Phineas and Ferb

Season 3 Episode 1

The Great Indoors

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • a good start to season 3


    a good start to season 3. i thought this was great episode. for the first time i actually liked the fireside girls. my favorite chacters in this episode were phineas, isabella, and dr. doofensmert. i cracked up at the very end. when Candace is trying figure out why Jeremy likes her. so when Jeremy said "i like you because" then it cuts to sccer players and ends the episode. i cracked up at that. i laughed when the biosphere switched to the dessert to the rainforest. i laughe dat oone part when isabella says "well that was fast" the phineas says "well you know what they say no one likes working in the rain". the only reason this episode wasn't a 10 was because of the song. that song was so annyoing. i chuckled when a giant rock almost fell on candace and Jeremy. and Candace said "that's it that could've squished us i'm going to bust the boys no matter what". then Jeremy says "look it's just paper machae and he picks it up." this was a good episode. Once again Mr. Doofensmurts made me laugh. i thought it was funny when he said he wanted to rain out the tristate area all because he couldn't watch his soap operas. once again perry saves the day. Perry is beast. i thought it was funny at the end when she is just about to bust the boys and the biosphere goes away cause the raininator is shaped like a golf club and hits the boisphere sending it to nowhere. another good episode of phineas and ferb. up next im reviewing is phineas and ferb candemery.

  • Don't be fooled by the many ongoing plot lines. This episode is a really goody when it comes to lazing out on the couch.


    If you are not aware with the basic plot line of this show, we will get you in tune. Phineas and Ferb make stuff, their sister Candace tries to bust them, Perry their pet is a secret agent who fights the not so evil genius, Doofenshmirtz.

    When Isabella and the Fireside Girls stop by, Phineas and Ferb help them out, because it is raining outside, and they create a biome sphere that can mimic outside conditions. This way the girls can get their scout patches. While this is occuring, Candace's boyfriend Jeremy pops by and they check out what the boys have built. Candace tries not to let it bother her, because she wants to spend time with Jeremy.

    What we get is a fast paced episode with really good quality animation, and a plot that makes you laugh throughout. It is pretty deep at times and makes you think of things. Possibly one of the funnier plots is how Doofenshmirtz is trying to watch his favorite Hispanic soap opera, and it all just goes wrong.

    A fun episode the whole family can enjoy, with a animatic musical number.

  • Great start to season 3.


    Bad weather spoils the Fireside Girls' plans to earn some patches, so Phineas and Ferb build a huge biodome to help them. Meanwhile, Candace works herself into a frenzy when she decides that she needs to find out what Jeremy likes about her. Meanwhile, at D.E. Inc., Dr. Doofenshmirtz is uses a Rain-inator to disrupt a televised soccer game that's preempting his favorite Mexican soap opera. Anyway, I thought it was a great start of the third season. The plot was really good, although I thought Jeremy knowing like Candace likes about her was kinda getting annoying because we didn't see them what they like each other, but I'm not taking away points for that, the episode's still perfect. OMG, Perry's entrance was hilarious especially when Major Monogram and Carl play it again. Doofenshimrtz watching a spanish soap opera was funny as well. Although the episode wasperfect, I don't recall any more funny scenes, but overall, I did enjoyed the episode. 10/10.

  • A Perfect way to start the third season!

    I was a bit unsure of the biosphere episode at first, but when I saw it in action, I was astounded!

    Let me begin with the A-Plot. To help The Fireside girls earn a patch, Phineas and Ferb create a huge biosphere! The animation in that sphere was incredible! The transformations of the environments almost blew my mind right out of my ears! And the timing on every joke was pitch-perfect, especially the ones where Adyson got hurt! It's terrible to laugh at, but hey, it's there to be laughed at, and she's a cartoon, so why not?

    Ah, Doofenshmirtz's Rain-inator. That was a genius stroke for a not-so genius scientist. He is just like everyone else; get what you want even if the way is unreasonable. And boy, was this unreasonable! He rained out a soccer game just so he could watch a Mexican Soap Opera! That was hilarious, as was his ranting about how bad soccer is! And of course, Perry saves the day and Doof doesn't finish his soap. As he swears (check the litteral translation) in Spanish, that was a perfect moment.

    As with probably a lot of you, I want to know why Jeremy likes Candace! Her struggle to handle Phineas and Ferb AND her and Jeremy's Date was gold! The Song: Set the Record straight was a perfect song for this episode. The allusions to The Little Mermaid were perfect as well. The song is upbeat and funny at the same time! A rare accomplishment! 10/10= Perfect in my book!
    That's all for now!
  • Ferb: Sorry, Adysson.

    Soooo, the Fireside girls can0't get their "survive on a desert" patch because of the rain, so P&F build a biosphere to help them. THe biosphere can mimic every environment form deserts to mountain to rainforests. Candace is then about to have a picnic with Jeremy, who then proposes to have it on the biosphere, makign Candace choose between him and busting. She chooses him, and tries to find out why does he like her. Meanwhile, Doof had build the rain-inator to stop a soccer game and be able to watch his new favorite mexican soap opera, but Perry thwarts him. then Candace deicdes to bust, but the raininator (which is shaped like a gold club) hits the biosphere sending it to oblivion. Jeremy is about to tell Candace why he likes her, but the viewer ends up watching the mexican soccer game.

    Overall: Antoher good episode. this season started pretty good. I really like that Jeremy is making Candace less of a bust-bot. 9/10.
  • Perfect episode

    As most of you know, I'm not a big fan of Phineas and Ferb and I already mentioned on my "Phineas and Ferb" show review that I only watch this show when they air new episodes on Disney Channel. I was impressed by this episode. Sure, it has the same storyline but it kind of changed around like when Mom says "Hey, Where's Perry?" this time on this episode. It was hilarious when Major and Carl kept replaying Agent P sliding on the seat. Dr. Doofenschmirtz raining out the game just watch his spanish soap operas was also hilarious. I thought Phineas and Ferb making that giant globe that has deserts, forests, and all that in there was very well thought out idea. Isabella and her troops finding things on the desert and all the other tropical lands was cool. Although, I'm gonna be generous with this episode because I really enjoyed it, I didn't like how Candace tries to bust the boys (as always) and when Jeremy was about to tell Candace what he likes about her and then the episode leaves us hanging was totally bogus. Overall, a perfect "Phineas and Ferb" episode. 10/10
  • They boys build a biodome.

    So, The boys help Isabella & the girls earn a fireside girl patch by creating this absolutely giant biodome during some rain.

    Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz is the cause of the rain because of his new invention: The rain-inator. Perry figures out a way to stop him, too. Moving the tube into the rain, making a flood, which destroys Doof's invention.

    This was a good episode with good parts such as the Biodome being able to make all those different enviroments, and of course, Doofenshmirtz's signature line, in mexican. 8.5/10 B Great plot, great quotes, great episode. Enough said.

    See you next time!
  • good

    Phineas and Ferb build a giant dome for Isabella and the fireside girls, because they can't have a meeting they were going to have because of rain. We later learn that Doctor Doof is responsible for the rain, because we wants to watch a Spanish soap opera. And Candace wants to know what exactly it is about her that Jeremy likes, will she find out?

    Good episode, but the ending was pretty much the most predictable thing in the world. Maybe the point was that it was to be that predictable, but holy cow, that was so predictable (Jeremy about to tell Candace why he likes her, only to be interrupted). The rest of it was ok but this part was just too predictable for me to like. C+/B- or so seems fair