Philip Marlowe, Private Eye

HBO (ended 1986)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Red Wind
      Red Wind
      Episode 6
      Anything can happen when the Santa Ana wind blows through town, as a late night murder in a bar sets Marlowe off on a new case. There's a woman with a secret, a missing pearl necklace, an affair that could destroy a career, and another corpse before it all wraps up and the red wind dies down.moreless
    • Trouble Is My Business
      A millionaire hires Marlowe to break up the budding romance between his naive nephew and a gold-digging social climber.
    • Guns at Cyrano's
      Guns at Cyrano's
      Episode 4
      Benny Cyrano owns a nightclub, a gym, and Duke Targo, who could become the next heavyweight champ. But somebody's been pressuring Duke to take a dive in his next big fight, and Cyrano hires Marlowe to make sure it doesn't happen. The shakedown seems to be linked to Duke's girl, Jean, and when Marlowe discovers a link to the newly installed boxing commissioner, he has to act fast before somebody goes down for the count...for good.moreless
    • Pickup on Noon Street
      Marlowe's out to find the killer of a young girl, but he may have the chance to save another one. When he comes to the aid of Token Ware, a cigarette girl in a nightclub, Marlowe gets fingered by the law as the prime suspect in an extortion scheme. Now, he has to tangle with an actor who's got shady tastes in young women, his agent who only wants to keep it quiet, a club owner who's as slimy as they come and a musclebound thug who only wants Marlowe dead.moreless
    • Spanish Blood
      Spanish Blood
      Episode 2
      Marlowe investigates the death of his friend Spanish, a lawyer who was running for DA against a corrupt incumbent.
    • Blackmailers Don't Shoot
      Marlowe is hired by a mobster to protect his actress girlfriend, who is inadvertedly kidnapped.
  • Season 1