Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Season 1 Episode 10

The Father Thing

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2018 on Prime Video



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    • Dashiell: She sent him pictures of her in a bathing suit.
      Charlie: Yeah? So what?
      Dashiell: She has boobs. She went to sleepaway camp at Chipinaw and came back with big ones.
      Rotko: Yeah, that kinda stuff happens in Wisconsin. It's the land of boobs.
      Dashiell: True. My cousin lives in Milwaukee. Even he has 'em.

    • Matthew Thing: Charlie, can you imagine what it's like watching your world disappear? Wandering the universe on star winds with no chance to be with your other? No chance of progeny, no chance of a real tomorrow? It sucks.

    • Matthew Thing: I've been learning a lot the last couple of days as I've gotten stronger. Facts, trivia. Stuff. The whole history of your kind. And it wasn't always pretty, was it? But with everything I suck up, with everything I breathe in, I keep coming back to one perplexing, undeniable conundrum. And I mean, it's baffling me, Charlie. Half the modern baseball players bat left-handed. So why isn't first base the hot corner too?

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