Phineas and Ferb

Season 2 Episode 37

Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Love this episode

    I liked all of the songs and I loved the plot. It teaches kids to do nice things for people. It was a clever episode.
  • Clever, but isn't the best episode of P&F I've seen

    So it's Christmas Eve, and Phineas and Ferb realize that while they give letters to Santa, they never do anything for Santa himself. So with that, the boys try to persuade the entire town to make a giant thank-you for Santa Claus, and the boys also make a rest stop for Santa. Meanwhile, Candace wants to give Jeremy the perfect Christmas gift. However, after Dr. Doofenschmirtz's Naughtyinator makes Santa believe that all of Danville has turned naughty, Phineas decides to show Santa that Danville is a nice city.

    I'm going to talk briefly about the Candace plot, since it was only about 7 minutes long. Really, it was boring, and her explaining the metaphors she says, wasn't really that funny. However, the end with the Gift of the Magi parody was cute, but wasn't hilarious.

    I love how at first Doofenschmirtz sings a song how he doesn't hate Christmas, like all the other villains, but all he wants in life is to hate Christmas. That's a nice twist to the cliche, and was very funny. And the reason he used the Naughtyinator was because carolers begged for figgy pudding, and wouldn't leave until they got some, however, it was just part of the song they were singing. That was hilarious!

    Anyway, Phineas records a song with Danville to persuade Santa that the town is nice. So two elves come over and talk about the problem. However, Doofenschmirtz's Naughtyinator gets destroyed by a strong note sung on a CD Perry got from a Secret Santa. So now, everyone is nice again. But, Santa already left, so Phineas and his friends decide to save Christmas and give all the gifts of the town before Christmas Day. Meanwhile, this Naughtyinator was actually given to Doofenschmirtz by Santa Claus, who was the singer on the CD who broke the Naughtyinator. And, it just so happens that Santa did this whole story just to pull a little prank. That's not a great twist.

    Overall, it does have some clever story-lines, a few memorable songs, and some really funny jokes. However, there are a lot of boring parts, and isn't really as memorable as other Christmas specials like the Fairly OddParents. I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10.
  • Christmas review 23

    A superb Christmas episode on Phineas and Ferb. This special should have been better in some of the parts. That's the only flaw I had and I wish I'd give it a 10. The songs in this episode was very good. I can't decide which song was the best. I liked "I really don't hate Christmas" and the last song probably the best. Carl and Major Monogram were very funny when they complain about Carl's gift he want for Christmas. As usual, Doof's plot was funny and way funnier than main plot. It was funny when the carolers was at his place. As for the main plot, it was great, but not the best Christmas plot. I did like towards the end when Santa was reading Phineas' letter. Overall, this episode was superb.
  • Christmas Review #9

    Phineas and Ferb decide to do something nice for Santa Claus this year by making him a rest stop at their house while their parents are at the airport waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Fletchers' flight to arrive from England. But Heinz spreads naughtiness through the whole tri-state area and Santa will not come. Candace wants to get Jeremy the perfect gift, so she tricks him into writing a letter to Santa to find out what he wants and get the gift herself while the kids desperately hope that Santa will come to Danville in time for Christmas. This "Phineas and Ferb" Christmas episode was great. I don't like this show and I'm starting to dislike it more in the third season but this Christmas episode wasn't bad at all. It's WAY more enjoyable and better than the recent Christmas episode "Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas" (that Christmas episode was drop dead awful and very boring) so at least this Christmas episode is watchable. It does have a couple of flaws which lowered my score a little but other those flaws, it's enjoyable to watch. Not as good as the other Christmas episodes from other shows such as "SpongeBob SquarePants", "The Fairly OddParents" and more... but I still like it. The flaw that did lower my score by 10 points was Candace. The scene when Phineas was wondering why everyone in Danville is so naughty, Candace says "Maybe it's because you are your friends wee busy having fun building inventions all summer long"... Come on Candace, can you shut up? I seriously wanted to smack Candace in that part because she made poor Phineas feel bad because she makes it seem like its his fault which it isn't. Even annoying Candace can't shut up on Christmas. That's my flaw that lowered it by 10 points. The other flaw which lowered my score by 5 points was how everyone brings up the whole "Christmas is cancelled" and blah blah blah. Seriously? Christmas isn't about presents or Santa Claus or any of that stuff. It's about being with your family and sharing joy but they were obviously being lame with the whole "Christmas is cancelled" stuff plus it got a little boring in a couple of parts. So yeah, those two flaws really bugged me especially the first one. The parts that did make me laugh was that Doofenschmirtz wants to hate

    Christmas but he can't because he loves it so much. The Christmas carolers singing "We won't go until we get some" which makes Doofenschmirtz try to find them figgy pudding but he doesn't know it's part of the song. Most of the parts that made me laugh was from the Doofenschmirtz plot. The Frosty The Snowman spoof was hilarious. The main plot was a little boring and kinda lame. My favorite part out of this entire episode is probably the very ending of the episode with everyone opening up their presents and the song "Thank You Santa Claus" (sung by Jeremy) was playing. "Thank You Santa Claus" is my favorite song out of this entire Christmas episode and I never get tired listening to it... it brings me smiles whenever I listen to it so that's why the very ending is my favorite part. Overall, this Christmas episode had a couple of flaws but it was still a great Christmas episode of "Phineas and Ferb". 8.5/10
  • Holiday heartwarming episode of Phineas and Ferb

    Great episode.Phineas believing The big bellied fellow who we call Santa Clause was sweet and cute and at the end of the day..thats what drives Christmas.Issabella not celebrating Christmas was a nice touch(doesnt happen much in episodes of other shows).Santa Clause was kinda well potrayed in thsi episode..his usual Cartoon-like personoa.Baljeet and the kiss with that girl was funny and very playboyish of him,but he`s potrayed as a nerd(is this show breaking the Static Quo!).I didnt think the scene with Jeremy and candace was going to be that big,but i felt scared cuase iyt seemed very seriouse.The ending was cool and heart-warming and overall this was a good Special.
  • One of the greatest Christmas specials Ever

    This is a great, funny, heartwarming Christmas special. When Dr. Doofenshmirtz puts everybody in Danville on the naughty list(using his Naughtinator) Phineas and Ferb try to prove to Santa that Danville is nice. Since Phineas and Ferb love The christmas season, they also build Santa a reststop with a treadmill, beard trimmer and milk and cookies. But Buford thinks it is a clubhouse. There are many great songs in this episode like the christmas themed title sequence, "Danville is very nice", "where did we go wrong", "Thank you santa claus" and more. i reccemond this episode to all Phineas and Ferb fans. And Christmas lovers also.
  • High Hopes, and didn't let me down

    Professor D wants a reason to hate Christmas so he can use his latest device to ruin Christmas in all of Danville {by using his latest device, Santa will get a list that says all the kids in Danville have been naughty}. He finds a reason to hate Christmas and so he does this. Now Phineas, Ferb, and all their friends, and Candace, need to save Christmas. Will they all be able to?

    A truly wonderful special that should surely be an instant classic with all fans of this show. It had humor, a good plot, and some wonderfully written songs. One of their all-time greats
  • Amazingly made apart from the fact that nothing much really happens

    There are two versions of this episode. That makes this paticular episode even better as you sort of want to see the other version as if it is a completely new episode. A bad thing about this episode is that it should have been devoted to being a musical. The songs are too rushed and they should have given them catchy tunes like the aglet song and the Perry song. But apart from that it is a great episode and it feels new because of the extended length and different theme. Candace annoyed me so much in this episode though.

    I have to say that a lot of the time I find Christmas specials vary annoying!
    But this episode manages to almost be the best one I have ever seen.
    The thing that most bugs me about "Christmas specials" it that they rely on the same old gimmick every time any show makes one!
    1.Santas real and the children always have fix the problem at hand and save Christmas.

    2.The corny lines about how we all have get in to the spirit of giving-and their so hyperrealist about it to.

    Anyway,this episode still commits most of the first one but it's done in a way that's excitable and not irritating and they mostly avoid the second one.
    So I give them props for that. Plus there are some good jokes in it to!
    But Candice's subplot is annoying!
  • A wonderful, heartwarming Phineas and Ferb Christmas special

    This specal was great! Just like the directors said this was trully heatwarming and magical. I think the directors did a awesome job and wanted it to be extrumly special which it was! I loved all the songs, espailly the end song; it was magical and I loved see mostly evryone on the cast and some returning chracters all getting thier Christmas presants. I felt sad for the kids in the 'Where did we go wrong,' song. They were really heartbroken, espially Phineas. I liked where Doof sang 'and a partrige on the Perry!' It was cute when Perry ate all of the kids' cookies at the end. The directors were absolutely right, maybe their wish will come true, that this will become a holiday classic indeed!
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