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Will Season 4 be set in the fall or the Next Summer

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    [1]Aug 12, 2012
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    If you've been watching the latest episodes you've probably noticed some of thecharactersmakingreferences to the fact that summer's almost over. So it will be interesting to see when season four is set.

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    If that's the case, then the fourth season should probably take place in the fall.

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    I assume you mean the Halloween episode in which Phineas made a comment agreeing with Ferb about it feeling like more than a 104 days (there have been over 170 episodes so far).

    While “hanging a lamp on it” is a cute an effective way to quiet nitpickers and message-board-naggers, I found the line to be unnecessary. In fact, it drew my attention far more than the number of episodes. The very premise of this show is a couple of boys making the most of summer, so obviously most (not all, but most) of the episodes will take place in the summer and only the most crotchety grinch (who shouldn’t be watching this in the first place) would nag about it still being summer.

    Moreover, there have been a couple of Christmas episodes, so time is passing and this summer could very well be a different summer than last season. (It can be like on The Simpsons, where time is shown to pass every now and then with changes to the seasons, birthdays, etc., but nothing really changes overall and nobody truly ages--oh what a wonderful world!)

    The Halloween episode could be followed by a Christmas special later, and then season four can be next summer. No (significant) continuity problems are created, the show keeps to its premise, and they get a little variety and elbow room to do some other things.
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    I think it'll still be mostly summer. It's a summer show. If they were going to be in school, they're going to have to change the entire theme song. What I've heard that why Dan and Swampy doesn't want to be during school is because they don't want to draw all of those desks. One of the episodes is coming up is a New Year's one, so that'll take place on New Year's. Also, the show is based on what Dan and Swampy's summers as kids.
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