a strong girl with the wizard . But, Phils dad is over Phil and Keelly with the skyak for scary lights and Phil and Keely are dressed as aliens with pudding on them because that blocks a wizards wave. Hackett come over and they tell him to give the wizard back and Hackett tried to zap them but they were covered with little pudding cups! So, he says the diffys were holding the wizard for them without knowing it, so Hackett gives the wizard back and Pim shoots him with the wizard so hes normal and half naked, and Phil told him to go home and count to 1000, but he picks up the phone and then they scream i cant hear you! So he keeps counting and this is how this wonderful episode ends!
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