Phineas and Ferb

Season 1 Episode 45

Comet Kermilian

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Comet Kermilian
The boys build a telescope, while Doofenshmirtz tries to liquify steak. Meanwhile, Candace has another encounter with Jeremy's younger sister, Suzy.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • "you had me at our grandchildren!"

    "you had me at our grandchildren!" That was my favorite line in the whole episode, i love P&F!=) though its not my favorite episode it would make my top 10! but it really stink to have to look it up just because i lived out of the states and dont have cable...but im watching this episode right now! i woner when their going to make phineas relize that isabella likes him? SUZIE IS EVIL! sorry i had to get that out of mt sistem. XD

    ...isn,t it like stealing if the take the glasses sign? sorry if i seem a bit random...moreless
  • SIMP- Squirrels in my Pants!

    phineas and ferb try to get their names in Comet Kermilian as it comes, and Candace has an encounter with Jeremy's little sister, who spends the day torturing Candace in every way she can.

    Great episode, the song in it is probably one of the best songs in the series, it has a catchy tune and can get stuck in my head for a while.. The rest was pretty great too, one of the better episodes of the overall series, to me anyways, and as a result my grade for it is an A+, really a great episode i thinkmoreless
  • not a bad esipode dominance of the sex,hip hop to the next level probably just add t-pain and lil wayne in that song and it will be tight as hell and candace was really hilarious in this esipode,and she's my favorite character of them all along iltmoreless

    in the got game:

    Isabella and buford goes to war on who better in sports

    boys or girls and isabella step her game and show him

    she a'int no punky girl straight outta danville and once again phineas and ferb invite a new sport and build another areana again but candace was really funny in that one and her hair was looking hella fly nice job on her hair


    In Comet Kermillian:

    Phineas and fwerb build a giant telescope and a laser show

    to see the legenday Comet Kermillian and Candace has a another encounter with Jermiy's Jealous innocent little sister.But when the hip hop part come around it was tight as hell and is not bad althought thte squirrels was a great

    hook for the song

    is offical phineas and ferb as way better than the proud family

    i love the proud family too and they funny as hell

    but we got the let the next generation of cartoon roll on

    except for chowder and flapjack please cancel that crapmoreless
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Kari Wahlgren


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Candace's clothes keep changing. When she goes outside in the beginning, she wears her regular red tank top and white skirt. However, when she rode her bike, she wore a small white shirt with long jeans. When the squirrels fall into the ice cream cart, she is shown wearing her regular red tank top, but when she gives the fudgeicle to Jeremy, she is in her small white shirt and long jeans again. But as she tries to prove Phineas and Ferb carved their faces on the comet, she wears her red tank top and white skirt again, as it stays like this for the rest of the episode.

    • Musical Number "S.I.M.P"

    • This is the second appearance of Jeremy's sister, Suzy.

    • Dad asks where Perry is instead of Phineas.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Phineas: Ferb and I are going to use a laser to carve our faces in the comet, so that when it passes over again in 73.5 years, our grandchildren will see it. By the way, my parents are cooking outdoor steaks for everyone. What do you think, Isabella?
      Isabella: You had me at "our grandchildren".
      Phineas: Huh?
      Isabella: Steaks! You had me at "steaks"!

    • Doofenshmirtz: (looking at Perry typing on a laptop) Hey, you're not trying to hack into the ray gun system, are you? Oh, what am I worried about, you'll never guess my super-secret password-

      Computer: -"Doofalicious": access granted.

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