Picker Sisters

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Aug 02, 2011 Between Seasons


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    The worst who make junk from junk. I have not seen anything on the show worth buying and I have not seen anything on the show that they have "re-purposed" worth buying. The blond is brunette acts like she wants the blond to leave in every scene. Stick with "American Pickers" and send this show .
  • Cant tell how dumb this is, i watch it for the looks n nothing else. spending money on TRUE junk plus buying it hundreds of miles away when u can buy them in the surroundings its nonsense.


    This should be called junk wasting miles and money sisters, they just go on and buy things that arent necessarily unique to the region where they go or special at all, lot of things they buy im sure they could find in california farms, junk yards, recycling centers. like seriously.

    I will not question the great fashion sense they have and imagination they live with. however, they always over paying for their stuff, they dont have knowledge of the things they buy, on how popular they might be or how easy u could find it in cali without spending gas n money on things.

    Allan its probably their savor, without that dude their ideas wouldnt be worth anything, cuz allan its the one that always puts things together and make it happen.

    Oh well no wonder this in on a womans channel, american pickers need to give this girls a lesson, like a whole 9 week course .. just like college!!!!

  • Offensive to women. do you really need to flirt, touch, and wear little shorts just to buy rusted junk?

    Idea stolen from history channels american pickers. Here, two retro-cosmo dilletantes in designer heels and mini-outfits go to rusted junkyards and flirt with senile old men in order to get a bargain. One nice old guy offered to give them a break since they were just starting up a business, and even allowed them into his home to see his collections. The little brunette "picker" made a faux terrified face and a remark suggesting he was unsafe or unstable and hesitated to go inside. What a disgraceful b _ _ _ _! she should be made to apologize on the air. They were sooo proud of buying a roll of rusted barbed wire as a home decoration. Good luck families. Order tetanus shots for the kids now! Lifetime should send these two into backwoods Appalachia, and hope for Deliverance, Part II: A story of decorating justice for two snarky women. I'd watch that!
  • Awesome show.Glad to see other women do what I do.


    I am so glad to see two women with such great imaginations and visions to take something from history and make things for others to enjoy. I would love for them to come to Florida and take them to some places I know they would enjoy pickin. My junk yard and my friends junk yards would be honored for them to come and find hidden treasures they could use. You have an open invite whenever you get this far south. Please e-mail me and I can send you some picks of my personal "money pit". I have a facebook page with pics of my farm and some of my "money pit". Please keep on doin what you are doin. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Your loyal watcher and admirer, Tina Rosel Stewart

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