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  • A great show to watch........definitely worth tuning in for on the Disney Channel when it comes on. One of the best shows out there!

    Though repetetive, yes, but it is very amusing, especially the schemss that Phineas and Ferb do, as well as the battles between Perry and Doofenschmirts. Overall, this is a great show to watch. I do wish we can see how the origin of Perry versus Doofenschmirtz started, but otehr than that, the songs are great, the plot lines are great, the characters themsleves are fun to watch to see how they interact with each other. I am the biggest fan of the inventions that Phineas and Ferb come up with to enjoy thier vacations.......I wish I could be as creative as they are in coming up with inventions that will make any summer day "the best summer day ever".
  • Its okay.... but It needs major fine tuning

    PHinease and ferb is about two boys do everything before there summer break ends.First let me explain the animation in this its probably one of the worst looking cartoon shows Ive seen...well theres also the show pelswick.but anyways they have a sister named candice Who always try to snitch on them but fails all the time.So the story is very repitive .IT kind of makes me sad that we have lazy artists and writers Who dosent seem to look like they take there time or effort to make a good show.In fact almost all of disney programs looks as if they took this path as well.what makes it even more sadder its on disney channel .The company I knew that made beautiful animated movies lost most of its touch over the years after walt disney passed away. This show is not showing any hope for disney.And Im begining to lose hope on them too.

    4.0 out of 10.00 sounds decent
  • A show about two brothers trying to make each summer day better than the last and a platypus that lives a double life. What more can you ask for!?

    When I first heard of this show, I admit that I was a bit skeptical of it because it was a Disney show. But when I saw my very first episode, I realized that it was totally awesome. I mean, Phineas and Ferb are just two regular boys who want to enjoy their summer, and they have a paranoid sister who doesn't approve of their activities, a loving family, great friends, and a secret agent platypus.

    The funny parts are definitely Perry's battles with his nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz. The guy's a nut with a good heart who's just lost his way. Plus, I love the way Phineas's friend, Isabella, has a huge crush on him and doesn't know about it. That's a big flaw with these kinds of shows IMO: wait until the series finale to let the main characters fall in love. The viewers lose interest. But it's still pretty cute to watch.

    The only thing I cannot stand about this show is Candace's attitude towards her brothers for being so creative, and it seems to get worse as the series progresses. If the creators were to just fix that, then this show would be totally perfect.
  • Half unrealistic, half realistic but a hilarious show. This review is exactly in 100 words (not including this summary)

    The plot of Phineas and Ferb is not what makes it so great. It is the characters, songs, randomness and above all, humor. I have made several blog entries titled "What is your favourite Phineas and Ferb song?" and another one "What is your favourite Doofhinshmirtz Jingle?". Another thing great about Phineas and Ferb is that the episodes relate to each other. That is, if a question, event or quote happens in one episode it has effect on all the following episodes. My favoutite character is Doofhinshmirtz and my favourite song is either "Perry" or "The Aglet song". Goldstems- out.
  • One of my favorites.

    I love this show! It's about step-brothers Phineas and Ferb building crazy contraptions and unpurosely making their sister Candace crazy! I think it's one of the best shows on Disney Channel!
    I really like this show. It isn't my favorite TV show, that is SpongeBob. But Phineas and Ferb is getting there. I like this show because it has some really funny jokes in it, and most episodes are really funny. I don't watch this show TOO much, and I don't know if I've seen all the episodes (If not I know I'm close), from what I've seen this show is really good. But the newer episodes they've been making don't interest me as much as the older episodes do. Also some of the earlier songs in the show are the best for me. I like this show.
  • ...

    phineas and ferb is about two stepbrothers who have huge imaginations. every day they come up with great ideas, but their abnoxious older sister candace always wants to bust them for the stuff they do, which i dont get why. they have a pet platypus named perry who is actually a secret agent. perry always tries to foil the evil dr.doofenshmirtz plans and perry always wins. candace always calls her mom to tell her what phineas and ferb are doing, but dr. doofenshmirtz ineventions always make them dissapear, so candaces mom thinks shes crazy. a very funny show. plz visitt my profile!
  • This is soo dumb

    Ok so i get the whole series thing and all that but who has a fighting platipus or however you spell it i mean the thing walks around making tht dumb annoying sound that it makes and then it goes under ground to a secret layer and gets these awsome fighting powers out of nowhere like the power rangers i mean come on and everyone know that these kida are not that smart you just giving younger kids the idea that it is ok to mess with stuff when it isn't also what girl has that much trouble talking to a guy most of the people i know it was the guy with the self confidence issue and was scared of the girl i think they should take this show off the air rethink the whole show then bring it back out at a later date
  • Probably the best Disney show I've seen in their ideas so far.

    I was suprised to find that a show I randomly checked out because it was on, was so good. Though it only started with 15 minute segments, it now goes on for an almost full half an hour, which I love. A show that is not like most disney shows, Phineas and Ferb provides Cute and charming humour that can make anyone, of any age, laughing for a while. It has great running gags and amazing characters. Not only that, but it has catchy tunes that will keep you singing wherever you are. All in all, I'd have to say that this show is definitely worth watching...and watching over and over again after that!
  • The platypus detective, the HILARIOUS crazy evil genius, the two brothers who only want to have a good summer day by doing something outrageously crazy, and the sister who tries to bust her brothers but gets ironically gets thwarted by the evil genius.

    This show is GENIUS.
    The ironic happenings, coincidences, the flukes. GREAT show.

    The cool thing about this show is the ever-so-changing plot. Every episode is a different day and a different setting for the two boys. One day they're on the beach and another day they've made a rollercoaster in their back yard.

    The show is also somewhat a musical. It has different songs every episode and they are different genres, which provides so much variety in this show.

    The evil genius needs his own paragraph. He does stupid things, like making a "Make up your mind" machine. That's where Perry the Platypus comes in. He always stops the evil genius, but there's always a tiny permanent change.

    It's one of the best feel-good shows.
  • Great kids' show. Could this be the new Sponge-Bob?

    This cartoon is a masterpiece! Phineas and Ferb has cute animation and exciting plots, plus a secret agent that happens to be a platypus, wrapped up into one show. The main characters are good role-models, which isn't common with today's entertainment for children. Phineas and Ferb inspire kids to let their minds think up big ideas. There are two glitches I see: 1) The show is routine. The same things happen, which can sometimes be cute, but after awhile the outcome can be boredom. 2) Candice, Phineas and Ferb's older sister, isn't respective towards her brothers, and neither is the evil villian (I can't remember his name at the moment). Obviously, this show wouldn't be as exciting without the two, but it's still a problem. All-in-all, Phineas and Ferb is an adorable show that is better than any other cartoon out there today!
  • Last good cartoon show left on Disney.

    Phineas and Ferb is about two brothers figuring out how they can make their Summer the best one ever and do every fun thing they possibly can. Their main enemey to watch out for is Candace because she tries to tell mom on them to get them in trouble, and possibly grounded and refrained from making their fun inventions and architecture. They also have a pet platypus named Perry, and he is secretly a spy where his main enemy is Doctor Doofenshmirtz. Doctor Doofenshmirtz is a funny mad scientist that makes all of these wacky experiments to try and take over the tri-state area. I actually like this show and I watch it sometimes. I usually only tune in to Disney Channel to watch this show, unless Disney is premiering a live-action movie I really like or an old cartoon show like Lilo and Stitch and The Proud Family. The point is that while this show may not be the best one ever, it's the only good cartoon show left on Disney that hasn't already ended. I find it to be quite entertaining and enjoyable!
  • It's good,not grate,but it's far better then most of the other junk on TV these days.

    Phineas and Ferb are stepbrothers,who build stuff in they're back yard and Phineas's (Ferb's Step) sister (Candace) Tries to bust them by calling her mom.but
    every time the mother gets home all the stuff is gone and with no evidence to support her wild clams,her mother just thinks that she is just a bit crazy. This is dew to the fact that they're pet platypus (Perry) is secretly an agent out to stop evil scientist
    (Doctor Doffinshwerts).

    OK,the plot is a bit ridiculous and some of the episodes are not that grate,but there are a lot of good ones to so they even each other out.

    All in all,good show,gets bit repetitive.But it's all good fun.
  • Phineas and Ferb is an animated series about two step brothers, their over the top sister, and pet platypus who is also an undercover agent. The show revolves around the boys' adventures each day on summer vacation.

    This show stands out because of it's originality but also humor that isn't cheap. It's definitely my favorite out of the current Disney Channel line up.

    One of my favorite aspects of the show is how Perry and Doofenshmirts (Spelling?) aren't always fighting and they'll just randomly be helping each other out. It's always fun to see how Perry gets to his secret hideout too. Candace is funny because of her complete inability to tell on her brothers. Her over the top emotions make fun of over dramatic girls in real life and the hint of truth in it makes you laugh. Her ongoing almost romance is fun as well and it's another theme to look forward to. The way the siblings get along with each other is refreshing because there are too many shows where brothers and sisters are just flat out mean to each other. Where's the love? In this show it's obvious that they care about each other.

    Who doesn't like music? This show is filled with it. Every episode is like a miniature musical, and even better, it's not repetitive and annoying. Every episode is original in both music and plot and even the themes throw a curve ball now and then. Keeps you watching just to see what will happen next. Great show! Enjoy it while it lasts though, I'm sure another low budget, cheap humor, show like Hannah Montana will fill up it's spot and it will end as quickly as Dave The Barbarian or other lost favorites.
  • This show has alot of potential,but it needs work

    This show is pretty new and fresh but immediatly showed alot of potential.And its that tipe of show that people love or compleatly despise,there is rarely a middle.That gave me a lot of trouble rating this show.Yes,there are things I hate about this show,and things I love about this show.Ill start from the beggining.The plot:two stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb always coming up with new ideas for fun on their summer vacation.And they have a pet platapus named Perry who is a secret agent and in every episode he tries to stop evil mad scientiste dr. Doofenschmerz from taking over the world.The plot is very original.Rarely you see a cartoon about blended families and it can relaite to many young viewers.And the story of secret agent Perry is very adorable and appiling to kids.Kids love animals,right?And plus,how many platapuses starr in a show?Im glad they didnt make Perry a dog or a cat,two of the most overused animals in history of animation.The plot is fine.Now the episodes.Frankly,they get pretty repetative.Phineas and Ferb are trying to make something thriling and wild,like a rollercoaster,and their big sister Candance is spying on them and always tattle tailing to Mom.In a meanwhile,Perry is fighting dr Doofenschmerz,whlo always bulids a giant machine for world domination.And that machine always destroys the thing Phineas and Ferb made.By the time Mom arrives,all the evidence is gone and Mom thinks Candance is insane.Every single episode.Writers should really be more creative.The animation is pretty unique and very apiling,Characters design is interesting but Phineases head is kinda weird.But it can pass.Now my personal opinion on the characters.Phineas:he is happy and optimistic,but kinda bland and talks too much.The show should have been called "Phineas" cause he hogs too much screen time,and Ferb has very few lines.Ferb:very cool kid,one of my favorite characters.I think he should have more lines.Candance:I cant stand her!She is soo annoying and I daubt she has any social life cause she is always spying on her little brothers.That girl needs help.I would throw her out of the show,She is useless.When she says in the intro:"Mom!Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!" I just wanna rip her head.Is that suppost to be funny?Basicly,she sucks.Perry:I like him very much.He is so cute and smart.He doesnt talk,but has a lot of personality and is very funny.Doofenschmerz:he is absolutley hillarious!You just gotta love him.His funny appiarence,his funny voice,and beneith all that evil,he is really a good guy,just had a bad childhood.And his and Perries relathionship is so adorable.In their free time,they are friends.How many heroes and villans do that?Now the humor:The episodes can really provide a few good laughs.Some jokes are childish,but some really witty and appiling for all ages.Most of the laugh comes from Perry the Platapuss parts.Priceless!Frankly,i wach this show only for Perry and Doofy.I mean,two little elementry school boys playing together wholl summer isnt really the thing that will keep me glued to a screen.If they made a spinoff only about Perry and Doofy,I would definitly wach it and give it a 10,no a 1000!
  • Finally, a great show from Disney XD.

    OK, this show is actually funny (Disney almost never made ANYTHING good since "Disney's House of Mouse"). It is all about two brothers building stuff during Summer (By the way, how long IS Summer for Danville, anyway?!?), and Candance, Phineas's teenage sister who always wants to "bust" them, always tries to tell her mom about the invention they invented. She fails, though. Also, Perry the Platapus's part always happens after Phineas in every episode says "Where's Perry?", and that is when my favorite half of the episode begins. Perry is secretly a Secret Agent secretly, and always thwarts Doofenshmirtz's plan (I like that name, Doofenshmirtz). Anyway, here are the scores... Graphics: 7/10 (adequate): Adequate, it just isn't bad, it just isn't pheomenal. Sound and Voice Casting: 7.4/10 (adequate): Ehh..., it's good. I like Doofenshmirtz's voice the best. Dialouge and Language: 8/10 (magnificent) That word in the parenthisis is the word I was looking for to describe this section. Plots: 8/10 (magnificent) Like I said, it is all about two kids inventing something, and they get into an adventure. But, Perry's side of the issue is WONDERFUL. Humor: (this section will be splitted into Phineas's part and of course, Perry's Part) Phineas's Part: 8.1/10 (magnificent) Great. Perry's Part: 8.6/10 (magnificent) Even better. Grossness factor: 3/10 (not that bad) -0.4 off the original grade. Bottom Line: This is great, but it doesn't outstand my favorite modern cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. Also, they need to lower on the songs. Well, looks like my work is done here, stay tuned for my next review.
  • Best of the best when it comes to Disney Channel, without a doubt.

    Phineas and Ferb is presented with such a dynamic voice cast, brilliant look and style of the animation and wonderful storylines, easily making it one of the best animated series out there today.

    The plot seems simple enough at first glance: Two brothers try to spend their summer vacation away from school by doing whatever comes to mind. The day is never boring for the boys as they continue to contradict the laws of physics with amazingly, and definitely unique, inventions that they make right there in their backyard. Phineas is the leader of the pack, so to speak, as he's the one who gets the whole day's activities a'going. He may seem like an average 10 year old, but he's beyond brilliant. As is his green haired British step brother, Ferb Fletcher. Ferb is the silent type, only speaking when he sees fit. He's the man behind the blueprints and the brains behind it all, pretty much.

    On the other end lies the easily aggrivated sister to the boys, Candace Flynn. Her role in the show essentially is to try to bust the boys by showing her mom the inventions (Which almost always disappear just in the nick of time), but as the show progresses she gets a bigger role and is a dynamic character in her own right.

    As if all this wasn't enough, their pet platypus Perry is actually a secret agent, and every day he sneaks away to receive his mission from Major Monogram. That mission: Protect the tri state area from the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz is a rather unpleasant sounding, somewhat brilliant evil scientist who plots every day to take over the Tri-State area with beyond ridiculous plans, almost always involving an -inator of sorts. But he never prevails, as Agent P/Perry manages to defeat him (Or he even foils himself!)

    And of course there's friends of the main characters to make the show even better, ranging from crushes to bullies that aren't all that cruel. All in all, it's a show worth giving it a try, don't just pass it off as a stupid kids show at first glance, it's definitely not that.

    A 10/10 for this wonderful show. ~~Peng
  • I just HAVE to do this

    Okay, previous review, didn't like it much and gave it a 6.5 . But now that i watched more P&F episodes, it's really cute and funny. First of all, the humour. SUPER original. Characters, (except for Candace) SUPER likeable
    Songs, SUPER catchy

    I mean this show is awesome! It warms your heart when you watch it. Okay, yes, they repeat the whole, Phineas and Ferb builds something, Candace tries to bust them, almost got them, but because of Perry, the whole thing goes missing/explodes etc before their Mum could see it. But the way they deliver the plot is unique. The way they can come up with so many ideas and stick to the main point of this whole show. Basically, awesome show.
  • This show is funny, stupid, and weird in all ways...

    This show is all in between for me in many ways.

    The storylines in this show are very interesting, and they take quite a lot of knowledge to come up with them. They have to have normally 2 things go on at once to end up with a result of one. What I mean by this is Dr. Doofensperfs and Perry always have to mess up Phienas and Perbs invention for the episode. So the story lines seem fairly creditable. Althought, some episode plots are a little lame, like when Phineas and Pherb build something huge. I mean, I know it's a cartoon, but it's sometimes a little annoying.

    Now the songs in this, can be funny sometimes. A lot of the time, it gets to a real irretating point. I don't think they need a song in every episode. I don't know if the directors think it's cute or something, but the songs are really annoying SOMETIMES.

    Characters are funny. Candance, I don't care for her. There's Perb who doesn't talk much. Only about once or twice a episode. Phineas is kind of annoying, because he talks to much. Iseballa is O.K. Bellju is my favorite. (I didn't spell that right probablly).

    Overall, great show with some errors to it.
  • I love this program way too much..I really do!

    Phineas and Ferb is about two boys Phineas and ferb who during the summer holidays decide to build zany and great stuff e.g Rollercoasters,ROBOTS!.Their sister candace always trys to get them "busted" but her mother never sees them.Their pet Perry the platypus goes off to fight the evil scientist Dr doofenshmirtz who has what i think is the biggest pointiest nose ever! Yes the animations different but so what? and yes the show rolls on a same key plot but what? Its great!! Also when candace is about to show her mum evidence dr doofenshmirtz and perry manage to cover it up!. I think this is the best recent cartoon to grace disneys doorstep and they should think about how many people love it.Oh and i think the best character is Dr doofenshmirtz i mean come on how many evil scientists do you see go on dates in an episode? I think this is the only decent show left on disney.
  • A show that everyone loves. And, it keeps disney channel going.

    This show is one of the best shows to ever be on disney channel. Next, to That's So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. My favorite episode is Rollercoaster, it was the first time i watched the show. I remember how funny it was, I was at a High School Musical 2 party at my neighbors house. And, how the mom never got to see it. And, I had a feeling that I knew this show would be popular and I was correct. The theme song "Today is Going to be a Great Day" it is a cool theme song by: Bowling for Soup. And, it doesen't make me turn off my t.v. which is possible for some of those lame shows. So, those are great reasons to watch PHINEAS AND FERB!
  • Same thing over and over...

    The first episode was okay, but it kinda got boring. I don't like watching things that you already know what's going to happen in the next episode, so if you see "NEW EPISODE" we all know what will happen so I forget about it. Just imagine, 65 episodes (maybe even more) of 2 kids building stuff, an animal fighting an old guy, a 16 year old childish girl...and why is the mom always out?

    Since it's the only cartoon on Disney and the channel was aimed pacifically to children who now have nothing to watch but Hannah Montana, they go to P&F, explaining why it's so popular.
  • The first show by a former Family Guy director is a home run, let's hope all former FG crew members go on to do something as wonderful as this one is

    Phineas and Ferb, a show co-created by former Spongebob and Family Guy director Dan Povenmire, shows that Povenmire learned a lot working for both of the aforementioned shows, because Phineas & Ferb is one of the funniest shows on Disney Channel right now, the animation style is fresh, the voice acting is A+ by actors new to voiceovers such as Ashley Tisdale, Richard O'Brien, Caroline Rhea, and Alyson Stoner,Povenmire himself, series co-creator Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and Brenda Song alongside work by VO veterans such as Malcolm McDowell, Mitchell Musso (For those who have forgotten, he was Aang in the unaired Avatar pilot), and the writing is great, plus, being a former member of a band called Keep Left and having written most of the songs on Family Guy, once again, Povenmire shows he is excellent at writing a musical number.

    I really suggest you watch Phineas and Ferb, it was one of the best shows on tv at the moment
  • I only watch it for Perry the Playpus. Well....

    Even if this show recycles the same plot, newer episodes come with different twists.

    All I can say, is that the idea for this show is brilliant, and quite humurous. Including songs make the cartoon more spunky, and the best part is Perry the Playpus! He's just too adorable. I love how he fights Dr. Doofenshmirtz all the time, which, in fact, never gets too boring for me.

    Candance is actually a better character than I thoguht: she is pretty comical and she is my 2nd favorite character.

    And what I mean by newer epsiode twists, like for example the Busted special, was brilliant, and the most recent episode (restaurant/invisble machine) feautured a different plot than the old: bros build something, Perry fights the German dude, Candance tries to bust them.

    9.5 for me!
  • It was good at first but it's too repetitive..........

    Phineas and Ferb is a show about two step brothers who try to avoid boredom over the summer. In my opinion the plot is completely un-original. Every episode is the same it starts out with Phineas and Ferb bored then Phineas suggests they do something crazy (which they do)while this happens Perry their pet platypus battles an evil villain then Candice calls their mom after she sees what Phineas and Ferb have done then Perry and his enemy some how clean up everything right before their mom sees.

    Animation-Nothing to great the heads are a circle or triangle.

    Humor- Mediocre Characters- Phineas and Candice pretty much get all the screen time.

    So overall this show maybe worth a view if there's nothing else to do but this could possibly be the most repetitive show of all time.
  • Appalling enough to watch sciencegirl09

    I used to really like this show, but now, I'm not so crazy about it. I still watch the new episodes, but hardly ever watch the old ones. I guess it's because I'm getting older and this show is becoming less interesting. Has anyone noticed that there is singing in every episode now? It's the show's biggest downfall. Most of the time, the songs are unnecessary and annoying; the show would likely get a higher score on if there was only singing from time to time. Candace should have given up trying to bust her brothers after the episode Phineas and Ferb Get Busted! (the title for this episode was too obvious). But overall, it's not bad, and better than most shows on Disney Channel, except Hannah Montana. My favorite character is Perry; he's a cool secret agent, and my favorite episodes (the only two I would watch over and over again) are Journey to the Center of Candace (I like any episode that has to do with anatomy, even if it is on a crappy show) and Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?
  • I say this show is very talented.

    This show's about two guys who do crazy stuff like build a rollercoaster in the backyard.I know that this show is more better than The Fairy Oddparents and stuff like that.I've seen nothing but a show that's better than Johnny Test on Disney channel,not Cartoon Network and they did it.They created a cool animated kids show from one way to another.Of course,it didn't win the Kids Choice Award for favorite cartoon.But I don't care about that award and it didn't won.I just like this show and it's stuff that it does in every episode.So,this is a great show with Disney.
  • I decided to write a review on this show here is what I think about this show.

    When I fist saw Phineas and Ferb I hated the show because of the way the characters look and something about show seemed unoriginal but after seeing more episodes of the show I began to like it. Phineas and Ferb is about 2 kids Phineas and Ferb who drive their sister insane and they later on go and do something dangerous and their sister tries to tell on them but she never acomplishes it and meanwhile their pet Perry goes on a mission as an agent to stop his arch enemy Dr. Doofenshmirtz from his evil plot and afterwards he returns to the family at the end. Alot of people hate this show because it uses the same formula in every episode but that no problem with me I like this show because of it's artwork and the show can be some what funny this is a good show I think more people should give this show a chance even if they hate the same fomula it uses in every episode I hope this last's for over 65 episodes.
  • Pretty good.

    This show is pretty entertaining to me. Every single character is hilarious and I love every plot involved in each episode. Candace's plots are always the greatest, but I still like everything else. Even Ferb, when he only says one thing, it'll be funny. I like the lines and actors in the show. Though they're voice actors, they're still pretty talented. I've tried to do that thing that Perry makes all the time. The person who voices him in insanely talented at doing that. Anyways, this show is really great and I hope it will last a very long time.
  • Awesome show, great episode.

    To start I just want to say this is one of my favorite shows on TV right now and is one of the better shows produced by disney in the last ten years. This episode, "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", makes the show even better. This episode goes in a different direction from other episodes, and has some drama added to the regular mixture. There are still some awesome jokes and good quotes, and the songs are top-notch. There were only a few flaws, one being that the whole episode is Perry's dream, and Candace's breakdown scene was a bit unbelievable. Other than that, good episode!
  • Disney at it's best!

    This show, honestly, is one of the few things that keeps me watching Disney Channel. With it's charming, stylish characters and it's abundance of wit and creativity, it had me hooked from the start. The art, while not extraordinarily amazing, is by no means bad - The character designs are very creative. The humor is clever and varied. And while the episodes follow a somewhat predictable formula, the characters' hijinks are always fresh and original, and filled with twists. Each episode has at least one showtune, which honestly, I'm not too crazy about, but that's just me being a teenager.
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