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Phineas and Ferb

Season 1 Episode 32

The Best Lazy Day Ever

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Best Lazy Day Ever
Phineas and Ferb decide to spend the day doing absolutely nothing, but Candace doesn't believe them and ends up constructing something of her own, in an attempt to get them to take over for her, letting her bust them. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz invents an ugly-inator so he will be more handsome than everyone else.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Candace doesn't know what to do when Phineas and Ferb decide not to do anything for the day

    A pretty good episode with a great idea behind it. To see what would happen if Candace didn’t have a reason to bust her brothers was definitely a great premise, but I would have rather seen that be her only story, and not have to take time to mix in the concert. I think this one would have done better as a half hour story, with more of Candace trying to find other things to do, and maybe even Phineas and Ferb helping her build something for a change. The Perry storyline was decent, but quick. Nice to see Doofenshmirtz using 2 evil contraptions in one day, kind of complicating things a little more than usual. Overall a good episode. Grade : Bmoreless
  • very original

    well phineas and ferb cant think of something to do so for once they just decide to relax. candace thinks this strange and she does everything she can to make them do domething waccky to bust the, but they just wont budge at all! when perry is battling dr. d, d wants to make everyone ugly so he will look more sexy. but peryy fires the ughly ray at dr. d and he doesnt change at all! lol. in the end everything is okay as usual. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs! todays my b-day! this is to make it 100 wordsmoreless
  • Something differnt for the two brothers.

    The two brothers were about to do something amazing as usual, until they went outside. Phineas thought it was such a beautiful day. Why waste it!? So they decided to

    do...nothing. They just laied there, looking at the clouds. Candace was on her phone with her friend, talking about a concert Jearmy and his band were going to do. She noticed Phineas and Ferb were doing nothing, but thought they replaced themself's with decoys plotting to do something bad. When they weren't. She went to check and asked what were they doing, and was surprised but there respose... "Nothing." So she tried perswaying them to do something cool..but Ferb just said "put it in our dropbox, well try to build it tomorrow." Candace saw a commercial for a super coll toy, so she builds it so they can get caught from mom. But Perry and DR. Doofenshmirtz came over with his blimp and the thing went up right about to hit Jearmy's Concert when it just landed on the stage. it looked good cause the aduince and the band got shot buy Doofenshmirtz laser that turns everything ugly, they were all rocker types. Perry stopped him so everybody was normal. Mom arvived and yet again nobody gets caught for nothing. This was an unexpected episode. But it was really good.moreless
  • Strange when the most surprising episode can have the characters doing absolutely nothing.

    Here's a recap of the episode: Phineas and Ferb, once again, have big plans for the day. But once seeing what a beautiful day it is, they postpone their plans and decide to spend the day doing nothing at all. Meanwhile, Candace is excited to go see Jeremy's concert. She figures she will try to bust her brothers again while waiting for the concert to begin. But after seeing how pointless her life is without her brothers' schemes, she takes matters into her own hands and builds something of her own. Doofenshmirtz has built his "Uglyinator", which makes people uglier (obviously), making him look better. He keeps Perry from stopping him by trapping him in slow motion, which makes him easier for Doofenshmirtz to avoid.

    I really enjoyed this episode, as the plot was mostly about Candace, and she came out on top. My favorite parts were when Phineas remarks about how the world is singing, Candace ordering the dinosaur slide and the man questioning her age, Jeremy's incredibly meaningless song, and when the Uglyinator transforms Jeremy's band into a heavy-metal concert. All in all, an incredibly out-of-character episode, but a very good one. Highly reccomended.moreless
Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

Vance Ward

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Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu

Stacy Hirano

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Mitchel Musso

Mitchel Musso

Jeremy Johnson

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    • Candace: Today is a pivotal moment in my life. You see, Jeremy's band is gonna play at the festival. Jeremy's gonna see me in the crowd, not just because I have front row seats, but because I'm gonna be cheering harder than anyone else! Like this: WHOOO! YEAH! WHAAA! BABY, OH YES, SING IT! Then we're gonna date through high school and college and marry and have two kids - Xavier and Amanda. So don't you dare ruin it with one of your little project thingies!

    • Man: (To Candace) By the way, aren't you a little too old to be building one of these?
      Candace: Yes, yes I am.

    • Candace: They're just standing there like statues. (Wondering) Statues... (Fantasy sequence)
      Phineas: Good thinking, Ferb. We'll put these decoys up so Candace thinks we're doing nothing. Then when Candace isn't looking we'll do something! (Wicked Laugh and end of sequence)

    • Doofenshmirtz: (After getting hit with the Uglyinator) Oh no! Now I'm ugly... (Realizes nothing happened) Oh. Oh, I get it. Hardee-har-har.

    • Ferb: And with handsome movie actor Vance Ward! (pauses)...he seems much faster on T.V.

    • Candace: (talking to herself) Face it! You can't do anything unless you're trying to bust them for doing something. And if they're doing nothing then... (starts crying) who is Candace?

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