Phoenix (1992)

ABC1 (ended 1993)


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  • Brilliant depiction of the now infamous Victorian Major Crime Squad, it's operation and eventual demise as political correctness took over the police force.

    From the opening credits accompanied by the haunting strains of Paul Grabowski's trumpet to the closing credits of the final episode of Phoenix, this series was and still is addictive viewing.

    It has stood the test of time very well (I'm rewatching it for the 5th or 6th time at present).

    Just one thing, unlike the synopsis here in, it wasn't a Mini-Series, but a full blown series that went for 2 seasons. And if you enjoy it, get hold of Janus and watch it straight afterward, because, where Phoenix is about police investigation and catching the crims, Janus is about bringing those cases to court and prosecuting the crims with a number of the cops we grew to love in Phoenix carrying through the story in Janus.

    Oh, and it's very Australian. By that I mean the humour and euphemisms. If you love THE SHIELD, you'll definately enjoy PHOENIX.