Photon: The Idiot Adventures

TV Tokyo (ended 1999)


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Photon: The Idiot Adventures

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Photon is a man, who looks like a little boy, with superhuman strength that doesn't really talk much. Photon wound up in a mysterious spaceship when chasing after his sister Aun, and found a sleeping beauty in Keyne Acqua. Keyne and Photon soon fell in love, and along with Aun, the three journey around Earth in a hilarious adventure to find the Aho energizer before the evil Papacharino does, who will no doubt use it for evil. Though for Photon, the only thing he's worried about is serving his hungry stomach, and beating up Papacharino whenever he denies him the opportunity.
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  • The Saturday morning...or was it....

    Okay, this was a great show with the cool tie up to the actual Photon Game Centers. They were competing with Lasertag and the show was like a part of the game. The main kid was Bhodi Li and he was playing at the Photon game center and was suddenly recruited to Join these Photon Warriors in an intergalatic battle. Now that is a little deep for a kid but I had a great time watching the show and although it will never be put on DVD or video, I think I taped a few episodes which I will try to archive once I dig out my old videos!moreless
  • At times funny, at times serious, at times sad, how do you fit all of this in 6 episodes?

    Definitely one of the most underrated animes of all time. Also one of the funniest. I never knew Japanese were so good at being funny! At first I thought only Americans were good at making good comedy animations, but Photon really proves me wrong, badly. What sets this apart from other comedies, especially Futurama, is that it follows a serious plot that’s surprisingly not half as bad as it seems in the beginning. And yet it’s still gut bursting hilarious.

    So what or who exactly is Photon? Photon is a super strong adult who has every attribute of a child. His eyes are adorable, his personality is rather timid, and his physical features (even downstairs) is small. Though when he was ordered to retrieve his sister Aun from chasing some dream boy, he accidentally encountered Kyne, a space renegade that crash-landed on earth some time ago. She’s searching for some aho generator that seems to be important. However, Papachariino is also after that same object and races against Photon and Kyne in order to capture it.

    All of the episodes are funny, even the last one that’s suppose to smush the story all in a 40 minute special. Papachariino and his Poochi servants combine to make a hilarious combo that will have you rolling on several occasions. Fans of Family Guy might notice that some of the comedic elements are rather familiar here in how the fast paced actions make an average funny scene into a hilarious one. Plus the characters are so incredibly stupid, they’re funny. Seeing Aun and Kyne constantly fight over the sizes of their breasts is rather amusing. Photon, while rarely talking, also has his moments of comedic glory.

    However, the last episode, which is as mentioned before, 40 minutes long, kind of ruins the momentum and flow of the entire series. All of a sudden, all these characters are introduced, and a 20 minute long history of what has happened prior to the first episode occurs. The next 20 minutes, which was better off as episode 7, is all serious fighting that wasn’t meant to be funny. Sometimes you’re wondering, am I watching the same thing here? What the frick is going on?

    Still nonetheless an excellent series. It could have been better if they balanced it out a little bit. Everything else is fine, especially the animation and sounds. Photon has a really sophisticated model that’s incomparable to any current ones (unless someone tried so hard to be a copycat). Aun’s haircut is also rather unique that’s even more impossible to imitate in real life than trying to get Goku’s hair when Super Saiyan 3. The music, while not noticeably ear dwelling like most RPG’s, is still enough to satisfy. The voice acting, for the dub at least, is rather impressive.

    Photon: The Idiot Adventures can be labeled as the Family Guy of Japan. But why that isn’t possible is because it’s only six episodes long, the story is way too serious, and it’s not nearly as popular as Family Guy. Still, it does a good job of making me laugh, and that’s good enough. Fans of American comedy cartoons will definitely love Photon. Oh yeah, I’d suggest watching the dub.moreless