Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 1

Your Cheatin' Heart

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 18, 2004 on Disney Channel
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Your Cheatin' Heart
A boy named Tanner asks Keely out, but Phil doesn't really like him. One day when Phil is doing a skit on stage a girl named Darcy walks in and asks the teacher that if he sees Tanner to tell him that she stopped by. Phil thinks this is kind of weird, so, using his Instamorph, he changes into Tanner and goes to investigate. He finds out that Darcy is also Tanner's girlfriend and that he is two-timing Keely, but when he tells her she just gets mad at him. Later, while Keely and Tanner are doing a skit on stage Darcy walks in and kisses Tanner right in front of Keely! Meanwhile, Pim tries to get Debbie and Bradley to break-up.moreless

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  • Pilot

    I am bit kind likes this episode, but not loves it. Phil caught Tanner cheating on Darcy or Keely either. Tanner and Darcy are dating each other. Darcy is acting like exciting person. Keely was so excited that Tanner likes her. Phil want Tanner get a lesson so Tanner can stop cheating on girls. Pim want Rebecca and boy to break up. Why Pim would do that if Pim don't like Rebecca, I am so confused. Pim's dream is to control the world and evil. It is so funny when Pim does it. Great episode, and I like it. lol.moreless
  • A okay episode......

    This episode was okay, but it was really boring. They have shown it alot, and, i dont get this..... the episode future tutor is when phil met keely but, this episode phil knew keely and it came before that episode. Now, im not that sure if it came after it but thats what the episode list said. But, I am a big fan of the new phil of the future so for me to say that I dont llike this episode it takes a lot! well, post back if you disaggre. Thnx! Have a nice summer! ! ! ! !moreless
  • this episode is a really sweet episode as far as phil and keely's friendship goes....

    this episode is a really sweet episode as far as phil and keelys friendship goes,i think it's got alot of development as far as that part of the show goes,especially at the end when they talk.i think it's differant to other episodes of phil of the future because of the seriousness in heartbreak,it's hard to explain but you'll probably get what i mean if you watched this's my favourite episode of phil of the future next to 'my way',which is my second fave.i also like the episodes where keely is in it more,which in this episode is the key person.moreless
  • Keely is dating a cheater, while Pim lies to Debbie about Bradley for her own sick pleaure.

    I would say that this is not my favorite episode. It is so predictable and totally not funny. THe only funny part was when Debbie called Mr. Diffy a fat whale. It just is not an all time favorite. I hope no one takes this offensively or anything of that sort.
  • Phil and Pim may not be as different as one would think, as both of their friends are dating somebody else. Pim lies about Bradley cheating on Debbie, while that's exactly what Tanner did to Keely.moreless

    This was one of the few episodes in the first season of POTF where we actually see some Pheelyness. Phil is obviously bothered by Keely's relationship with Tanner, but he puts it aside, thinking it's just because Tanner is not a good guy. Well, Tanner isn't a good guy, but there is some obvious Pheelyness in this eppie. Overall, pretty good. One of the better first season eps...
Rory Thost

Rory Thost

Bradley Benjamin Farmer

Guest Star

Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter

Tanner Kirkpatrick

Guest Star

Kimberly Kevon Williams

Kimberly Kevon Williams


Guest Star

Kay Panabaker

Kay Panabaker

Debbie Berwick

Recurring Role

Brenda Song

Brenda Song


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This episode features the Insta-Morph gadget.

    • Keely has a journal.

    • Goof: Darcy appears on two different days, but is wearing the same shirt both days.

    • Goof: How exactly did Phil get a drawer in his locker? And wouldn't it interfere with the locker below him by taking up space?

    • Goof: When Phil and Keely are at Phil's locker and he is loading the sodas into the little "drawer", you can see that when Tanner comes over to talk to Keely, and Phil closes his locker, there is no dividing line, or in other words, the door is in one piece, without the "lock drawer" (where he puts his sodas) deperated from the other part of the locker door.

    • Goof: When Phil and Tia are sitting at the little table outside the house doing their homework, Keely comes running over to the table to tell them about Tanner and when she sits down you can see her knock some purple papers off the table and then the next time they show it, the papers back on the table.

    • Goof: When Phil is telling Keely that she maybe taking the relationship with Tanner too fast, his shirt has the second button closed and open in several shots.

    • Goof: When Phil/Tanner is kissing Darcy, Phil/Tanner drops the insta-morph. When it shows their feet, Phil/Tanner is on the left, and Darcy is on the right. But in the next shot, when it shows Phil pushing Darcy away, they switched sides.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Lloyd: Hey, you girls want a snack?
      Pim: (Grabs Debbie off the couch) Tell him what you want, with attitude.
      Debbie: What do you think I want?
      Lloyd: I don't know. That's why I asked. Popcorn?
      Debbie: You wish I wanted popcorn!

    • Debbie: Oh, Bradley, you're such a treasure! Isn't he a treasure, Pim?
      Pim: I wish he was buried treasure.

    • Phil: I just wish Tanner wasn't such a load.
      Tia: Oh, look who's jealous.
      Phil: No, i'm not jealous. I don't think. Nope, I just wish Tanner wasn't such a load.

    • Tanner: Did you know your eyes are the window to your soul? You have stained glass eyes. (Tanner walks away as Keely follows him with her eyes)
      Phil: Stained glass eyes! Who would fall for a line like that?
      Keely: (dreamily) Tanner Kirkpatrick just talked to me!!
      Phil: I guess she would!

    • Phil: Immature jerk? Oh, I get that all the time! My sister, parents, neighbors, random people on the street. "Hey, it's the immature jerk! What up?"

    • Phil: I found out Keely's boyfriend is two-timing her.
      Barbara: How'd you find that out?
      Phil: I kissed his girlfriend.
      (weird noises, Barabra looks at Phil)
      Phil: Long story.

    • Debbie: You've released the beast in him!
      Pim: There's a beast in Bradley? What is it, a chipmunk?

    • Darcy: (After kissing Phil) You're kissing better than ever, Tanner!
      Phil: (Mimicking Darcy) You're kissing better than ever, Tanner! (chuckles)

    • Phil: Hey, did Darcy come off as an 8-year-old Bulgarian girl who can't read?
      Big Guy: I'd teach her how to read, you know what I'm saying?
      Phil: No. What are you saying?
      Big Guy: (confused) I don't know.

  • NOTES (1)