Phineas and Ferb

Season 3 Episode 5

Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the worst "Phineas and Ferb" episodes I've seen

    As you all know, I only watch Phineas and Ferb when Disney Channel airs new episodes and you all that I am not that big of a fan for three reasons... same storylines, this cartoon being for teenagers and kids which should actually be just a kids cartoon for everyone to enjoy, and most of all... Candace. This episode is so awful because of Candace. Candace ruined the entire episode and I wanted to grab a shovel and smack her in the face so hard. I can't believe she would bust both Phineas and Ferb on Phineas' birthday. Phineas is such a good brother to Candace. Did anyone forget the nice thing that both Phineas and Ferb did for Candace in "Candace Loses Her Head" when it was her birthday? Phineas and Ferb made Candace's face on Mount Rushmore just for her birthday and Candace repays both of them back by busting both of them on Phineas' birthday. The clips from the past episode were pointless in this episode and didn't make it any better. I know that this is suppose to be a clip episode from the past "Phineas and Ferb" episodes but it honestly made no point to me. I don't have one good thing to say about this episode at all. The only good thing I have to say about this episode was when Candace decided not to bust the boys after Phineas gives his speech about family and then he hugs Candace and calls her "the best sister ever" even though she isn't. That scene that doesn't change the fact that Candace was almost going to ruin Phineas' birthday. Phineas is my favorite character because he really is a very sweet kid. It is just a shame that an episode about Phineas' birthday had to turn into a horrible episode in my opinion because of horrible Candace who doesn't even deserve to be called "the best sister ever". Overall, one of the worst "Phineas and Ferb" episodes I've seen and the worst "Phineas and Ferb" episode of Season 3 so far. 1/10
  • It was an ok episode


    This was an alright episode of Phineas and Ferb. The special was kinda boring and I thought it was pathetic to see Candace trying to bust Phineas and Ferb on Phineas' birthday? Seriously? Why would she bust them on a B-Day? That is just wrong. I wish she officaly give up busting after the end of Last Train to Bustville but eventually she still busting them and I'm kinda a bit irrated by see Candace busting P&F almost all the episodes. It was good at the few times I watch the show, but it got too old and I want to see less episodes that doesn't have predictable ending. Anyway, let's see the funniest part in this episode (sorry for being off topic). Isabella's video about being with Phineas forever was super funny. I laughed the most of that part. The neighbors being annoyed of Candace was funny as well since they are sick of hearing of her. Overall, this special was alright, should have done it without Candace trying to bust P&F on Phineas' birthday. :/ It is one of top 5 worst season 3 episodes (not that I hate the episode). 6.5/10

  • I watched it on YouTube, and.......

    ... Let me just say this is one of their best episodes ever (If I had a nickel for every time I heard that from you....). Now, I know you're probably thinking i'm just trying to defend the show, but i'm not. Now here's the story:

    (Spoilers Ahead!)

    So, Ferb and the gang try to make Phineas have the best birthday ever while he (Phineas) goes on a wild goose chase made by Ferb, and Candace tries to find a video that will bust Phineas and Ferb FOR GOOD. And let me say, I loved how Candace realized at the end how much of a BIG JERK she would be if she busted Phineas on her birthday. And it was also funny that Phineas had always wanted that random thing that Candace had acquired during her trip back home so she could bust her brothers, so....

    10/10 A+ Phineas, this should probably be your BEST birthday ever, or at least, one of your best.

    See You Next Time!
  • Lady: Was I supposed to see somthing just now? Phineas: Nah, I was just thinking to myself, it's a clip-show.

    Sooo, it's Phineas' bday, and he finds a note on Ferb's bed that sends him on a wild goose chase (& Phineas says - "Hey, where's Ferb?" cue Ferb with a PErry hat and the chorus singing "FERB!"). Meanwhile Candace is looking for a present for Phineas when she sees Ferb go into a garage and sees that Irving, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford & Ferb will do a video of Phineas' summer, and decides to steal the inventions DVD. She goes to Isabella's but she got nothign she can steal (though we saw a great gag of Isabella editing Phineas voice into "Isabella-will-u-marry-me?"). Baljeet got the Big Lipped Alligator Moments & Buford the inventions, which she steals. Then Phineas contuinues his goose chase and ends in the bakcyard, where the party is at. Candace then aviods a ton of stuff that COULD have made her lose the DVD, she goes home but after hearing Phineas' speech breaks the DVD to avoid ruining her bday. The tool she used to break the DVD is one Phineas was looking for all summerlong, and they hug.

    Meanwhile Doof had build a "video-beam-hijack-non-inator" to ruin his borhters TV mini series, and figured he wouldn't fail cause he build a "non-inator" but Perry foiled his plan anyways. The clip reels had numerous "Mom!", "Aren't ya a little too young..", "werid frases", "big lipped alligator moments", "big ideas", "inator!", "Perry-doof fight scenes", "Perry lair entrances" & "Doof trapping Perry".

    Overall: It was a great clip-show and also had great humor (numerous 4th wall breakings, "Hey, where's FErb?", Candace trying to not lose the DVD, etc). 9.5/10.