Picket Fences

Season 1 Episode 14

Bad Moons Rising

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 1993 on CBS

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  • Carter Pike's girlfriend runs her ex-husband over with a steamroller. At the trial, Wambaugh claims she had suffered temporary insanity due to the onset of menopause. Also, Matt Brock begins to have sexually suggestive dreams.

    After taking his date on their third date, Carter Pike is hit over the head with a planter by her because she feels his advances are too aggressive. The next day, she then runs over her husband John with a steamroller. Even though she confesses to the crime, at the arraignment she and Wambaugh claim she was temporary insane when she did it due to menopause. This leads to a controversial case in which Jill becomes involved. As a male, I enjoyed this episode because it shed some light on things I was unaware of, even though the episode is ~17 years old. I like the stories where Carter is part of the main storyline. I think the courtroom scene and the debating of whether menopause is a plausible reason for insanity both were very interesting. I also enjoyed the ending, since it really isn't a happy one and I think I like these kinds of endings the most since that is how life is; things don't always end on a good note. As for the side story, this was a nice comical diversion from the main storyline. It turns out that Matt Brock is starting to have sexual dreams, involving Maxine no less, and is going through puberty. It was funny to see the contrasting of desires in the dream, between the sexual and the generally entertaining (Gameboy, baseball cards). I think I laughed the most when he dreamed Kenny coming out of the closest to bust him and Maxine. The conversation with Jimmy was also very comical because you can see the struggle in Jimmy of how to present the facts to Matt. All in all, a very good side story.

    This was a good episode, not a big highlight but not a let down either. I personally enjoy ones that make you think and any of them that involve Carter as a main character.