Phineas and Ferb

Season 3 Episode 20

Tour de Ferb

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Sorry fans, but this episode was super boring...


    I'm sorry to say this, but I think "Tour de Ferb" was a boring episode. That's sucks because it is the first episode to premire after the movie and it has to be terrible. :( The main plot is nothing special. I didn't liked the Perry plot either. Ad Pop out intaor?Lame and annoying. Worst inator ever. Once again, Buford was a bit annoying and so does Candace. I wish Candace didn't follow the kids and try to bust them becuase I'd have give it a 3. My score is 10 points away from 1 because I liked the song and the "Wire you doing to me?" joke. Overall, this episode this sucked. I'm not a Phineas and Ferb hater though, I just didn't like it. 2/10

  • Ugh!!! What a waste of time


    Well... it looks like Disney Channel is going to only air one 11-minute episode of "Phineas and Ferb" every Friday night now. Yes!!! A Miracle. "Fish Hooks" isn't alone anymore with the airing one 11-minute episode. If you read my review for that Phineas and Ferb movie, I told you all that I love the movie way more than the animated series even though some of the scenes were disappointing. Anyways, where do I even start?. It's just same ol' stuff like any other episode except most of the episode in Season 3, I actually find a few things I like about in an episode. There was nothing good to about this episode. Just annoying and horrible older sister Candace trying to bust her younger brothers Phineas and Ferb. I didn't even find the Doofenschmirtz/Perry plot enjoyable in this episode, it was just lame especially when Doofenschmirtz made that "Wire you doing this to me? (Seriously? I learned that joke when I was 6 years old). This cartoon is obviously not meant to be a comedy cartoon so stop with the humor writers. That's what made me hate this episode even more. All of the jokes in this episode were tasteless, unoriginal, rehashed, lame, and dumb. Stop with the humor writers, just stop with the waste of time jokes. Buford was also horrible in this episode. The ending was also rushed. Of course, Candace didn't bust the boys and was too late. Ugh, this episode was such a waste of time. How can anyone love seeing an animated cartoon that has the same storylines, jokes that are unbelievably horrible, and that has absolutely no originality. Overall, this episode was such a waste of time... at least I know NEW "Fish Hooks" will cheer me up after seeing this junk. 1/10

  • I really, really LOVED this episode!


    This, In my opinion, is ANOTHER GREAT episode of Phineas and Ferb.

    The plot was clever and original, with humor and originality everywhere!

    I praise the appearance of Greg LeMond, he did an excellent job in his voice work! His turkey line was hilarious!

    The plot with Doofenshmirtz was great! His lines were, as always, funny and clever. And to those who complain about the wire joke, are we forgetting this is a CHILDREN'S SHOW! That is the target audience! So just please stop, although I do respect the opinions. The pop-ups were a clever touch, and the plot flowed smoothly.

    My only complaint is that they pulled a Fish Hooks and aired only one part of the episode! Why? And yes, I went there.

    Overall, this isn't the best episode I have ever seen, but it sure was very enjoyable!

    9.5/10= Great in my mind!

    That's all for Now!

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