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  • Phoenix Nights is about a bar/pub in England and the employees who work there. Brian is a disabled guy who runs the place, (Peter Kay) He tries to do alot of crazy things to get people to come to his club, instead of his nemesis another club owner.

    This is another one of my favorite shows! Too bad it didn't make it past 2 seasons. I personally thought that it could have gone further. But that is what makes shows like this a cult classic. Brian and his semi- dim witted staff do whatever they can to get more people into their club. They have a house band who are weird on their own levels. Even the door guys are a riot, because of their lame brained antics! The only thing they don't get done is their job. They even have a talent show at there club called Star Seeker, in this certain episode they loose their original band and have to hire another band. But the band they hire ends up being racist, They find that out when they sing a song called Send the buggers back. Watching this show is like jumping on the Funny Train. You will laugh at almost everything. I recommend this show to anyone.. It is British humor, which some people find to be dry. But not me! Give me Monty Python or give me death!
  • a funny show

    peter kay stars in this show about life in a social club in the north of england. peter kays comedy genuis shines through in this quirky comedy, where he stars as club owner brain potter. a great cast of characters and funny story lines make this comedy a must see. a absolute must for all peter kay fans.
  • A gag-based show with little non-humour-oriented character development.

    When this was given to me as a Christmas gift, I had no idea what it was, but I watched them through like a blank canvas without bias from people talking about it or previous knowledge of the actors. I only knew Neil Fitzmaurice from The Office. I must say I was delightfully surprised by how funny it was, however, I found it a little hard going.

    To begin with, the characters seem to have very little depth. They are all about gags and funny dialogue, often taking the piss out of each other, but lacking this dimension of seriousness makes it, in my opinion, on par with many shows from the past, not a trend-setter, and not something new. The main character, Brian Potter, seems to be a typical businessman, ready to sell out his friends and family if only to get an edge and run a successful club. Unlike other un-PC leading roles like Partridge or Brent, who were victims of their own follies and often paid the price for them, Potter seems to be the victim of other people's mistakes, making his character a less sympathetic and two-dimensional.

    However it isn't about character building, it's about the gags and dialogue, which are unrelenting. Every episode packs in so much that it's a bit like a roller coaster, and it keeps you entertained, but at the same time makes you feel like you have watched 3 episodes even though you've only watched one. This sheer volume of gags and laugh-seeking dialogue will certainly generate a happy entertaining beat for anyone. If the comedy night doesn't make you laugh, perhaps you'll be laughing at the robot wars going on in the next room.

    Taken for what it is and what it's trying to do, I think it's very successful and highly entertaining. I don't think the material is too offensive, or the characters are too extreme. Although it doesn't dabble in drama, and the characters are not seen as anything but to be laughed at, there is still a strong sense of realism that reverberates through each episode.

    P.S.: one person posted a review saying this is better than The Office and why is The Office winning so much praise, awards, and a following. I think the answers are simple. #1, the aforementioned lack of drama. There are many soft and caring moments in The Office that really humanizes the characters. #2, Phoenix Nights is really like a magnifying glass over the city of Bolton. The setting and characters have little widespread applicability, whereas I think many people all over the world can in part identify with the characters and setting of The Office, I mean let's face it, how many people have worked in offices as opposed to night clubs?
  • I love this program i watch it whenever it\'s on.

    Peter Kay is the funniest guy around, he has me in stitches all the time. This program is so totally unmissable. I\'m a big fan of the northern accent so you can probably guess why i like it. Without a doubt you have to watch this program i mean OK the humour can be rude but what program isn\'t that\'s on nowadays. Overall i give this program a 10 out of 10 and you must be mad to not watch it !!!!
  • Should be as big as the Office.

    In a time when Ricky Gervais' The Office has swept all before it both here and across the pond, weighing him down with awards galore, another masterpiece was allowed to go under the radar.
    For that is what Phoenox Nights is, a work of pure, on the nose too true it's scary genius.
    Peter Kay bases his comedy acts around everything that he has seen in his life from family dinners to ordering chinese takeaway and these resonate in the writing of Phoenix Nights. Characters you will have seen in your life before are scattered around the Phoenix Club, their extreme craziness all brought together by the most madcap of them all - Brian Potter, created to be in a wheelchair because, as Peter Kay explains "you don't see many people in wheel chairs on TV".
    The Office may have gotten the international recognition, but Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights has just as much class.
  • hahaha!!love it has me in stitches all the time, every time!!! so true to life up where we are!!

    im a sucker for a great comedy!
    this is a classic example!
    the stories and characters are so true to life in our part of the woods!!
    Brian reminds me of my dad, so he refuses to watch it, he thinks its a bad thing, but i disagree, he has me in stitches!!
    Peter Kay, what a genius!!
  • Phoenix Nights is one of the great British Sitcoms!

    Bolton’s very own answer to Ironside is a man named Brian Potter! Brian is the man who’s bringing good times back to the heart of Bolton by putting on great value for money club nights. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Ha-ha, not if you’re Brian Potter and his staff at the Phoenix Nights! They are guaranteed to mess things up every time! Which is great and funny for us the audience. Each 30 minute episode will have you laughing at the edge of your seat, so if you’ve not already watched it, go out and buy this show today. Unfortunately they only did two seasons of this excellent sitcom, but I guess anymore might have ruined the show, so ending when it was on a massive high was properly for the best.
  • The most hilarious and great comedy from the new king of Bolton himself, Peter Kay.

    Peter Kay has become something of a comic idol in the UK, with his strange but true comical genious, his excellent jokes, and acting, as well as hs writing.

    Phoenix Nights was his second tv success, and without a doubt his best, so far.
    The idea that Peter Kay could act so many different roles throughout the show was pure genious.

    The idea of Brian came from his first tv hit That Peter Kay thing, which was also set in a entertainment centre place, Bingo was the game i believe.

    The show has also sparked his stand up career, which was as great as this purely hilarious and origonal show.
  • Phoenix Nights is one of the best comedy shows ever!

    Phoenix Nights has to be one of the best comedy programmes ever. Peter Kay is excellent as Brian and Max as is Patrick McGuiness as Paddy. This programme is guaranteed to make you laugh, whatever episode or series you watch. The storyline is excellent on both series, particularly the second once the club has burned down and the feuds between Brian and Den Perry are laughable. Overall a brilliant programme!

  • The funniest british comedy of all time. Peter Kay is hilarious.

    First we meet Brian Potter the owner of the phoenix nights club. We learn about the different troubles he's had with his other clubs burning down etc. Then we meet the phoenix team including 2 bouncers one also played by Peter Kay. MY Favorite Episode is series 2 when they set up a carnival, If you think that the Phoenix nights is poor then try and watch this episode without laughing.
  • Excellent British humour, Peter Kay is brilliant!

    This show focuses on the hilarious adventures of Brian (Peter Kay) and his buddies who run a club in Bolton called Phoenix Nights, which insidentely keeps burning down. This show is the starting point of Max and Paddys road to nowhere. These are the two bouncers of the club, who are always in a world of there own. Everyone has an outragiously funny story of there own, and this show will never stop you peeing yourself with laughter.