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  • Phineas and Ferb

    Its my favorite series i love it
  • Underrated show

    Phineas and Ferb is proof that a children's show can have excellent script, memorable characters, catchy songs and good morals.
  • Biggest cash cow cartoon in Disney Channel History

    You think this show is better than the teen sitcoms on Disney??!! GUESS AGAIN!!!! Phineas and Ferb really sucks as a whole!! Nothing makes sense!!! I hate this cartoon so much. This is literally the worst Disney Channel show ever made. WATCH ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS!!!! Watch Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Kim Possible, Star vs the Forces of Evil, OR EVEN THE NEW MICKEY MOUSE!!!!! ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS CRAP!!!!
  • More like Pingas and Nerd.

    This show sucks cock. I'm going to review this shit one by one.

    Plot: explanable in only 5 sentences:

    Ferb,I know what we're going to do today!

    Where's Perry?

    Behold, the WTFinator!

    Curse you Perry the platypuss!

    Oh, there you are Perry!


    Characters: idiotic. Pingas is always a fucking genius and never cares about his mum or anything. Nerd is equal to Pingas, only mute. Peesabella is just a useless character that pretty much annoys the crap out of me EVERY time with her stupid whatcha dooin catchphrase. Indian kid is stupid. Pooford is another useless character. The rest are PRETTY MUCH THE SAME, USELESS.

    Animation: SHIT. Just like Uncle Grandpa. Plus, the songs are spastic.

    This is a really annoying and repetitive show. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!!
  • Overrated and Extremely Repetitive!!

    Oh god, there are so many things wrong with this show. For one, the same thing happens in every episode. Yeah, Phineas and Ferb have a different idea, but half of the words spoken are the same in EVERY episode. I understand that most cartoons have repetitive plotlines, but this is probably the most repetitive cartoon I've ever seen. Also, the whole Perry vs Doof storyline is a blatant, and really bad, ripoff of one of my all-time favorite shows, Kim Possible. As for the show's main plot, here's what Phineas and Ferb is all about:

    Phineas and Ferb get bored. Then Phineas gets an inspiration to do something and says "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today", followed by "Hey, where's Perry?" Then Perry goes through some kind of hole or opening (Because Major Monogram seems to have the entire world connected to Perry's little secret base), gets his instructions and goes off to fight Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Meanwhile, Phineas' & Ferb's mom leaves to run an errand, and leaves Candace in charge, who tries really, really hard to bust Phineas and Ferb. The two kids order parts for their large creations (I still have no idea how they can pay for them). The delivery guy asks them "Aren't you a little young to-", followed by Phineas answering "Yes. Yes we are". Then cue Isabella, "Hi Phineas. Whatcha dooin'?" Meanwhile Perry gets to Doofenshmirtz Evil but gets immediately captured (You'd think he'd have figured out the pattern after doing it so many times). Then Doof tells a backstory, followed by "Behold! The --inator! (Seriously, can't he think of something else?). The kids get their contraption together, cue the pointless musical number thats always gonna be awful. Candace sees it and rushes to get her mom. Perry then breaks out of his trap and easily beats Doof, he screams "Curse you, Perry the Platypuuus!!", and his invention destroys P&Fs invention before their mom can see it, so Candace is left looking a little crazy to her. Finally, Perry shows up and Phineas goes "Oh, there you are, The End. There you go. That's your whole show.

    For another thing, most of the characters of this show are not very likable. Especially Candace, who's whole life, apart from trying to bust her brothers, revolves around Jeremy. And why does she care so much about busting them anyway? Is she actually younger than her brothers but just had a growth spurt early? Or is she just really that immature and crazy? She's especially despicable when she tries to bust Phineas and Ferb when they try to help her out, like in Moon Farm or even on Phineas' birthday. Seriously, what a bitch! Also, Doofenshmirtz completely fails as a villain, not to mention annoying with all his ramblings, and he's not funny. I'll admit though that Phineas and Ferb themselves are pretty nice kids, and are the best characters in the show. Also, there's not anything really inappropriate in Phineas and Ferb, so it's a good show for little kids I guess.

    In closing, Phineas and Ferb isn't good. It's plot is annoyingly repetitive, and it's B-plot is trying too hard to be like a much better Disney cartoon. And I completely HATE the fact that this show actually surpassed Kim Possible's record of the longest running animated Disney Channel Original Series. Yes, Phineas and Ferb actually made it to FIVE seasons! God, kill me! The fans can hate me all they want, but It's just my opinion, Phineas and Ferb is one of the most overrated cartoons ever made and unless your a little kid, its not worth watching.
  • Therry

    show is not sooooo good.
  • Phineas & Ferb

    This animated show is just amazing I love their innovative ideas and innovative planning and structures they create! secondly everything they crate vanishes or disappears before their mom could see!!! 3

  • A mix of awesomeness and creativity

    At the start of Season 4, I was quite excited (I watched the movie a week before the first episode aired), and when I saw the first episode, I said: "hey, this is cool!". Than the other episodes came, and it started feeling repetitive. I stopped watching the show. Recently, I saw a trailer to the newest episode that's gonna air next Monday, and I decided to catch up. I loved it! I got my faith into the show again, and when I saw the "Night of the Living Pharmasists" Halloween special, I loved it! An honest 9.5/10! It deserves it!
  • Nauseating

    This show is just the same garbage episode over and over again. The characters are unlikable (Except for the villain, he's mediocre) and they are very boring and bland, and I seriously get disgusted watching them. This is the plot summed up:

    Phineas: I'm going to build something.. also where's Perry?

    *builds thing*

    Cadance: OMG moooooooom Phineas built the thing!

    Villain: Haha perry this machine-inator will destroy blah blah blah

    *machine ends up destroying Phineas's thing*

    Cadance: Wutt where did Phineas's thingy gooo?

    Phineas: oh there's perry

    SERIOUSLY the show is just the same thing over and over. Plus, the songs are spastic, annoying and not catchy.
  • Creative at first, recycled and stagnating now

    The show was quite creative at first, incorporating ideas that were definitely not unique in its formula. Though it wasn't very original, it still felt like a nice start. The comedy was pretty good and the characters were charming... that is until Disney dropped the ball with this one.

    Now the characters are incredibly lame, robotic-like, lacking any sort of depth, and it's all thanks to the recycled plots in this show and the repetitiveness of the episodes. It's quite sad, considering this was once the flagship cartoon for Disney. Now it's a sinking ship ready to fall into obscurity, destroyed by the very same ideas that propelled this show and made it popular.
  • its pretty good........ well, at least it use to be good

    when i was little, it was like the BEST show ever!!! but now, since phineas and ferb save summer, the show is not sooooo good. I mean now the characters look different and its tooo hd. phineas and ferb star wars episode didn't have the same plot and just made no sense. the latest episodes just are to gland and plain and i seriously felt like changing the channel. I mean it used to be my favourite show and i would buy their t shirts, stuffies, and any kind of merchandise there was. But now......... im ashamed to watch this show. Please make the show better, im begging.
  • So sad that there are very few saviors of Disney Channel. This is one of them... Not anymore! An edited review!

    Now, it's just mundane.

    Same thing every episode, nothing has changed even years have passed.

    The show only follows ONE plot formula that has been used and recycled for every seasons. It's just boring!

    The titular protagonists gets to invent something, their pet goes to foil the loony old guy's plan and succeeding, and their sister trying to do the same thing over and over again like a child.

    Also, it's always summer on this show. For some reason, their earth must have been staying in one place in the orbit. The episodes are MORE PLENTY than the actual days of summer itself!
  • I know what I'm gonna do today

    and every single day this show is on. I'm going to change channel.
  • When will it end?!

    It's so repetitive! it was creative and fun at first but
  • This show seems decent

    A mean sister trying to "bust" her smart and creative brothers? Seriously?
  • Deterioration in quality

    At first this show was incredibly witty, smart and funny. But after a while it becomes boring cause every episode always has the same dull monotonic plot formula.
  • eh...

    its ok. I use to love it when i was little, but now its pretty boring and cheesy. but its not super bad like oobi or barney
  • the definition of insanity

    Have you ever watched a show, and 2 seasons in, you expect stuff to change, but everything keeps going the same exact way? This is how I feel with this show. While far from the worst, it falls right in the buttcheeks of dissapointing. Why is that? It is disney channel's currently most popular cartoon, and its critically acclaimed! well, I dont care what they say, because this show has 3 issues that overshadow what I enjoy about it.

    1. the voice acting isnt very good. I hate ashely tisdale, and the voice of phineas is as irritating as having toxic waste poured in my ear. it also doesn't help that the characters themselves are bland.

    2. its formula. many shows like scooby-doo have a flowing, repeating formula that is followed the whole series. Some shows end up standing the test of time because people remember and love the characters, but once you know exactly what happens word for word before the episode even comes out, that becomes an issue. Phineas and Ferb plays it safe and has kept it safe for so long it's going to eventually bite back. even with the occassional what-if episode, it all feels the same, and by now, that's a problem.

    3. the songs.... not every episode needs a song.. even the marvel special acted like a musical (but to the special's credit, it was the closest it got to a new, different turn, and despite the songs, it was fresh).

    bottom line is this show is the least bad of the disney channel line-up. there are way worse shows out there, and this is half a step above new spongebob episodes. I dont plan on watching it since i get a bad taste in my mouth from the voice acting. That, and I know exactly what they will do and say when it reaches its next season. While its bad, its alright if you like it.
  • Best animated cartoon ever

    Phineas and Ferb is a really great comedy animation show for kids, tweens, teens and adults. This show is different than any Disney shows. The jokes and humor as well as breaking the "fourth barrier" is quite hillarious at the plots are repetitive. But that's how the show is. That's how they create storylines for each and every episode. Not all episodes necessarily follow that plot. Some are slightly different. But there's a rule to it. For example, Phineas and Ferb can't get busted. That's where the Perry defeats Doof plot comes in. The inator fires at the boys' invention and it's not there anymore when their mom arrives. Doofenshmirtz on the other hand is an absolutely hillarious evil scientist. One of the funniest characters in P&F. True, the show declined slightly in Season 3. But the new season 4 is completely different. There's the new 1-hour specials such as "Save Summer" and "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars". Some people tend to criticize the cartoon, but it's actually amazing. The songs are pretty cool. The series is known for its catchy songs, either short or long. For example, one of the people's favourite is "Summer Belongs to You", a spectacular song in the P&F special titled with the same name. The duration of the song is just as long as any other pop song is definitely a very memorable song, depicting how great summer is and all the adventures they had on that they. From the new 1-hour special of "Save Summer", the song "Summer All Over the World" took place all around the world saying that it doesn't matter where you are, but we can all celebrate the joy it's amazing how the creators are able to create songs for the episodes in just a span of 1 hour. The best part is where all the famous guest stars come in. I mean come on, if they love this show, who wouldn't? One particular guest star was Slash in the song "Kick it Up a Notch" in the "Phineas and Ferb Movie: Across the Second Dimension". There's also the interesting thing about this series where every episode relates to the next. You can notice character development from season to season. Instead of just focussing on the few main characters,new characters are always introduced, and somehow, these characters end up in future episodes as well. Thus, increasing the bonds of each character. In the new season, the animation has also been improved. Some may not notice, but there are many uncommonly used words in the series, and this helps people to learn more words, especially for the kids. This can open their horizons. Besides, this series wasn't meant for kids only, the series was also made for adults of all ages to enjoy. This is by far one of the best 2D animation series ever. This is my opinion though, and definitely the opinions of all P&F fans around the world. If you don't like it, watch every single episode from the start up until "Save Summer" and be sure not to miss out on "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" premiere.
  • Phineas' VOICE

    Great show, but the last three years have been tough to watch. The actor who reads Phineas for some reason now puts the accent on the last word of every SENTENCE. No matter the SITUATION. He barely enunciates the line, until he gets to the last WORD. Like he doesn't read the script until ten mintues before RECORDING.
  • The Cartoon That Rewrote The Book

    For years we have been bombarded with grotesque looking Cartoons that rely on heavily on surrealism and dark humored themes. Then in 2007, Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh came along to prove that Cartoons need to be fun and not restricted to one audience. The result was Phineas and Ferb, an absolute breath of fresh air that reminded us that Cartoons need to be made for positive attributions. PF has taught us to never let the greatest of life's moments slip away and to always have confidence in ourselves that we can achieve any goals we set (any age group can relate to this theme). The characters are can be related with and are a joy to watch, the music is fun and most of all it has a brain (the writing is genius in its simplicity). I recommend this show for anyone of any age group! The best cartoon ever made and I'm a 90s child!
  • Great except for the schmusic...

    We recently discovered Phineas & Ferb (via Netflix) and completely enjoyed most of what I'm guessing were the first two seasons. However, the past ten episodes or more (we're now a bit past the Lake Nose Monster show) have been ruined by idiotic musical interludes. Did someone at Disney start poking his or her big fat nose into the production at that point? "Hey, we need to really DISNEY-up this great cartoon by sticking in pointless musical numbers!" Unlike some posters here, I don't mind the repetitive plots, as long as they remain clever. But the musical stuff (other than over the opening/closing credits) is a complete drag. Sadly, the show seems to have jumped the shark (or the Lake Nose Monster?). But long live Perry the Platypus!
  • Awesome show!

    I don't know why people are hating it. I love the episode Return Policy and you're going to love It's No Picnic. I've watched Return Policy and Live and Let Drive.
  • One of the only decent shows on Disney Channel.

    The animated shows on Disney/Nickelodeon are the only good shows on today's TV.
  • First good now not so much anymore.

    This show used to be Good. However. This show just Sucks Now because it's running out of idea's and each episode has the same plot over again.
  • The most creative show of all time

    this show made me laugh, realise that it is something close to my heart.. i feel this is the most creative one and also gives kids great morals.. the unusual elements bring us the idea of wide range thinking and really this generation kind of show.. i love this on no matter what.. the best cartoon i've ever seen..
  • Was once great, now they are running out of ideas

    This used to be my favorite show. Seasons 1 and 2 were great. The plots might be repetitive, but the shows were amazing. In Season 3, it started to go downhill around the episode "Bad Hair Day" and it became unbearable in season 4. The plots are lazy written and the animation is now terrible. They are clearly running out of ideas. Doof is not even trying anymore and phineas and ferbs inventions are now very boring. I give it an 8 for seasons 1 and 2. But please END SUMMER! END THE SHOW!

    UPDATE 2-1-14 Another thing I forgot to add on my orinigal review is that now they are WAY too smart for their age. They are supossed to be 5th graders going on to 6th. Now they talk about math and things that are too advanced for their age. Baljeet is an exception. The others are not.
  • Two Words: CAN-CEL

    Phineas and Ferb was actually a decent show when it first aired on Disney Channel. The ideas were creative and fresh with good humor and excellent plots. But the fact that it's been running for over five years is kind of surprising. Just like the 'Kidz Bop' series, Phineas and Ferb has been dragging on for far too long. Shall I pull out zee list?

    Plot- The storyboard for this show used to be entertaining, but now it's too predictable. Phineas and Ferb start talking about some random subject and create an invention based on it. Then, their older sister Candace will try to bust them. Meanwhile, the family pet platypus fights the rookie evil scientist Dr. Doof. After Perry defeats him, Doof's evil invention will explode and fire one last ray, which will hit P and F's invention, causing it to vanish. Then Candace will look stupid, Mom will serve snacks, and the credits will roll. See, same thing every time, talk about BORING!

    Characters and Animation- The characters are undeveloped and annoying, to sum it up. Don't even get me started on that mess they call animation!

    SINGING- Why is the that in EVERY single episode there's some kind of dumb song to go along with the headlines? And WHY are people always randomly singing in public, and not getting called crazy for it?

    Unrealistic- 'There's 104 days of Summer vacation' my butt! In Phineas and Ferb, Summer basically lasts until the end of time! And plus, no average kid can make an expensive invention EVEY SINGLE DAY. I mean, doesn't someone have to PAY for all that?

    I have an idea for a new episode; why don't you have an episode where it's the last day of Summer break? And then, following that, have an episode where they return to school. And after that, get rid of this dumb show! It's gone on for far too long, cancel it already!
  • kind of stupid

    The creaters must be running out of ideas because this show Is going down the I wanted to watch a bad show I would have gone to cartoon network. I love Disney channel but its not the same anymore. Its mediocre, and needs to have serious changes if they expect me to watch anymore of it.
  • Surprisingly good if you can get past the repetitive plot.

    I can see why a lot of people don't like Phineas and Ferb, because they get tired of seeing the plots repeated over and over again. Sure, there are a lot of shows that are repetitive and suck such as Pokemon and Johnny Test, this however is something different.

    Phineas and Ferb is about two step brothers on summer vacation that like to spend their summer break creating lots of inventions. Candace sees what they're doing and wants to get them busted practically because what they're doing can be wrong and their a little too young to be creating stuff like that (they say a catchphrase like that in the show). They usually wonder were Perry is and when they ask where's Perry the scene cuts off to Perry sneaking out of the house to go to Doofenschmirtz Evil Inc to fight Dr. Doofenschmirtz. I'm going to stop here because all of you who have watched the show know it's plot.

    What I have to say about P&F is that its a great cartoon and the best show on Disney Channel at the moment. The premise, while its plot is repetitive, its' very original and well thought out. The animation is very smooth and unique, the songs are catchy and very funny, the humor is very funny and the characters are very likeable. Unlike Johnny Test or some other shitty cartoon that has a repetitive plot this show can be repetitive and actually be good. I reccomend this to all who enjoy Disney cartoons, or cartoons in general. Rating: 10/10