Phineas and Ferb

Season 3 Episode 11

Magic Carpet Ride

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 18, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Doofenshmirtz: Wow! Not only does this thing work, it has a sense of irony!

    Sooo, the boys turn the living room into a magic carpet to help Lawrence revive the days where he watched a show and imagined he was on a magic carpet, and flew around the city with the gang, with a song that wasn't so good. Meanwhile, after 2 coincidences, Candace belives that fortune cookies can tell the future and uses them to bust P&F, with Stacy telling her how outlandish that is. Meanwhile meanwhile, Doof builds a Stain-Inator, cause 20 years ago, he painted the best painting EVAR and Roger accidentally ruined it, and now roger was going to unveil a painting, so he was going to ruin it to. But then, after he sets the machine, he finds out Roger spend 2' years restoring the painting, but then as he couldn't stop the inator, he ruined it.

    So one stain-ball got to the carpet and made it look like they put a new carpet. Candace then wonders how did she fail and opens a cookie, which says "Don't believe everything you read". Overall: This was a pretty dull episode really. The reason why I generously gave it an 8 is because Doof's inator that had a sense of irony was hilarious (now hitting the dude in white in his white house) & the ending punchline was timed perfectly. So yeah, generous 8/10.
  • This is another great episode of Phineas and Ferb.

    Phineas and Ferb, inspired by their Dad's favorite childhood program (Pinhead Pierre, played by the somewhat famous John DiMaggio), create a "flying" carpet. And Doofenshmirtz ruins his brother's art unveiling, which turns out to be Doof's old painting.

    The creativity of this episode astounded me! It was "A whole new world" of high flying entertainment! I laughed and almost cried (just kidding about the crying) when Doofenshmirtz ruined his own painting! Only he could manage to ruin his own painting with his own -inator! That was genius!

    The song: this was one of the best songs ever written for Phineas and Ferb; it's in my top 10; which is a hard feat to accomplish, considering there is a song in almost every episode. I guess it is better than most because the writers brought in help; Robert Lopez of Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon fame! I don't care; I think it was a smart idea for a smart song in a smart episode!
    10/10= Perfect in my book!

    That's all for now!
  • Better than "Candace Disconnected"

    This was a superb episode of "Phineas and Ferb" and it was more enjoyable and better than "Candace Disconnected". While "Candace Disconnected" was good but way too rushed... this episode wasn't rushed at all except maybe for the ending but it's not a big deal for me and the important thing is that I like this episode even though I don't find "Phineas and Ferb" to be the most original or enjoyable cartoon I've ever seen. Sometimes the episodes are good and sometimes they're just bad but it depends what stories they are. We all know the writers use the same ol' tiring storyline. Phineas and Ferb turning the living room into a magic carpet for Lawrence so Lawrence can experience it when he imagined being on a magic carpet as a little kid while watching that magic carpet show. Doofenschmirtz' plot probably the amusing plot of this episode though and it was very funny when his brother Roger (John O' Hurley... obviously) fixed Heinz' painting that Roger ruined 20 years ago but then Heinz couldn't stop his invention and it ruined the painting which took Roger 2 year to fix. My score was a little low because Candace's plot was just plain lame. Well... most of Candace's plots in this episode are lame because she always finds a way to bus the boys which we all know probably won't happen. Come on, it's ridiculous that Candace uses a fortune cookie to bust the boys. Overall, the magic carpet plot and the Doofenschmirtz' plots were both entertaining while Candace's plot was just lame. 9/10