Photon: The Idiot Adventures

Season 1 Episode 3

Lashara Leaves Home

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 21, 1998 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Papachurino and his army of pochis make a landing on sandy planet in order to search for the fugitive Keyne Acqua. What's Keyne doing at this time? Cleaning up Photon in the ship's local spring of course. After the romantic bath, Keyne heads out into the main control room. A vital part to her ship was blasted away during the chase. Keyne needs to find this in order to continue on, and brings Photon with her in her journey.

- The missing ship part that Keyne is so worried about is the aho memorizer. It contains the brain crystals that power aho.

In another journey, Aun's adventure to find Laman has come to a halt. She takes a bath in the well just outside of Laman's studio, and enters it all prepared to get swept off her feet by the man of her dreams. However, what she finds instead if Laman doing a duet with another woman. Aun's heart was cleaved in half.

While Keyne was fixing her ship, she explains some of her background story to Photon, who doesn't seem to have the slightest clue of what she's talking about. Her marker wasn't working, so Photon offered his. Just by penciling in some erased marks, the engine starts working again.

While Aun was sulking to herself, Papacha and his group finally arrived. They organize search parties in order to find Keyne and her ship.

In town, Keyne and Photon are going grocery shopping. None of them have any money, so Keyne wonders if her simple marker would fetch them anything. Surprisingly, they were able to get everything they wanted. Unusual to her, everyone starts laughing at the doodle on her's and Photon's head.

Papacha is getting more impatient. He's especially frustrated that they weren't able to find the aho memorizer or Keyne within her ship. During that time, Pochi #1 questions why Papacha is so hellbent on capturing Keyne when it's unnecessary for him to do so. Papacha gives Pochi a bs excuse. In that moment, Aun came along in her little raft. Papacha comes and asks her if she's seen Aun using a 3D image projected by a device. Aun is unable to provide information, but says she'll offer her services anyways if Papacha gave her the 3D projection device as a fee.

In town, while Aun was beasting away on her loaded meal, someone seemed to have identied Keyne, also hinting away at the "idiot" crest on her, and another little man's, forehead. Aun immediately takes control of Papacha and all of his belongings. Her sudden rage was fueled by the fact Photon was out with another woman. Though it's due to this rage that their ship crash landed. Coincidentally, Keyne and Photon weren't far off. Photon, going by the rule of the desert and his code of honour, decide to help the Pochis' out in extracting the ship out of the sand. Photon and his superhuman strength did it with ease. In a domino like effect, Keyne was discovered by Papacha. They make a run for it, and Papacha uses Aun as hostage. Thanks to her ability to freeze time, the three got away.

Papacha decides not to go easy this time, sending an army of aho combat warriors to surround Keyne and her ship. Keyne, looking at her bride and regretting getting Photon and Aun involved, decides to forfeit herself in return of their safety. Photon however, kept his word on protecting Keyne, and defeats the aho combat warriors rather easily, to everyone's surprise. Keyne was amazed at Photon's performance. The situation turned sour however, when Aun awoke, getting in a heated argument with Keyne. Photon decides to crawl in his little box, and rest.
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