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  • New ideas!!

    The show must have new ideas, enough with summer dan and swampy! kids and teenager bore with summer plotline! already summer that,summer this! sheesh! NO MORE SUMMER! get straight into your tick skull dan povemire!! summer is not fun anymore in phineas and ferb!

    you should shame of yourself!! spanish and portugese teenage girl and boy make phineas and ferb fan comic teenager and they freaking go to school!

    take that idea numbskull! no more summer get it!? NO MORE SUMMER PHINEAS AND FERB!

    make phineas and other go to school! immediatly!

    no more music!! pls no more music!! i had enough music!! make phineas and ferb show with no

    freaking music!!!

    its boring, at least make 4 show with no music at all!!

    not great idea to made a marvel crossover with this show cuz phineas been a jerk!

    and stop making candace obsesed with jeremy! GOD she bcome a freaky stalker now!

    stop it! stop making her being freaking adn wanna bust her brother!!! make her a normal girl!!!

    enough with summer show! enough! there no summer! make them go to school!!

    we tired with summer show! make them go to school!

    get it!?

  • Well, The First Season Was Good

    I enjoyed the first season of Phineas and Ferb. It had good animation, interesting and creative plots, not to mention most of the characters were fun to watch. However, this show has gone pretty downhill since then. First off, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ANIMATION? How can a show go from having good animation to having nauseating animation that quickly? I almost had a panic attack the animation is so lazy in the newer episodes! Secondly, about the villain, Dr. Doof. A villain is supposed to hate his nemesis, not plan playdates with him as if they were kindergarteners. Now, Dr. Doof is just a hopeless coward, like Plankton from SpongeBob. Thirdly, Candace, who was always an annoying stereotype to begin with, really needs to get off of her brother's case and focus on her relationship with Jeremy. Is it really worth setting up these elaborate plans in order to "bust" your own siblings if it fails every time? What's the point of trying? UGHHHHHHHH. Overall, Phineas and Ferb is a show that really needs to be improved in order for it to be as good as the first season.
  • The angel has fallen

    Before i disgust this wreck it,horrid waste of my me get this clear to all the P&F fanboys I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS SHOW,i don't care if he had good episodes after this basing my review on the current state of the show me hater all you want i will gladly reply with the next words:Screw you .Now with that out of the way let's begin.

    Plot:2 kids get bored and try to do something different everyday of the summer and sing a song while doing a platypus"James bond"type agent gets a daily job assignment to stop a "Evil doctor dropout" from taking over the world but inadvertently helps the kids to clean their mess and their sister is looked like a complete repeats EVERY SINGLE TIME and the plot wasn't as good to begin with.

    Animation:The series biggest flaws come form are way to many colors are unappealing and some of them can every time phineas turn his head vertical is adds nightmare fuel that even nightmare moon will smell from the freaking moon.

    Characters:Where do i begin with these f**kers????How about the most obvious characters lack character development,nether of them have changed their are still bland,one dimensional characters and let's analyze them one by one shall we ??

    Phineas:This guy is just boring to watch and his voice doesn't help at all with anything.

    Ferb:He's the blandest of them all,we don't much of his personality or character other than being a plot device.

    Isabella:This girl ticks me off every time that she say:"Whacha doing ?". Ughhh the less i talk about her the better.

    Buford:He's just 1 of the 3 comedy have nothing else to say.

    Baljeed:This guy is second worst stereotype character in the show,i'll get to the Worst is just a insulting representation of Indians everywhere by being a dull,anti charismatic character with no motivation on being with phineas and ferb what so he's the second comedy relief and 2 of the 3 are not funny at ALL!!!!!

    Irving:THIS GUY. I hate this character with a burning passion because he's the worst stereotype in the show and STEREOTYPING THE FANBOY CHARACTER!!!!!He's not was no clue or build up to this character existing on the show and his way to interact with the main characters is just insulting to your intelligence.

    Candace:I fell sorry for this girl even she's annoying because she has to dealt with these 2 and she hasn't gotten help to put that obsession to rest.

    Linda:She's the living example on how not to do a parent character. I rest my case.

    Perry:The only two dimensional character in the guy is overrated because everytime he faces the bad gut he always win with not even sweat and that's a role model not a character.

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz:HE JUST characters has to be one of the lamest villains in animation,his back story is not tragic,his plans have flaws always and he has charisma of petrified wood.

    Creativity:THEY DO EVERY KIDS INVENTION CLICH IN THE BOOK!!!!!!They don't nothing creative or amazing and when they do they destroy the reputation of another character.


    Final verdict: 1/10 This show has to die.

  • Decent. It's WAAAAAAAY better than those crappy teen sitcoms and fish hooks, but not as good as gravity falls and wander over yonder.

    I used to love this show a few years back, but then I lost interest in the show. The show is okay, but nothing special. Here's the pros

    1. The show's humour is actually funny and doesn't rely on immature toilet humour.

    2. Some of the songs are catchy.

    3. Perry the platypus is frickin' awesome.

    4. The show had an epic movie.

    Here's the cons

    1. Every episode is basically the same thing.

    2. The animation is not that good.

    3. Candace is annoying.

    4. Most of the episodes after the movie are boring and unfunny.

    So overall, a good show, but it unfortunately went downhill after the movie, just like spongebob.
  • What was Disney Channel thinking?

    THIS I apologize. Normally I can be a bit more discreet when writing a review, but this show does not deserve the right to exist. I honestly have no clue as to what Disney Channel staff were thinking when they let this show be on the air. Here's a few of my thoughts toward the show.

    Animation : Vomitous (All the coloring is very unappealing, and some characters or grotesquely angular (especially Phineas, the walking triangle head).

    Storyboard/ideas/creativity : Rudimentary (So darn repetitive! I mean,for land's sake! Come up with some thing new for once!)

    Humor : Repugnant really missed the mark here. The jokes are never

    Rating : 1 or F-----------------

    Sorry to all of you Phineas and Ferb (spits) fans, but this show's gotta go.

  • Good Job, Disney

    The characters are great, and the stories, even though they're repetitive, are still pretty good in my book.

    It might get old after a few seasons, but hey, I'd watch it anyday.
  • A bit formulaic, but overall a solid watch.

    Phineas and Ferb build something, and Candace wants to bust them. Meanwhile, Perry the Platypus is sent on a mission to thwart Dr Doofenshmirtz evil plans of the day. This is generally the Formula of most episodes. If the Formula is already a turn off for you, then Phineas and Ferb isn't your thing.

    But if you can look past formula, You may find a great deal of enjoyment out of Phineas and Ferb. The humour is genuinely funny, pretty clever, and rarely ever goes the gross/random route. Characters are mostly likable, with none of them falling under the "asshole" or "idiot" category. The songs can be pretty catchy at times. Overall, it's a great show.
  • Bad, boring show

    Ok, yeah, I know I reviewed this before, and everyone hated it, but oh well, because this show is making me so mad that I had to review it again. First, I loved the show when it came out. Season 1- amazing. Hilarious, clever, good message. I loved it. Then came Summer Belongs to You, which wasn't good, but wasn't bad either. But AFTER that? After that everything came to a screeching halt. I have no idea what happened, did the writers of the shows have a coconut dropped on their head or something? Every episode became a blur of unfunny jokes, cheesy gags, and no originality what-so-ever. Every episode is the same- Phineas and Ferb, wearing their smug little smiles, will build something 'out of the ordinary' and 'amazing', their sister Candence will have a spaz attack throughout the show, Phineas' invention disappears in a over-the-top convenient way, Candence cries, roll the credits. I love the Doofensmirtz bits, they are great.

    But wait, there is more! Because, last week, I saw a commercial for what? FOR PHINEAS AND FERB MEET THE MARVEL SUPERHEROES! Because kids like super heroes, right? Because they need to make two goofy, child characters more 'EPIC', right? I see what is happening. "Hey GUYZ, what can we do to make these two lugs Phinny and Ferb more EPICZ????" "Oh, I know! SUPERHEROES! SUPERHEROEZ are EPIC, amiright guyz?" And that is how this horrible special was born.

    Before you say, "It's a kid show, deal with it, you don't have to watch it", you don't think I know that? I just can NOT believe this over-hyped piece of garbage that everybody is in love with. I HATE Phineas and Ferb. Absolutely HATE it. One of the worst shows with the biggest fan base.
  • excellent show

    Great show that is very funny and very clever. One of the best things about the show is that the characters are all smart and none of them are dumb or jerks. My favorite part of the show is Candace and Jeremy's relationship and how they are now boyfriend and girlfriend. The episodes I enjoy the most are the ones that have a canderemy moment or two. This cartoon is the only cartoon I watch and is a very good show. I also I like the songs that are in almost every episode. This cartoon is the best cartoon I have ever watched. So I easily would give it a 10/10.
  • crappy show

    My review

    Plot:3.2 They make something then it falls apart, same thing everytime

    Animation:4.2 It's suckish

    Characters:I don't like really any of them, and that platypus is ugly

    Jokes:2.1 boring

    Cuteness:1.1 boring

    Humor:4.2 boring

    Overall:2.2 it is really boring the show


  • The same EVERY time! Candace is pathetic!

    At first, it seems funny and interesting. But then, it becomes so predictable and redundant! I mean, when you know exactly what is going to happen, it becomes so boring!

    And also, WTF is wrong with Candace. What type of person has a life that revolves around busting her brothers???!!!! i mean, WTH??? If you think about it, she's so pathetic that all she cares about is "busting" her brothers and her boyfriend, how shallow????!!!!! And what is the point of busting? What does she want to have happen to her brothers?? What teenager runs to tattle on her brothers to her mom? Her life is so freaking pathetic and empty.

    Like, what about studying, sports, college, SATs? The things normal teenagers have to worry about. yeah yeah, i know it's just a cartoon show, but still, like her only concerns are getting her brothers in trouble (a horrible sister) and obsessing over her boyfriend (stalker, much?). She's pathetic and a bad influence on people who watch the show, thinking all they should do in life is scream, tattle, and obsess.

  • No just no

    Loved the first season but got so annoyed after that....
  • Only a few Words

    The show is ok but not really that good.
  • Good, Creative, but needs some spice

    Funny show overall. I respect Dan and Swampy for their work and making a "Family Guy" that is suitable for kids. Yes, the plot is a bit redundant. However, Dan and Swampy set "guidelines" for their writers so their isn't a lot of wiggle room for the guys who write each show. Yes, guidelines being that there has to be "What'ch ya doin'?" "Where's Perry?" "Curse You Perry the Platypus!" "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!" and everyone eating pie or some unhealthy food at the end of the episode. There is a lot of potential if Dan and Swampy let the writers be a bit more creative, but otherwise it'll be a good way to kill time until something better comes on.

    I love Doof. Funny as hell character. He IS the reason I watch P&F. I like the show, though, it's funny, decent songs each episode, and I respect it overall.

    8.5 rating for me.
  • It has memorable moments, but its just too repetative

    The show has some episodes that I really like but the plots are reused too much. The boys get the idea to do something cool, Candace tries to bust the boys and in the end the stuff vanishes and its the end. Also, Perry gets an assignment from MM, he gets trapped by Dr. Doofenshmirtz but then escapes after taking the time to hear the dotors plot, he beats the snot out of the doctor which gets the boys inventions to vanish unintentionally and Perry leaes while the doctor curses his name. Its still a fun show to watch but it probally lasted too long and reused too much of the similar basic plot line.
  • F**k this show

    I hate this f**king show with a passion. This is the worst f**king show I have ever watched. First off, let me start with the f**king jokes, "Where's Perry" "Watcha Dooooooooin" and the most f**ked up "CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS" and then theres the whole "INATOR" bulls**t coming from Doofenshmirtz's trashy fecal matter mouth. Doofenshmirtz needs to be kicked in the a** so hard his balls will fall off because I feel like he needs to rot in a cage and die there...... surrounded by fire. Same thing with all the other horrible characters. Ferb is another example of a terrible character in a TV show. He doesnt talk at all, making him the autistic f**king d***ebag he is, and when he talks, he sounds like a complete f**king idiot who is British. Candace is also a whiny b***h. Candace always tries to get the boys in trouble, but her deafblind son of a b***h a** mom acts like Candace is an ignorant son of a b***h. The only character I like in this garbage s**t is Perry the Platypus.

    I don't typically write reviews filled with naughty language, but if I have to, it's because this show deserves it, because sometimes you have to break your rules.
  • i wish in phineas and ferb..........

  • It is silly but accurate to call this show brilliant.

    Is it ridiculous that I think one of most interesting, clever, and exciting things being done with storytelling right now is being done is being done in a children's cartoon? Yes, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Aside from the fact that Phineas and Ferb is clever, exciting, and hilarious, it is also one of the most ingeniously constructed storytelling structures I have ever seen. Yes, it is repetitive. In its own way, it is as formulaic as Scooby Do or Power Rangers. But it is that very formula that allows for its brilliance. There have been many great shows that have many weak episodes because the writers are unable to come up with sufficiently engaging plots for those episodes. Phineas and Ferb neatly solves this problem by having one engaging plot that it reuses. This plot, or perhaps I should say structure, has all of the beats of tension and interest and momentum to keep the viewer engaged, while at the same time not generating any tension. We are wired by our training to respond to tension and narrative conflict, and Phineas and Ferb taps into this without actually needing to be tense or have serious conflict. How many shows fail because of situations where the show attempts to make you believe the characters are in danger, or are not going to win, but you know they are because they always do? Phineas and Ferb neatly sidesteps this problem by not making it an issue at all.

    At the same time, having this tight formula frees up the writers to really indulge their creativity. With a premise as loose as "characters that can basically do anything," and no need to create conflict or narrative structure because those are automatically in place, Povenmire and Marsh have created a serious creativity and fun free-for all.

    I could go on like this, analyzing this show and everything it does right for a very long time, but what would be the point of that? Phineas and Ferb is a blast, it is consistently funny and clever, and, oh, did I mention that it's brilliant?
  • Phineas! Revisited?

    I wonder what episode will feature a really wild adventure: Phineas has a scheme to do something really wild, let's say geologic survey work, for example. Well, in the course of his scheme, he ends up with a 3 foot 7 inch iron rod blowing clear through his cranium, lobotomizing him and leaving him alive for 11 Disney seasons, a changed person.
  • Need something new in this cartoon !!!!

    I think this cartoon will be end if disney not creating something new in Phineas and Ferb. People will be bore if no something new. Maybe if disney make something new like Phineas and Ferb back to school or whatever, maybe this cartoon will be interesting to watch it. Sorry for my bad english :D
  • Will they go to school already!

    I loved Phineas and Ferb, when the show just came out, it was something new, that I never had seen before. However, ever since 2009, this show has gone downhill, I mean the plot is the same, it's boring and you can predict what is going to happen. They added new character's like Baljeet and Buford that were not need in the series and I mean, WHEN WILL THEY GO TO FREAKING SCHOOL. I mean seriously, go to school already. 187 episodes of Phineas and Ferb aired as of May 2, 2013 at 5:48 PM ET (US) and their summer is 104 days, that is 83 episodes OVERDUE. It's boring now, I don't watch it, I don't even remember the last time I watched this show. I know my comment will get alot of thumbs down, but I don't care. It was awesome but went downhill in 2009.

    Phineas and Ferb is a terrible show. Isabella isn't funny, Phineas is boring, Ferb talks too much, and Candace is just downright annoying.Why is my rating 7.5? Because of the funniest characters in television, PERRY AND DOOFENSHMIRTZ! I just love their plot. I'm glad that Dan and Swampy focus on Doofenshmirtz now, he is the best character ever! They don't even focus on Phineas and Ferb's plot anymore. That's why I think Phineas needs to end, but have a Perry the Platypus tv show just for Doof, Perry, Major Monogram and Carl, and maybe some appearances from Baljeet and Buford.
  • Imagination explosion

    these kids come up with the stupidest things that arent even real. This is why i dont watch disney anymore
  • They didn't know how to make little kids shows so they looked at the fairly odd Parents

    IS this a quinsidence you have a teenage redhead in the beginning of the shows card

    Candance = Vicky

    Ferb = Cosmo

    Isabella = Trixie

    Doofensmirtz = Crocker

    Bufurd = Francis

    This is crazy look at this these guys are usually funny but they are dumb in the sho maaking songs for the show I mean I cannot belive who made this It isnt funny like the shows they usedto work on its dumb and unoriginal. Look at it! I mesn is this too much to ask. Hannah montana is gone the have these stupid musical kids shows (The Wiggle ripoffs)and now they brought us this. Wow am i amazed
  • Phineas and Ferb is one of the best animated shows on TV today!

    Phineas and Ferb has it all: brilliant animated comedy, cool characters, silly and hilarious humor, exciting action and such cool songs and music. The theme song by Bowling For Soup is so cool! This show gets better and better. I love every episode and I love all of the characters on Phineas and Ferb. LONG LIVE PHINEAS AND FERB!!!!!
  • Used to like it.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is ALL a personal opinion.

    I know this review is going to get a ton of dislikes but I don't care. I just don't like this cartoon. When it first came on, I used to like it. But after the "Across the 2nd Dimension" Movie, it got really old very quick. Now when I say quick, I MEAN quick.


    Phineas and Ferb are step brothers who want to have the best summer ever. They do this by coming up with ideas on what to build and do for fun. They build things such as rollercoasters, water slides, and more. Their older sister, named Candace, regards what they're doing as dangerous and unsafe, and goes to tell either her Mom, named Lynda Flynn, or her Step Dad, Lawrence Fletcher, and tries to tell them what they're doing so they can get busted. While this is going on, their pet platypus, named Perry, is a secret agent who goes to fight the evil Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, an evil, yet goofy scientist who comes up with schemes so he can rule the tri-state area of Danville. Big surprise.

    Now, what are the problems of this show? Well, one of them would be the plot for each episodes. My god, are they repetitive. I mean, all that happens is:

    1. Phineas and Ferb are bored.

    2. Phineas comes up with idea on what to build and do for fun. He turns to Ferb and says "Ferb, I know what we are going to do today!" Then he says " Hey, where's Perry?"

    4. Perry goes into his secret lair and gets information about what Heinz Doofenshmirtz is up to.

    3. Candace sees what they're doing and tells Phineas and Ferb that she is going to bust them by telling either Mom or Dad.

    4. Perry arrives at Doofenshmirtz's place only to have himself get captured by his arch enemy.

    5. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry what his evil scheme is and then shows him is invention, which always ends with -inator.

    6. We cut back to Phineas And Ferb where a song number begins

    7. Candace tells either Mom or Dad on what the boys are doing but they don't believe it.

    8. Perry escapes the trap and defeats his arch enemy.

    9. The invention Heinz Doofenshmirtz invented then makes Phineas and Ferb's invention disappear.

    10. Candace drags her mom or dad into the backyard only to find out it's no longer there. She then acts like an idiot.

    It gets old REEEEEEEEALY quick. Another one of the problems I have with this show are Candace and Doofenshmirtz. I mean my god. The other characters are passable but these two are completely annoying!

    Candace is always trying to bust her brothers all the damn time but she never seems to succeed. I'm not kidding she does that every episode. My god, can this girl just give up? We all know you're not going to succeed Candace!

    Doofenschmirtz, in my opinion, is a really bland and not very funny scientist at all. Now, I used to think he was funny, but now, he's stupid. He always makes these lame inventions that always end with -inator with them. Can't his guy put either 10000, or 20000, or 30000, or any number at the end instead of -inator. It's also very sad for him to get defeated by a secret agent who's a freaking platypus! While on the topic, why is there even a secret agency where the agents are pets? That wouldn't exist in real life.

    The final problem that I have with this show now is this:

    How many days of summer are there in this show? As the theme song says, there is 104 days of summer vacation, and yet they have over 104 episodes so far!

    Anyway, that's my review, if you disagree with me, I'm okay with that. But I just don't like this show anymore. I think it's boring now. I don't recommend watching it if you want to see a cartoon episode where all the episodes have a different plot.

    Overall: 4.0

    Grade: D+

  • Best Disney cartoon currently on!

    I love this cartoon! You people are SO stupid for complaining that it's repetitive, because that's the beauty with the show! What, you don't think the writers have realized that it's repetitive? That's actually what I love about the show. The characters are all so cool and so are the voices. Plots are really fun to watch, and they got me literally stuck to my TV screen. Humor is awesome, especially Dr. Doofenschmirtz and his -nators. I love them. The fact the bad guy (Doof) never beats the good guy (Perry) and how they miss each other when the other one's away reminds me of my favorite cartoon ever, Tom&Jerry. There is no episode that has managed to fail me! Musicals are really good, although maybe just a tad boring, and the only reason why it's not a 10 is because the colors sting my eyes a bit sometimes. I think that the only better show currently is Gravity Falls.
  • Best. Show. Ever.

    Phineas and Ferb is the most awesome show ever. Everyday is just another awesome invention after another! I don't get how anyone can be so creative! And how they manage to link their inventions with Dr. D's -inator is GENUIS. Their inspiration and Dr. D's backstories are awesome! And don't get me started about their songs. It's silly, it's cute, it's awesome. Enough said.

    I think what's best about PnF is the message the bring. Though it's slightly clich, I've completely embraced the fact that summer does belong to me, and that anything is possible as long as I believed. I'm doing things I've never thought I could, and I'm seizing the day as much as I can. I believe that imagination and creativity should be embraced, and not pushed away.

    Phineas taught me to be optimistic in every situation.

    Ferb taught me that, sometimes, words aren't needed at all, and actions speaks louder than words.

    Isabella taught me to be fearless, to be limitless. And to never give up hope.

    Candace taught me to be determined. And just be yourself. Look at her, she's all about busting and yet she has a best friend that always has her back and an awesome boyfriend who loves her just the way she is.

    So, do I think PnF is absolutely perfect? Yes, yes I do.

    Carpe diem!
  • Why everyone likes this show is something I will never understand.

    A lot of people I have been saying that Phineas and Ferb is one of Disney's best cartoons ever. If you really ask me, though, I would find Lilo & Stitch, Kim Possible, and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers to be far better shows than this. I don't even think that this show is good; for me, it's pretty much a waste of time. This show could've been good, but suffers from many problems. One thing is that almost all the jokes in this show are rehashed, and have been done before thousands of times. The fact that that evil professor keeps on naming his machines something-nator is not funny, and gets repetitive fast. Another major problem is the characters themselves. They are pretty much as one dimensional as paper (with the exception of Perry), and for some reason, they can do anything. I mean, I'm not kidding when I say that none of these characters have any interesting qualities or any unique drawbacks. Another major problem this show suffers from is its musicals. Yes, they were cute back then, but really, they are just really irritating, and come off as pointless and unnecessary. But this show's biggest weakness is the fact that almost every episode is the same. The only thing that set these episodes apart is the plot. If you have notice, then you can see that the following happens in 90% of the episodes:

    Phineas comes up with something to do, and he and Ferb start doing it. The mom takes off to run an errand. Meanwhile, Perry takes off to defeat the evil professor, who creates an invention ending in -nator.

    Candace then figures out what Phineas and Ferb, and attempts to punish them by telling her mom when she gets back.

    Perry somehow destroys the evil professor's invention, and the invention somehow destroys everything Phineas and Ferb put together.

    When the mom gets back, Candace tells her what Phineas and Ferb, and when the mom finds out that nothing's there, she thinks that Candace is crazy and lets Phineas and Ferb off the hook. The End.

    The process did start off good, but got old fast. As for the artwork, it's decent, but nothing special. The animation, though, is too colorful, and rough at times.

    Overall, Phineas and Ferb did seem good at first, but it's pretty much a hopeless mess of rehashed humor, rough animation, repeated storylines, and one-dimensional characters. If you want to see an actually good Disney show, then watch Lilo & Stitch. It's a lot better than this.

    Presentation: 3.5/10 The premise did start off good, but got repetitive fast. The plots don't help, either.

    Animation: 5.5/10 Artwork is fairly decent, but the animation comes off as rough ad just too colorful.

    Voice: 4.5/10 The character voices are annoying, and all the musicals are just dreadful to hear.

    Entertainment: 4/10 All the humor is pretty much rehashed, and all the characters are just uninteresting.

    Lasting Appeal: 4/10 Don't watch this. There are far better Disney cartoons out there.

    FINAL SCORE: 4/10 Crummy
  • This show is just medicore, and the worst show on Disney channel.

    I dont like Phineas and Ferb that much, its boring and the writers are coming out of ideas. I think its cool that they invent stuff, i think the characters Phineas and Ferb are cool, but Candance annoys the living heck out me! All she does is trying to bust her brothers and talk about Jeremy. Like i said the writers are coming out of ideas, like the only think i look forward into an episode is the Dr. Doofensmetz/ Perry plot. I think the best season is season 1, now season 2 is pretty good, but season 3 is just OK/ bad. i don't there has ever been a perfect season 3 episode (only maybe like once or twice.) Well this show isn't that good. Overall 5/10.
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