Picket Fences

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Three Weddings and a Meltdown
      In the final episode, Carter inadvertently proposes to Sue after she gets her wires crossed. Nevertheless, he's a man of his word and they announce their engagement to the people of Rome. Their sudden decision to wed prompts Kenny and Max to do the same, although they later begin to experience cold feet. Digging in her friend Selma's backyard, Myriam Wambaugh discovers human remains and Selma goes on trial for murder. Persuaded to defend her by his ex-wife, Wambaugh manages to get her off and passion erupts again for Doug and Myriam, who decide to get re-married in a triple ceremony with Carter & Sue and Kenny & Max. Meanwhile, the Brocks' marriage is in serious trouble, with Jill feeling they've come to the end of the line. She moves in with Joey to do some thinking and Jimmy is left to do the same. At the wedding, the three happy couples tie the knot and the wedding fever gets to Jimmy and Jill, who make up and get back together. As the cast gather for a group photo in their wedding finery, we wave a sad farewell to Rome.moreless
    • Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey
      Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey
      Episode 21
      It's the christening of Mayor Bey's baby, Michael, but the Rome residents are flabbergasted when Laurie announces that she had the baby for her brother Jerry and his lover Gordy, who plan to raise the baby in the town. The Beys' estranged mother Christine, who turned her back on her children because she was deaf and he was gay, turns up and announces she is taking them all to court to get custody of her grandson. Tension brews in Rome as the people take sides on the issue and a campaign begins to have Laurie removed as Mayor, resulting in Jerry and Gordy being attacked at the supermarket by a vicious homophobic gang. Despite attempts by the prosecution to discredit the men and prove their lifestyle is unsuitable to raise a child in, Judge Bone ultimately rules in their favor and allows them to keep baby Michael, saying he doesn't feel they pose a threat to the boy. The court case over, Mrs Bey leaves Rome again under a cloud, and Laurie is emotional as she leaves the baby in the care of his two dads.moreless
    • Liver Let Die
      Liver Let Die
      Episode 20
      Jimmy is called out when a homeless man is found murdered behind Reverend Novotny's church but is suddenly stricken with terrible pains at the scene. Dr Joey discovers he has a potentially cancerous growth on his liver and she takes samples from it, telling him they'll know for sure by the end of the day. He pushes on with the murder investigation to take his mind off it. The victim is identified as a former army veteran and a boy named Jack Klausner, known to Kenny through the basketball team, comes forward as a witness and describes the two men he says were the killers. When his statement is found to be a lie, Jimmy interviews both Jack's mom and his retarded brother, Billy, who tells him that Jack wasn't home the night of the murder, and it emerges he was present when two of his friends killed the man with a brick. He flips out, taking Jimmy hostage at gunpoint, but Kenny brings Billy to the station and he talks him out. The case wrapped up, Jimmy learns he's okay and his growth is benign but, touched by his own mortality, he goes to the military funeral of the murder victim.moreless
    • To Forgive is Divine
      A young Amish girl, Hannah Beiler, is attacked in the streets of Rome and raped but the Amish community decide not to press charges against the rapist. An attempt is made to force Hannah to testify against her rapist but she refuses, on the grounds of her religious convictions. With no other options or evidence, Jimmy has to let the rapist go free. Shortly after this, a second girl, Peggy Patterson, is also raped by the same man. This time the guy is put behind bars but Peggy's parents, incensed that the Amish people's actions indirectly led to their daughter's rape, take the unusual step of suing the Amish. The Amish hire Wambaugh to defend them in court. Kenny tries to counsel Hannah, confiding in her that his sister was raped the year previous. The Amish ultimately win their case and return to their homestead for Hannah's baptism service, which Kenny attends.moreless
    • Forget Selma
      Forget Selma
      Episode 18
      Wambaugh is the last person to find out about Myriam's new relationship with a stockbroker. He is devastated and is convinced her new lover has ulterior motives, but his friends believe it is paranoia.
    • Dante's Inferno
      Dante's Inferno
      Episode 17
      With Mayor Bey off on maternity leave, Acting Mayor Max stirs up trouble in Rome with her sweeping changes and orders. Shock jock Chuck Dante makes the situation worse by homing in on her actions on his radio show. And though the situation doesn't seem that serious at first, it becomes that way when Max is gunned down.moreless
    • Winner Takes All
      Winner Takes All
      Episode 16
      The coach of the kids' basketball team collapses at a game and the parents group appoints Jill as interim coach. At first she is determined to play fair and give all the boys a chance, but under pressure from more gung-ho adults, she becomes as obsessed as the rest of them. Fed up with all this, Zach and the other boys on the team take out a court injunction against them. Meanwhile, Matthew becomes hooked on gambling and gets himself into serious trouble.moreless
    • Bottled
      Episode 15
      When feelings that have been bottled up for many years surface at Zach's 13th birthday, Jimmy and the kids have to try and put up with Jill's mid-life crisis. Also Kenny and Max decide to confront their feelings about each other. Wambaugh complains over Bone's lack of respect for him.
    • The Z Files
      The Z Files
      Episode 14
      When Zach's friend sends him a picture of his teacher over the internet, he creates a computerized pornographic picture of the teacher, and it somehow finds it way onto the web. Also Max finally meets the person she has been chatting with over the internet only to find he is not quite what she was expecting.moreless
    • My Romance
      My Romance
      Episode 13
      After being struck by a falling power line in a fluke accident, Carter meets his long dead Grandpa Bob while clinically dead for about 3 minutes. This causes him to question his relationship both with God, and his girlfriend Sue. Judge Bone meets up with an old flame from over 50 years ago, both of them now widowed, and a little flames are rekindled. Zack gets a crush on a beautiful young Asian gal that is in their home for a week for some kind of musical competition; she is a cello prodigy. However, she has eyes for Zack's older brother, Matthew, and Zack catches them kissing after dark, and is heartbroken.moreless
    • Snow Exit
      Snow Exit
      Episode 12
      In the middle of a major snow storm, Judge Bone has a heart attack while, snowed-in at the police station, Mayor Bey goes into labor with only Jimmy to deliver her baby. Meanwhile, it's bonding time with lots of alcohol for Jill, Kimberly and Lydia, as Max is reunited with an old adversary - the one and only Barney Bratwurst.moreless
    • Bloodlines
      Episode 11
      Matthew's classmate commits suicide, leaving Matthew extremely traumatized. So Jimmy tries to spend more time with him so he can get over it. Meanwhile Wanbaugh tries to convince Judge Bone to counsel the boys grieving mother and Kenny assumes the role of Mayor Bey's Lamaze partner.
    • Dem Bones
      Dem Bones
      Episode 10
      A skeleton discovered is that of a suspected Nazi murdered 50 years before. Suspicions fall on Jacob Levine, the son of a persecuted Jewish butcher, who vowed revenge on the man. Wambaugh is up for the defense, but it is his son returns to prosecute the case.
    • Witness for the Prosecution
      Rome is in a flutter when Mayor Bey announces that the Pope himself is coming to visit the town. It's a day of celebration as His Holiness arrives, but the walk down main street ends in chaos when someone in the crowd opens fire, killing a man. The resulting investigation reveals the death was suicide, according to the dead man's gay lover... until the Pope announces he saw the whole thing and that it was, in fact, murder. The court case that follows threatens to end Judge Bone and Wambaugh's tempestuous friendship for good.moreless
    • This Little Piggy
      Animal-rights activist Kimberly is arrested for a felony involving pig-wrestling at the town fair. Meanwhile an elderly man's medical treatment is inhibited by his daughter's religious beliefs, while Dr. Joey becomes very attached to the patient.
    • Down The Tube
      Down The Tube
      Episode 7
      Jill considers tubal ligation. Brock must dance the polka with the Mayor for charity. Haunted by the death of his brother, Littleton returns to Chicago.
    • Down the Tubes
      Down the Tubes
      Episode 7
      Pregnant Mayor Bey shields the baby's father as Jill considers tubal ligation. Meanwhile, Littleton is haunted by memories of his brother and makes some big decisions about his future.
    • Heart of Saturday Night
      Saturday night in Rome and the residents' minds turn to leisure activities. Matthew goes cruising with his pals. Jill and Jimmy's attempt at romance leaves him in an extremely painful position. Meanwhile, Judge Bone and Wambaugh's poker gang loses a player when one of them drops dead at the table.
    • Dog Eat Dog
      Dog Eat Dog
      Episode 5

      Max gets into serious trouble when she shoots a man dressed in a bratwurst costume. Meanwhile Jill grows suspicious of Kimberly when she goes to Dr. Joey and tries to cover it up, jumping to the conclusion that she is pregnant.

    • Bloodbrothers
      Episode 4
      Two escaped convicts show up in Rome looking for one's half-brother, Littleton causing a lot of trouble in the process. Meanwhile Kenny is shot by one of the fugitives, and Matthew pleads with Zack not to tell their parents about an incident involving cigarettes.
    • Pal Joey
      Pal Joey
      Episode 3
      A talk-show-host/physician tries to take over Jill's practice. An Asian man, trying to marry a woman according to his culture's customs gets arrested and Kenny uses a video-dating service.
    • Reap the Whirlwind
      A tornado threatens Rome and Zach is so worried for Kimberly's safety that he sets out on his bike to warn her. Kenny's hooker is arrested in a sting operation organised by Max, who ends up committing a felony by covering for him. Wambaugh's wife leaves him in the middle of their anniversary party.moreless
    • A Change of Season
      Following Carter's narrow escape from a house fire, Jill fears he tried to commit suicide. Kimberly makes a career decision: she's not going to be a lawyer after all, she's going to be a doctor. Jill is both shocked and a little delighted.
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