Phineas and Ferb

Season 2 Episode 12

The Chronicles of Meap (Parts 1 & 2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Great episode it has a little Star Wars and alien movie

    An Alen name Meep comes to Earth just like that Alien Movie and Phineas and Ferb fixs his Ship and Candace gets the Alien and takes it some the toy are like parodies of Beanie badyies or Gremlins or something else. Freakin' Ferb trying to showoff at Doofenshmirtz's daughter Vanessa what the hell is his problem it's was so funny what he was doing to show off. And I like the part when Ferb said that no cloud that's a space lair that is so Star Wars then Candace and Meep do the same thing like that alien movie then something else happens and Meep talks why does Meep need a moustache to talk what the hell is up with that ?
  • Great Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When using their new Baseball gloves, Phineas throws a ball too high, and it hits an alien space ship, causing it to crash. A little cute alien named Meap comes out, and Phineas and Ferb decide to fix it.

    Meanwhile, Stacy and Candace go to a Bangaroo convention, but Candace's Bangaroo is ugly, so she takes Meap, thinking it's Phineas and Ferb's Bangaroo.

    Dr. Doofenshmirtz invents a machine to take all balloons out of The Tri State Area, becuase he lost his balloon as a child, so he wants it back.

    This was a great episode. There were so many funny parts, such as Ferb flirting with Vanessa, The Ride from Outer Space song, Doofenshmirt's backstory, and Mitch and the balloon.

    Overall Grade:100%/A+
  • The best P and F episode ever. "Need a new friend it's: Bangaroo. Cuddly little round guy: Bangaroo." BANGAROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Bunny-bears are cool!

    A perfect episode. I wish there were more of the chronicles of Meap. You hear that Jeff Swampy Marsh??? I want more of Meap!!!!!!!!!!!!! This episode is hilarious and random but I like randomness. I loved this episode from the minute it started. I don't see why they don't make a sequence of episodes titled "The Chronicles of Meap". They could even make a Meap movie. Quite a lot of the reason I like this episode is that it brings a lot of the characters together and makes what I like to call a "Super Episode". Super Episodes rule!!!! And so does Meap.
  • Seemed Epic

    This episode seemed more epic then it was. It seemed more epic because of the last half, when Phineas and Ferb and Isabella being abducted by Mitch. And then he plans to hold them prisoner forever. When all he wants is "Meap." This episode was different. It wasn't the funniest episode but it had a ring to it that not many episodes have. It seems far more epic then any other episode {at least any that has aired so far}. It also kind of seems like a different show, the whole sci-fi aspect of it. But I liked it too much too care.
  • When an alien space ship crashes into their backyard, Phineas and Ferb decide to repair it in order to help its passenger, and incredibly cute alien they call Meap find his family.. but there's much more to this cute little guy than there first appears!

    I was pleasantly surprised by this episode for a number of reasons.
    For starters, I liked the sci-fi references (including Star Wars and even E.T.!), and Candice got a chance to shine here.
    The parts with Meap, including his battle with Mitch at the end were good too, and showed a bit of parallels with a certain platypus and mad scientist...
    Speaking of which, the usual sideplot with Perry and Dr. Doofenschmirtz was good too, and meshed with the main plot more than usual, but showed how Doofenschmirtz tolerates, and even respects his personal nemesis.
    I also enjoyed the "trailer" at the end, complete with voice over, which also doubled as a tribute to Don LeFontaine, the guy who did all those movie trailer voiceovers.
    All of this makes for one heck of an episode!
  • Candace, Phineas and Ferb meet an alien from outer space.

    I'm a big fan of Phineas and Ferb; it's one of the few shows that really make me laugh, but this one is just not that good. The gang meets a "cute" alien that looks like a plush toy, and Ferb fixes his space ship as everyone including Perry and Doofenschmirtz tag along on an adventure. O-Kay... It's enjoyable, but it's too far a break from the regular world of the series. About the only thing that makes it any good are the references to other sci-fi series. It's like a crossover with another series that did not need to happen.
  • the chronicles of meap

    Phineas and ferb meet an alien named Meap who is on the run from his nemsis who phineas and ferb mistake for his father. meap follows candance to the bangaroo convention and he gets her kicked out. ferb rebuild meap's ship and takes it for a test drive and late gets phineas and isabella and him captured so candance must save them. perry and doofenshirmts have yet another battle. overall a very funny episode and was actually very unipredictable which isn't the case for most of the newer episodes. this episode had so many funny moments and is one of the best episodes of all time.
  • Brilliant episode

    I enjoyed this episode two parter. It was very good and intelligent, and the evolution of Ferbessa was a pleasant surprise as i'd thought it would remain a one time gag.
    I liked the Star Wars reference, of which there have already been at least two; "That's no cloud... That's a space station". Nice intelligent and enjoyable reference. Allround good episode. The plot was interesting and i doubt i'll forget Meap for a long while despite my bad memory. Such a likeable and hilarious character. This episode has to be one of the best in Season 2, and just goes to show how great Phineas and Ferb is. Mitch was a great villain. The 'socky shocky suit' was funny. Great writing. The song was good and Phinabella evolved without affecting the formula badly, another of Dan and Swampy's brilliant methods employed. The Doofy/Perry plot was awesome and hilarious, and the whole static electricity thing was funny. Candace had some great moments. Plenty of quotes and memorable scenes and an allround enjoyable episode. Really looks like they're keeping things consistent nicely.