Phineas and Ferb

Season 3 Episode 14

Phineas and Ferb Interrupted

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2011 on Disney Channel
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Phineas and Ferb Interrupted
Candace is pleased that her mother wants to spend the whole day with her since this gives her a first hand view to bust Phineas and Ferb. But to her dismay, the boys only want to do dull, monotonous things. Perry discovers why due to the fact that the boys were hit by Doofenshmirtz's Dull-and-Boring-inator ray on his most recent mission. As a result, Agent P must return to D.E. Inc. so he can rebuild the device to reverse the ray's effect while Candace tries on her own to snap the boys out of their dullness.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This was a great, hilarious episode for Phineas and Ferb!

    Let me say why. Phineas and Ferb, these two creative, fun loving boys were turned boring because of Doofenshmirtz's Boring-inator, becoming fascinated with watching grass grow! They were SO boring, that they bored Baljeet! That was comedic gold!

    And Perry helping Doofenshmirtz was very funny! Their antics in here were some of the best of this season.

    The song: the song was well performed, funny, and entertaining to watch! This season just gets better and better! Overall: the boys may have been boring, but the episode was not!

    10/10= Perfect in My Book!

    That's all for now!moreless
  • Phineas and Ferb are boring?... what a clever idea

    Well... it's a few more episodes before that Phineas and Ferb movie which I don't know is going to be the series finale or not. Phineas and Ferb still isn't the greatest cartoon I've ever seen but I admit that this episode was enjoyable. I've really liked this episode. The writers were clever at writing this episode... Phineas and Ferb are boring? a well thought out, funny, and clever episode. Linda wanted to spend quality time with Candace so Candace wants to spend the whole day in the backyard so she can show Linda what the boys have been up to except the one time that Linda was going to see what the boys are up to, Phineas and Ferb are boring and are just talking smart things. Baljeet trying to talk to Phineas and Ferb and then the two of them making Baljeet's eyes swirl was very funny. Doofenschmirtz/Perry plot in this episode was also hilarious. Phineas and Ferb being back as their non-boring selves was good. Also, the ending really cracked me up. Overall, even though I don't like Phineas and Ferb that much, I have to admit that this episode was funny, clever, and creative. 10/10moreless
Maulik Pancholy

Maulik Pancholy

Baljeet Rai

Recurring Role

Bobby Gaylor

Bobby Gaylor

Buford Van Stomm

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Tyler Alexander Mann

Tyler Alexander Mann


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