Phineas and Ferb

Season 1 Episode 36

Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 10, 2008 on Disney Channel



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  • Quotes

    • Candace: (As Perry, to Isabella) You would think it was so cool if you smell like this?

    • Doofenshmirtz: (after Perry tries to attack him) Ha! You don't have a tail anymore! Now, you're no match for me! But, wait a minute, I... I can't hit a girl. (Perry attacks him) Did you have that purse when you came in? (Perry attacks him again) Well, I'm out of here. (Doofenshmirtz turns into a smoke cloud, the cloud disappears, revealing Doofenshmirtz still there) What just happened?

    • Candace: (As Perry) Lost platypus looks like a girl?! Why did you use that picture? Don't want anyone to see me like that.

    • Candace: Jeremy's gonna be here soon. Please try not to embaress me in front of him again!
      Linda: What do you mean "again"?
      Candace: Remember my fifth grade graduation, with the inflatable...
      Linda: Ooh, that's right. My bad.

    • Candace: (As Perry) How did you guys get so big? And why is my hand green? (looks in a mirror and screams) I'm an ugly, smelly platypus!

    • Doofenshmirtz: A teenage girl?! (Perry (as Candace) puts on his hat) Perry the Teenage Girl?!

    • Candace: (As Perry) Am I sweating milk?! Being a platypus is so gross!

    • Doofenshmirtz: Wait! Wait! I can't... I can't fight you dressed as a girl. It's so, how do these people say, awkward. Look! Shoes-on-sale!
      (Doofenshmirtz runs away but Perry catches him)

    • Female Singer: She's a semi-neurotic teenage girl of action. She's a fiesty little red head with a platypus's brain. You best leave her alone, she's playing MP3's on her phone. And whenever she's around, you hear the bad guys say...
      Doofenshmirtz: Great. Now I have this song stuck in my head!
      Female Singer: She's Perry, Perry the teenage girl!

    • Doofenshmirtz: Curse you, Perry the teenager!

  • Notes

    • In this short, at no time is Perry's fedora hat seen on his head. It was worn only on Candace's after they switched bodies.

  • Allusions

    • The plot of this episode is similar to the 1958 movie titled "The Fly", where after a teleportation experiment gone wrong, a scientist's body is combined with that of a fly.

    • The mad Scientist's assistant is named Torbo, a parody of the character Torgo, from the 1966 horror film Manos: The Hands of Fate.

    • The Mad Scientist in the black-and-white movie wears an outfit similar to that of the Kim Possible villain, Dr. Drakken.

    • This episode is similar to a Disney movie, Freaky Friday.

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