Photon: The Idiot Adventures

Season 1 Episode 3

Lashara Leaves Home

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 21, 1998 on TV Tokyo
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Lashara Leaves Home
Photon wakes up with an angry stomach. Keyne and Aun compete with each other to bake Photon their best meals in order to outclass one another, but sir Papacha always manages to spoil the food. Though does he know yet that Princess Lashara is coming to Sandy Planet too?moreless

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  • Flat out hilarious.

    Photon is hungry, and it's up to his wife, Keyne, to make him a delicious meal that'll satisfy his universe of a stomach. Though just when he was about to eat, Papacha comes spoiling the party. Photon, out of rage that his hungry stomach continues to go empty, smashes Papacha's face. Keyne finds out it's Aun and an implanted tracking device that allowed Sir Papacha to use his long ranged aho attack. Keyne has to once again cook food for Photon, but Aun's jealousy forces her to fall into another one of Papacha's traps.

    After the meal was done cooking, and Photon's stomach couldn't wait any longer, Papacha launches another long ranged aho attack. The result was the same, as Photon blasted Papacha in the face once again. Aun and Keyne get in a huge argument, and now battle to see who's the better cook. They both fall into Papacha's trap together, and their meal that took them all night to cook was ruined by Papacha. He thought he was almighty because of his five billion brain crystals, but it turns out it was only one billion. Photon blasts Papacha in the face once again. Papacha was through with Poochi #1, and abandoned her in the middle of the desert. Using her abilities, she discovered his true ambitions and feelings.

    When you first start watching this episode, you think to yourself, this is the usual course of anime comedy that heavily utilizes on traditional humour that barely cracks a smile on your face and simply serves as comic relief. However, it goes beyond that, and the laughs that this episode gave me was on par with any of the laughs that comedies like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, gave me. It's not hilarious in the sense it's controversial, but utterly stupid, yet extremely funny. Sir Papacha sitting on cracked glass was one of the most hilarious scenes I've ever seen. I replayed it a couple of times, and laughed harder each time. There's just so much I could touch upon, but there's just too much to touch upon that this review would simply end up being a guide. Seriously, by far one of the most hilarious episodes I've ever seen.

    Though this episode isn't only great because of its comedy. It progresses the story a little bit, and has some sad moments too. You probably won't notice the story moving though because of all the laughing you'll be doing, but it does develop, pretty nicely I must add. The episode also concluded extremely well. The problem I have with most comedy movies is that they almost always start off hilarious, but get dull and boring afterwards, trying to force some sort of love romance by the middle and end of it. Seeing Poochi get left behind by the one she was loyal to was pretty sad. It wasn't really how it was executed, it was her character, her appearance, in general that made it so sad. Poochi is by far one of the most innocent and harmless characters you could find in any anime; from her soft voice, to her gentle figure, and while she gets pounded around a lot by Papacha for being incompetent, a hard worker too. It was just a sad ending. This episode couldn't have ended any better.moreless
Mina Sands

Mina Sands


Guest Star

Carolee Goodgold

Carolee Goodgold

Lashara MoonMaiden

Recurring Role

P. M. Lewis

P. M. Lewis

Koro, MaMamie, Pochini 1-28

Recurring Role

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    • Keyne: This mark on my forehead is proof that Photon is my husband, and that I am his wife. A newly wedded wife deserves to be giddy as she wants!
      Aun: That scribble was a joke! What else could it be? How can you take it seriously and get so blissed out?

    • (Papacha shrieks)
      Papacha: What the hell is going on here? Poochi, you said you stayed up all night working on this?
      Poochi #1: Absolutely sir! We stayed up all night working on our...
      Papacha: Working on what?
      Pochi #1: Working on our cheerleading costumes sir! Let's go hurray, Sir Papacha!

    • Lashara: All of those ships are burning. Is everything all right, Bulan?
      Bulan: Everything is fine.
      Lashara: Really? Everything is fine?
      Bulan: Of course, Sir Papacha is your beloved, and you should be with him, forever and always. Therefore, anyone who hinders our attempt to rescue him should be crushed, should they not?
      Lashara: Why yes, you're absolutely right!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Lyrics to the song sang by the Pochi's:

      [Pochi #2]
      Materializing out of the blue,
      Comes a dashing gent in a black cape,
      Quite a dandy!

      [Pochi #3]
      Everyone seems to know him,
      Yet no one really does,
      He is the greatest man alive,
      The very greatest!
      Who is this hero of the galaxy?
      The Warrior of love?
      It is....