Photon: The Idiot Adventures

Season 1 Episode 6

Photon on the Green Planet

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Feb 18, 1999 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Sir Papacha is celebrating his victory pretty early with his capture of Keyne Acqua. He mocks her by yelling out Photon's name in a girly voice, almost certain that he was dead due to the explosion caused by Lashara's bracelets. However, to Papacha's surprise, Photon came busting out into the area. He was preparing his fist for another brutal punch, but Papacha held Keyne in front of him as a shield. Photon had no choice but to withdraw.

It seems the little critter that Keyne keeps with her, chewed her free. Photon had a clean shot at Papacha, but Bulan comes in and restrains Photon using some powerful Aho. Bulan reveals that the only reason why she came to Earth is due to the Galactic Emporer's Wishes. Papacha laughs it off, saying how he murdered the Galactic Emporer in his sleep. Bulan then tells Papacha that by corrupting the Galactic Aho furnace, the Emporer retreived a great deal of Aho for himself, which allowed him to take over the galaxy. Papacha at first realized this, and assassinated the Emporer.

Bulan then reveals herself as the Galactic Emporer himself. He shares with everyone within the room that all of this is orchestrated by him due to boredom after taking over the galaxy. Lashara was lifeless after hearing all the heart breaking news. Photon wanted to avenge those tears, but was quickly restrained once again by a power source of his own caliber; Un-Aho. The Emporer continues to reveal secret family ties; that Keyne is actually his daughter, and Lashara is Ma Gene's granddaughter. The Emporer exposed his stomach, which lies the original brain crystals; Keyne's mother.

The Emporer managed to manipulate Keyne, and pitted her against her own husband, trapping them in a cage of highly condensed Aho to prevent Photon's escape. Photon refused to fight, getting clowned around by Keyne, but in the end, a kiss broke the spell.

Keyne was still suffering under The Emporer's control. Photon immediately unleashed his rage among him, but was getting defeated by his Un-Aho. The tables turn when Keyne's mother, lying within The Emporer's stomach, came to life, diminishing The Emporer's power. Photon was able to strike a blow to The Emporer's stomach, destroying the original brain crystals. The Emporer prepares to write a code that'll make Lashara his shield. Pochi saves her. Pochi and Lashara shared the same soul, and became one, which nullified the Emporer's actions.

That's when Papacha decided to take action, and captured Keyne while calling upon the almighty Genie that is able to summon up the Anti Aho furnace. The Genie pulls up the handle that'll surface the furnace. It was so long, that it extended towards space. In the process, The Galactic Emporer summoned up the Imperial Fleet to do battle with Ma Gene's Genie. Batallions of battle ships were firing off their beams all at once, but they weren't enough to destroy the Genie. Papacha then commenced to destroy the fleet one batallion at a time. Thousands of battleships start to evaporate as they approach closer to the Genie. The reign of The Galactic Emporer ended.

Papacha thought he had already won, but a little man named Photon met him in that same space. Photon was slowly destroying part of the Genie's body components with his super human strength. The damages were so severe, the Genie started making a crash course landing on Earth. Papacha got ahead, and proceeded to the center of the Anti Aho furnace. Photon soon followed, but was stopped by a crystal window that conducted Aho. Photon though, used his reliable stick, which was made of crystal as well. The crystal window was destroyed, and Photon was about to punch Papacha down yet another time, but another crystal barrier lay in his way, and without his stick, Photon will have to use his natural strength to destroy the transparent wall, which doesn't seem likely.

Photon was able to put a slight crack into it, which scared Papacha, but it was too late. Papacha was seconds away of altering the furnace, gaining dominion of the universe similar to The Galactic Emporer's takeover. However, the "Idiot" sign that was imprinted on Keyne's head, caused an error. The doodle cancelled the altercation. Photon, Lashara, and Aun, meet Papacha within the control room. He immediately leaves with his Pochis, swearing to return another day.

When Keyne wakes up, she starts crying over the fact how her crest on her forehead has disappeared, no longer being bound to Photon. Photon though, reprints the crest on her forehead. He doesn't stop there, as he writes the same markings on Lashara and Aun's forehead. He promises that he'll protect everyone.
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