Phineas and Ferb

Season 2 Episode 37

Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Christmas Review #9

    Phineas and Ferb decide to do something nice for Santa Claus this year by making him a rest stop at their house while their parents are at the airport waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Fletchers' flight to arrive from England. But Heinz spreads naughtiness through the whole tri-state area and Santa will not come. Candace wants to get Jeremy the perfect gift, so she tricks him into writing a letter to Santa to find out what he wants and get the gift herself while the kids desperately hope that Santa will come to Danville in time for Christmas. This "Phineas and Ferb" Christmas episode was great. I don't like this show and I'm starting to dislike it more in the third season but this Christmas episode wasn't bad at all. It's WAY more enjoyable and better than the recent Christmas episode "Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas" (that Christmas episode was drop dead awful and very boring) so at least this Christmas episode is watchable. It does have a couple of flaws which lowered my score a little but other those flaws, it's enjoyable to watch. Not as good as the other Christmas episodes from other shows such as "SpongeBob SquarePants", "The Fairly OddParents" and more... but I still like it. The flaw that did lower my score by 10 points was Candace. The scene when Phineas was wondering why everyone in Danville is so naughty, Candace says "Maybe it's because you are your friends wee busy having fun building inventions all summer long"... Come on Candace, can you shut up? I seriously wanted to smack Candace in that part because she made poor Phineas feel bad because she makes it seem like its his fault which it isn't. Even annoying Candace can't shut up on Christmas. That's my flaw that lowered it by 10 points. The other flaw which lowered my score by 5 points was how everyone brings up the whole "Christmas is cancelled" and blah blah blah. Seriously? Christmas isn't about presents or Santa Claus or any of that stuff. It's about being with your family and sharing joy but they were obviously being lame with the whole "Christmas is cancelled" stuff plus it got a little boring in a couple of parts. So yeah, those two flaws really bugged me especially the first one. The parts that did make me laugh was that Doofenschmirtz wants to hate

    Christmas but he can't because he loves it so much. The Christmas carolers singing "We won't go until we get some" which makes Doofenschmirtz try to find them figgy pudding but he doesn't know it's part of the song. Most of the parts that made me laugh was from the Doofenschmirtz plot. The Frosty The Snowman spoof was hilarious. The main plot was a little boring and kinda lame. My favorite part out of this entire episode is probably the very ending of the episode with everyone opening up their presents and the song "Thank You Santa Claus" (sung by Jeremy) was playing. "Thank You Santa Claus" is my favorite song out of this entire Christmas episode and I never get tired listening to it... it brings me smiles whenever I listen to it so that's why the very ending is my favorite part. Overall, this Christmas episode had a couple of flaws but it was still a great Christmas episode of "Phineas and Ferb". 8.5/10
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